Condo vs. House & Lot: Which is Better for Me?

Condo and houses each have wonderful benefits

Condo vs. House and Lot

Congratulations, you have reached the world of adulting, where life decisions are more crucial than your next outfit of the day. At this time, your choices now require you to invest in a bright future. These life-changing choices would include choosing the best home for you

Purchasing a home is one of the most important choices you will make in your life. Thus, you need to weigh your budget and comfort and consider your lifestyle to find the perfect home. 

As a result, selecting a house may be thrilling and overwhelming, especially for starting millennials. Would you be swayed by the current luxury real estate trends and buy a condominium unit? Or would you instead stick with the familiarity and assurance a house and lot brings? 

These are just two questions you would need to consider before making the ultimate decision. This article outlines the pros and cons of both potential future homes.

Reasons to get a condo over a house:

  • Less expensive than houses and lots 

Although condominium units may seem more luxurious than houses, they are cheaper by a large margin. Condos are frequently less expensive than townhouses because they lack property. The exterior and land are considered communal amenities shared by all inhabitants of a particular building. 

In short, you would only be paying for the interior space and the literal physical home. You need not spend a hefty sum for the land, which may cost more than a single condo unit. 

Moreover, there are various factors that affect condo prices, which means you can always find one that's within your budget. It is also likely to incur lower rates if you buy from investors that do pre-selling condos. It's best to do your research before impulsively purchasing a unit. 

  • Access to comfort and luxurious amenities 
indoor swimming pool
Enjoy the luxurious swimming pool

Investing in a condominium also gives you luxurious amenities you would not experience if you choose to live in a house and lot. Especially if you lead a hectic lifestyle, these amenities will bring convenience to you. 

Pools, gyms, lounge spaces, function halls, playgrounds, and other recreational facilities are standard features of condo buildings. Some buildings also offer sporting facilities such as basketball, tennis, and badminton courts. 

Condo complex receptionists also provide concierge services such as authenticating guests, aiding residents in emergencies, and collecting deliveries on their behalf. It is as if you are living a hotel life every day. 

  • Reliable and tight security 

With the high rates of crimes, the safety of you and your family and the security of your home is incredibly crucial. Most condominiums provide a better level of protection than subdivisions. 

Condominiums provide 24-hour security and CCTV cameras, and each apartment and corridors have smoke alarms and fire sprinklers. Although subdivisions may also offer roaming personnel, maintaining rigorous security in more extensive subdivisions is more complicated than in smaller condo complexes. 

  • Accessibility and proximity

Because of accessibility and location, people who work in cities prefer condominiums to houses and lots. As condominium buildings are usually in the middle of urban areas, their excellent location ensures trouble-free and hassle-free living. 

Condo dwellers will have convenient access to business establishments, malls, entertainment areas, hospitals, and schools. Consequently, they will have better access to their workplaces. 

Since traffic congestion makes it hard to travel from one place to another, commuting and getting about at night may be difficult and risky for those who live outside the city. Meanwhile, living in a condo within the metro area provides more convenience and comfort. 

Things to consider before getting a condo

  • Monthly condo fees

Although purchasing a condo is cheaper than a house and lot, you still have to consider the monthly condo fees you will have to cover. In fact, because of the high monthly association dues, a condo could eventually cost you more. 

High-rise condominium homeowners should still pay for the whole condo operations and maintenance of the attractive amenities and facilities in the building. Failure to pay the association dues on time also adds to the financial strain, with the additional interests imposed. In addition to monthly dues, condo owners must also pay membership and parking fees. 

  • Lack of freedom and privacy 

It is important to remember that your condominium unit will have neighbors beside, above, and below yours. Thus, condos will impose rules limiting your freedom as an inhabitant so that owners will maintain the establishment's management. 

There are, for example, restrictions on the usage of shared areas and amenities. Some condominiums do not allow pets, while others with pet rules limit the number and kind of pets allowed in each unit. 

Moreover, if you appreciate peace, a condo may not be the ideal home to buy. Nobody is immune to all kinds of noise. Noisy children, loud footsteps, and chattering neighbors may be present in all condo complexes. 

  • Limited interior space

Condominium units are already equipped with such dimensions and proportions to fit inside a condominium building effectively. However, most condos prohibit the extreme modification of interior and exterior spaces. Hence, if you want mansion-like areas, a condominium unit may not be for you.

Reasons to get a house and lot over a condo:

  • Complete and exclusive rights to the property

Unlike condominium occupants who share ownership of the land, the property is solely yours when you purchase a house and lot. Thus, you can bask in the freedom which only you can dictate. 

You can customize your home to your liking and preferences, which you can't do when you own a condo. You are free to renovate, repair, or extend your home as you see fit. If you want more room, you can expand the house. Nobody can prevent you from making the most of your indoor and outdoor area.

  • More privacy 
Person sitting in a chair
Enjoy your privacy while relaxing

Unlike in condominium units, where you share floors, ceilings, and walls with your surrounding neighbors, subdivisions provide ample space for you to be isolated enough. Homeowners would live farther away from each other. 

As a result, you can enjoy more privacy. Noise is also minimized—except when your neighbors hold boisterous parties in the middle of the night. 

  • Accommodates shifts in life arrangements 

Life is never predictable. Hence, a house that accommodates life changes may be more beneficial in the long run. Condominium units usually have an established set of rules that can restrict your growth as a person. 

Living in a house and lot can accommodate significant life changes, such as starting a business at home or growing your family. If you see yourself or your family with greater plans in a few years or so, buying a house and lot can be a better option than a condo.

  • A wiser investment than a condominium unit 

Although albeit pricier than a unit, a house and lot is a wiser long-term investment. Should you decide to move elsewhere due to work commitments or life changes, you can rent out the house and earn passive income or sell it for a profit. 

Things to consider before getting a house and a lot:

  • Sole responsibility for maintenance costs

The sole entitlement to rights also comes with its disadvantages. While you have exclusive ownership, this also implies that you are alone responsible for the house repairs and care. 

You may pay someone to manage various parts of your house upkeep, but this can be costly. Doing everything yourself may also require time and effort and would be inconvenient if you lead a hectic lifestyle. 

  • Less accessibility and proximity

Unlike condominium units that offer easy access to city life, most available and inexpensive houses and lots for sale are in suburban regions and rural areas. Thus, travel time to and from key business centers and establishments would take hours. 

Especially if you do not have a private-owned vehicle, commuting can be a hassle, not to mention how much of your time and energy it will eat up even before you arrive at work. However, this wouldn't be a disadvantage if your lifestyle perfectly suits suburban conditions. 

Final words

Man buying a house
Enjoy your new home

Adulting is as scary as it is with all the life-dictating decisions you have to make. Choices also include deciding between a condo vs. house. You must think about it and make a sensible selection based on your requirements, lifestyle, and long-term objectives in determining the perfect home for you. Hopefully, this article has provided you with vital insights to make the ultimate decision.

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Author:  Geri Pacleb is the head of Public Relations for The Seasons Residences and the rest of Federal Land, Inc. She graduated from De La Salle University - Dasmarinas with a degree in Communication, and specialized in public relations.

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