7 Best Baby Diamond Earrings for Baby Girls with Safety Backs

Baby with earrings
Beautiful baby with cute earrings

Diamond Earrings for Baby Girl

Babies bring joy and wonder to a family whenever they come. With their bright smiles and soft, tender presence, people around are drawn to them instantly. Decking up a baby is both fun and frolic and mostly every mind around them scampers for gifting ideas at some point or the other.

Yet, the best gift one can ever give to a loved one is the gift of love itself, and what could be better than an ageless diamond to prove it? But to gift diamonds, you must wait for a little while; inculcate some patience, for how can something be a gift unless acknowledged the right way. To do so, your child must be slightly grown-up.

Primarily children are gifted jewelry in four forms- necklaces, rings, bracelets, and earrings. Do you realize which form would fit your baby girl the best? Of course, earrings fit the best since babies cannot reach for them easily which is not the case with baby bracelets, necklaces, and rings. Once we say earrings are the best, do you want to know how would it be, if you gift your baby girl a precious pair of baby diamond earrings? While snapping pictures of your life, it would be one of the most amazing memories you can create for them.

Gifting earrings is easier and less costly than other jewelry items. But, nothing can be done without a slight trouble in tow. For wearing earrings, your baby must have her ears pierced unless you plan for false earrings. But precious stones are seldom used for making false earrings. Gifting a pair of baby diamond earrings needs running them to the piercing centers.

A sneak-peek into their piercings would include a few quick points for you to remember when going for your baby girl’s piercings.

Ear piercing essentials for a baby

If you are determined to make your baby wear those stunning baby diamond earrings with safety backs, which belong to your grandmother, here’s how you need to handle their piercing.

  • Go for a piercing center referred by your doctor, or else, choose a place experienced in handling piercings for babies.
  • Refrain the center from using piercing guns; rather try a manual piercing process.
  • Try simple, light earrings made of gold, silver, titanium, niobium, or platinum. We know how much you want to gift her precious that pair of baby diamond earrings, but then it has to wait for some time.
  • Try cleaning solutions prescribed by your doctor or use warm water to clean the wound.
  • Do not make your baby sleep on their sides for a few days. Try to lay them on their back soon after the piercings.
  • Allow 10-12 weeks before you gift your babies those beautiful baby diamond earring pair.

Now that you’re familiar with your baby’s ear-piercing regime, we will talk a little about safety backs that can safely lock those gorgeous baby diamond earrings in their ears forever.

Baby Earrings
Beautiful baby earrings and safe backs

Which type of safety back can best secure the baby diamond earrings

Popularly used in babies, safety backs can be the best solution for the dazzling pair of baby diamond earrings you are planning to gift her. Safety backs have a locking clutch and a circular back to fix your baby’s earrings at the rear end. The lock does not move until manually removed so it’s safe.
In some nations, even screw-back earrings are used for locking a child’s earring in place.  Screw back earrings come with a threaded screw-like structure and someone really needs to unscrew them while opening. It is also a safe locking pattern in place.
If you do not possess a pair of baby diamond earrings as a family heirloom and wish to gift your baby one, try to always check the locks before buying them from the center.
Remember the safest locks are the safety backs and the screw backs.
After talking about screws and safety backs, heading to the best baby diamond earring designs is essential. This is also a point where parents turn clueless when searching for earring pieces that go well for their babies. If you’re feeling nonplussed while searching for the right baby diamond earrings for your child, we are here to show you the way.

Here’s a list of some strikingly beautiful baby diamond earrings which can make your search smaller and more organized.

  • The dolphin baby diamond earrings

Dolphins are the most intelligent beings on Earth. If you want to gift words of wisdom to your little one then with your prayers gift them a pair of dolphin baby diamond earrings. You can choose the color your baby likes the most, so it could be blue or red dolphins that best suit your baby’s imagination.

  • A pair of feathered baby diamond earrings

Try feathered designs and try for a filigree baby diamond earring pair. These can be worn even when your baby grows up to become a beautiful girl. The baby diamond earrings can go with any dress and can be a treasure trove for your child even when they are all grown up.

  • The cat baby diamond earring pair

Cats are secretive, cautious, and playful creatures. Most babies are attracted to cats immeasurably. Cats are also known to be the Gods of the underworld. Try gifting them a pair of cat-shaped baby diamond earrings. These will also protect and charm your baby endlessly, so try a pair of earrings and see your girl fall for them every day.

  • A pair of firefly baby diamond earrings

Fireflies glow to show the way, gift your daughter a pair of fireflies studded with diamonds and try to show them the right way. These too can be worn long even after they have grown up into confident young individuals, and who knows, your daughter might want to keep them forever.

In Season Jewelry, Butterfly earring
Butterfly earrings

  • Butterfly wings for a pair of baby diamond earrings

Butterflies are a symbol of your soul, inner power, spiritual strength, and transformation. If you want your young girl to be a powerful soul, gift the pair of baby diamond earrings that she can keep with herself. She might like them so much that she might also want to pass them on to her descendants.

  • Floral patterned baby diamond earrings

Floral patterns are one of the oldest and simplest designs. If you think of your daughter as a flower, gift a pair of flower-shaped earrings and she will only love it.

  • Simple studs with diamonds for your baby

If you don’t think the above designs suit you or your baby then try the simplest diamond studs for her. A simple stud is a powerful gift since it can be used anywhere, everywhere, and always.

There are many other splendid jewelry designs out there waiting for you. Get your girls whatever they want, and try diamonds, they are forever. They can also be with your baby even after you’re gone. Find out for yourself by exploring those beautiful diamond earrings you wish to gift your child. Try the pair of baby diamond earrings on your child that you think matches your or her thoughts.

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