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What Makes A Good Website Design?

The marketing elements are an essential component that should be noted in the use to produce a good website design.
Speaking of good website design, there are some valuable characteristics of websites that have great designs. Some of these features can be used as a reference at the same time when it will present a good website and attract users.

Neat appearance for Viewers

One of the characteristics of a good website is that it looks neat and easy to see. The existence of a neat and nice-looking website will make website users increasingly comfortable accessing the website.
Creating a website that is neat and easy to see can be done through a variety of things. One way is to apply the right website layout as discussed in the previous discussion. Also, note the problem of using colors and backgrounds of the website.

Apply the right website layout

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Embedded Pages

Another feature of a well-designed website is presenting a page that looks unified. The purpose of converging here is when accessing different pages, but on the same site, the visitor still has confidence that he is not accessing a different website.

To create a unified page, a similar theme must be applied to each part of the website. So don't use extreme themes for each different page. Make a template for the website and make sure the pages can have almost the same appearance.

A Sitemap for Complex Websites

Website flow becomes one of the important highlights for website developers to understand. Having the right flow will make it easier for users to absorb the information that is trying to be presented.

So what if it turns out that the website created is a website that is quite complex? 

To get around this, you should present a sitemap for websites that are considered complicated. The presence of a sitemap (map for a website) will make it easier for users to understand the flow of the website.
This convenience will also make sure the website can be explored to the maximum by website visitors. Apart from this, it also makes it easy for website visitors to find pages that meet their needs.

The absence of scripts that are felt to burden the website

Opening a website that has a long loading time certainly makes a lot of people upset. Even this does not rule out the possibility of making users reluctant to access the website again.

To avoid this, website developers must eliminate scripts that are deemed to make the website more difficult. Minimize this by placing scripts only as needed. The presence of too many scripts on web pages also makes the potential for collisions between scripts greater.

Compatible For All Types of Browsers

It must be understood if every browser has a website display that might differ from one another. This is what then causes a difference when the website is accessed from browser A and accessed from browser B. It does not even rule out the website will become messy when accessed in other browsers.
To get around this, the developer must ensure that the website he develops is compatible with all types of browsers. This needs to be done to avoid a messy website design when accessed using a different browser. This also needs to be done to make it easier for users to access websites from any browser.

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Fast Loading

A good website is not a website that has many functions, images, and animations but has a long loading. On the contrary, a good website is a website that has a good loading speed and can understand the placement needs for functions, images, and animations.
The ability to place the right functions, images, and animations are needed to make the website not be slow. Do not let the old website access makes it difficult for users to access the website. You should regularly check the speed of your website to make your web page fast on all devices.

Make Sure Website Visitors Get This

Every visitor must access the website for a specific purpose. Make sure website visitors get the things they need when accessing the website. 

Of course, in addition to information other needs should be obtained by website visitors, here are some of them.

1. Simple and Easy to Understand Navigation

Navigation that is simple but easy to understand should be obtained by website visitors when entering a particular website. This easy and simple navigation will make it easier for visitors to find the information they need.
To ensure visitors get the right navigation, it's best to use clear paths and words that are easy to understand. The existence of a clear flow and words that are easy to understand is the basic navigation required by visitors.
Display pages with information that is easy to understand, such as 
  • Contact
  • About 
  • Home
  • And others 

Then don't use jumping page flow. This is the importance of designing a good layout in a website design, which is to ensure that visitors will get the right navigation flow.

2. Quality Content and Easy to Read

Another thing that website visitors should get from the websites they access is quality content and easy to read. This point applies to all types of websites, both commercial and non-commercial.
The need for information about a matter is one of the beginnings of why visitors decide to access the website. Certainly, there is a big expectation of visitors to find information from existing content.
To create quality content, make sure there is new information obtained by website visitors from the content. Also, present complete information by the needs of the user.
The same thing applies to websites that are used as company profiles. 

Make sure to present information related to the company. 

  • Company's address,
  • Information about the company
  • Contact Information. 
The purpose of introducing the company is so visitors can also have new and correct information about the company.

3. Easy to Use Website

Website visitors are also entitled to get websites that are easy to use. It is important to plan your website design well, to ensure that the website design is easy to use and does not confuse visitors.
To sum things up, Creating an easy-to-use website can include several things. Starting from presenting good navigation as in the first point, and providing features that suit the needs and goals of the website. Also, sites that are easy to use must be ensured not to have a long loading. This will make it difficult for users to access the information they are looking for.

Should a business use a VPN for their website?

A VPN can make your website more secure by encrypting your personal and business data. It can help protect your clients' data and help to avoid security threats that can harm the business.
Many things must be considered from website design. These things are important to provide the best experience for website visitors when accessing the website. So how are you ready to design the best website based on the reviews above?

Author: Helen is the author of Xploited Media. She tried lots of website designs and made various designs that give the best result. She encourages her readers to design their ideas and information on websites using her tips and tricks.

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