The Ultimate Guide to Instagram Growth Strategy with UGC

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Instagram growth strategy 

 Instagram growth strategy with UGC

Did you know more than 86 percent of worldwide businesses on Instagram use UGC content? Any company on this platform can use such content. But what are the best methods to use for such content, and how to improve the reach? We have some methods that you will benefit from. So, if you are not aware of the best methods to help you out, we have all the information you need.

Importance of UGC

UGC or user-generated content is one of the top types of content for millions of businesses worldwide. There are several reasons behind this that allow better help for people with such needs. For instance, such content lets users know that the company is credible and authentic.

This type of content is very low cost and still high quality.


Moreover, you can create a lot of engagement with it and have a better return with a smaller amount spent.

Strategies To Follow

There are some strategies for UGC that you should follow.

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Get real followers with UGC

Branded Hashtags

The use of branded hashtags is a great way to create a buzz with your brand’s name. It allows people to submit their content easily. So, you can try using such tags that also make people feel like a community. And as humans are beings who like to stay in groups, it can help you with a psychological benefit.

Giveaways are Must

If you want to use some giveaways in the contest, it is definitely a great idea. When you try to manage the work with giveaways, you create an environment and a sense of reward. So, you have a great chance to have the best type of content you can get. 

For instance, you may have way more responses if you use such a reward.


So, if you need a good UGC range, you should have a great reward in the form of a giveaway. You should display the maximum number of contents on your profile to make people feel you regard them. Some things that you can ask people to do with this kind of campaign would vary for the types of campaigns. 

For instance, if you have a campaign that is about sharing content only, you may not ask them to follow or comment. But it won’t be a bad idea to ask for comments and follow contests.

Such engagement would always be helpful for you.


How To maximize the Effort and Giveaway

When you run a contest and are looking to get more high-quality content, you can try encouraging and interacting with others. When you have the content and are looking to maximize the effort, you can try posting towards the goal. With frequent infographics and captions, you can have better results. 

If you wish to have a great campaign, you must know that you should not settle for little interaction. 

Another way to get more content would be to share a story in which you speak about your content contest.


Moreover, you can ask people to tag you so you get better reach with it. At the same time, you should allow them to tag you in their posts. It would help if you allowed people to feel that you care about them, and they tag you. So, ensure that you respect both them and their content.

Repost content on Instagram

Reposting Content

You should know if your followers would allow you to repost your content or not. 

If you wish to post User Generated Content, get it from: 

Try commenting on their post or DMing them for the purpose.


Use of Events and Other Methods


  • You can try using different events to bring the hype to your brand AKA brand awareness.

For instance, design a campaign for the summer if you are looking for a bikini or short pictures. This can help you have more hype as you try to take advantage of the festivity.



  • You can ask your customers to give your products a review if they have purchased any of your items. 
  • You can ask them to give these reviews on your website to help grow your website traffic.
  • You can have a contest featuring their reviews when they buy it. 

UGC without Contests

If your campaign is not too big and you require good content, you can try a simple method of trying to get content by searching for your branded hashtags. With such content, you can have better results for your campaign. 

Moreover, with such content, you have a great chance of using something never used before. So, it will be completely unique for your audience. At the same time, you can use certain tools to help get such content.


Asking To Share Content without A Contest

When you try to reach out to someone and talk about their content, you have a great chance to get it. If you email or DM someone and request them to share their content, you may get it. 

The correct method would be to inform them that you like their content and offer them you featuring it. When they send you some content, you can feature it with their story. You should tell them that you will feature it with their story.

If you are looking to grow your traffic and credibility, and get more Instagram followers over time, try using User-generated content, maintaining Instagram aesthetics, and various tips that were mentioned in this article. 

Final Thoughts 

We talked about some top methods to get you the best results with UGC. The best methods are arranging and announcing a giveaway, resharing, and looking for content on Instagram. At the same time, you should use branded hashtags and ask people to tag you in their posts. With these strategies, you can grow your account well in a short time. And it is a norm of modern time that is working so very well.



Author: Adeel Nazir. A marketing enthusiast who loves writing about marketing tips with a love for design, fashion, and travel. These niches are my passion that I love with my heart.

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