Dating Advice from Professional Matchmaker Tammi Pickle Partner of Elite Connections

Dating Advice
Dating Advice

Dating Tips For New Relationships 

I have been a matchmaker for the past 23 years. My family-owned agency was founded 27 years ago by my Mother Sherri Murphy. We work for professionals that are looking to meet the right person. We personally meet, screen, interview, and background search all our clients. It is a safe and effective way of meeting quality, screened, professionals that are looking for long-term committed relationships. We help our clients every step of the way through coaching and giving critical feedback that can be helpful by learning from mistakes that are often made in the initial days of meeting someone new.

Tammi Pickle Partner of Elite Connections
Tammi Pickle Partner of Elite Connections


Tips For Dating from Tammi Pickle:

Some things I often hear that should be avoided are talking about negative things in our lives. Try not to talk about Ex’s in too much detail. Don’t talk about politics or subjects that can go south. 

Try to be as positive and upbeat as possible. Talk about good things in your life such as travelhobbies, things you are interested in and enjoy doing on a regular basis. 

Talk about things you love

Talk about your passions and things you love. Try to be open and let someone in to see the real you. That’s how we form bonds and connections by letting someone see the whole internal you. Letting your guard down and connecting on an internal level is the type of bond you want to form with someone you are meeting and wanting to get to know better.


Be Open-minded when Dating:

Be open-minded, don’t have a laundry list of wants and needs. Be open with the right person coming into your life. It may look different than what you have pictured. So many times, my clients have this rigid, narrow-minded idea of the person they are wanting to meet. The more open you are, the better. This allows you to have more possibilities and options instead of limiting a new potential relationship in your life.


Try Something New When Dating:

Try something new. You won’t meet “the one” if you don’t change things up. You can try online, an app, or use a matchmaker. Ask friends for ideas of single people they know. Get out in the community, do charity events, and maybe pick up a new hobby.

Look and feel your very best

Have Confidence:

While you’re out always look and feel your very best. You never know when you will run into someone new. Confidence is the most attractive thing you own. If you feel like a million bucks, it will show in your personality, the way you carry yourself, and most importantly the way you feel about yourself.


Be happy and content with the way your life is. Don’t look for someone to make you happy. Make yourself happy and you know you don’t need someone to fulfill you. Find fulfillment in your family, friends, work, and hobbies. Wishing you all health, happiness, and love.

Tammi Pickle
Tammi Pickle Partner of Elite Connections

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