Tips to Identify Ruby Quality

Beautiful ruby ring
Stunning ruby ring with great features

How To Choose A Good Quality Ruby

There are various types of jewelry to accentuate your type of fashion style. You can wear a diamond, ruby, sapphire, or emerald-enhanced type of jewelry to flaunt around town with elegance, sophistication, and grace. Out of the various precious stones, today, we will discuss stunning rubies. The appearance of a ruby is affected by a variety of factors; such as its cut, color, clarity, and much more.

Here Are Some elements to look for when purchasing a ruby:

  • The Cut: A ruby’s cut relates to how the precious stone is faceted, its overall symmetry, and its dimensions.
  • The Color: The ruby jewelry is a vibrant red-colored precious stone. Its beautiful red color is due to the presence of chromium. According to GIA,
In most markets, pure red colors command the highest prices and ruby with overtones of orange and purple are less valued. The color must be neither too dark nor too light to be considered finest quality. If the color is too dark, it has a negative effect on the stone’s brightness. At the other extreme, if the color is too light, the stone may be considered to be a pink sapphire, even if color strength or intensity is high.

  • Clarity: Clarity means the gem is more expensive. I.D. Jewelry states,

The content of the ruby is corundum which is aluminum oxide. When other elements such as chromium are mixed in, the red color is produced. Rubies are formed under heat and pressure within the earth. However, their basic material comes from limestone deposits that are pulled back into the earth as continents collide. The defects that occur within a ruby primarily come from how the stone crystallizes perfectly or imperfectly with inclusions of foreign material and the occurrence of fractures.

 The inclusions seen in rubies are called:

  • Crystals
  • Clouds
  • Pinpoints
  • Feathers
  • and Needles

More inclusions reduce the strength and purity of a ruby’s color. Larger inclusions will be obviously white or pink within an otherwise deep red gem. With fewer inclusions, a ruby displays bright and even color.

Ruby Jewelry
Ruby Jewelry

Ways to Find The Best Place To Buy A Ruby: 

Buying jewelry can be time-consuming but is well worth the effort to get the quality you desire to purchase. You have to research and shop around for the quality and style of ruby you want.

Make sure the jeweler you purchase your ruby from is a certified company that sells real stones. Ruby is one of the hardest stones after diamond, on The Mohs Scale of Hardness. Ruby jewelry can be scratched by itself or an object with the hardness of a diamond. Make sure to get a certificate as well as quality.


Purchase A Ruby From A Certified Jewelry Store

Research all the certified companies that sell ruby jewelry and check their customer review section. Make sure to get recommendations from friends and family members that have previously purchased a quality ruby jewelry set from somewhere.

Ruby Earrings
Beautiful Ruby Earrings

When a gemstone certification report is given, the gem has usually been evaluated by an expert on the basis of various quality parameters. It is authenticated by the gem industry to determine the quality and other characteristics of the ruby gemstones and put in a detailed report. They measure various details and detail them.

A precise report should include definite details of the ruby gemstone; such as its

  • Weight
  • Carat
  • Color: The color of the Ruby is essential, and it determines its price. 
  • Inclusion
  • Treatments
  • Shape,
  • Refractive index
  • Beryllium treatment
  • Etc.

Set A Budget To Purchase A Ruby

Next, you should make a budget for purchasing your jewelry. Ruby stones come in different qualities and dimensions that affect the value. The rarer the Ruby is, the more expensive it will be. Identify the price range by doing your research online for various jewelry stores. That will provide you with an idea of how much to start saving for your purchase.

Some conditions that affect how much you will spend on ruby jewelry are its:

  • color,
  • clarity
  • cut,
  • and carat. 

So you will discover that various classes of rubies will have different prices. 

Did you know that 125 West Ruby is the largest ruby in the world?

Has The Ruby Gone Through Any Enhancement Process?

You need to understand whether you are purchasing a natural ruby or a synthetic rub.
Natural rubies are found in nature and require no other treatment than to be cut and polished. These are the real stones with high price tags. They vary widely due to their imperfections and impurities. This is due to the fact their process of formation is not controlled or not under moderation conditions. - with clarity

If you desire a Ruby free from any treatments, make sure to verify the gemstone certification report or ask the jeweler. 

Natural stones will have sought certification as they are rare and costly.


Ruby ring
Wear a stylish ruby ring

Therefore, you comprehend that you can't just run out and purchase your ruby piece without acquiring the proper knowledge about various aspects of the enhancements, clarity, weight, treatment, color, and much more of ruby jewelry. 

Always remember the principle is to comprehend what you are purchasing. It all comes down to what you desire, so don't be frightened to ask questions about the ruby's quality.

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