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Types of Engagement Rings and How To Style Them

 Engagement Ring
How To Style An Engagement Ring

How To Style An Engagement Ring

When a woman meets the love of her life and gets engaged it is such a special day! She may constantly stare at her new engagement ring that symbolizes their love and commitment to each other. The ring is stunning and will help all eyes be on her. It's not just about the ring size and looks, but it's also about the ring style and how you style the ring after receiving it. Here are some tips on various types of engagement rings and some ways to style that special ring in your life.

Get A Manicure

All eyes are on you, so make sure you do it right. Draw attention to your new engagement ring by giving your nails some tender loving care.  Try having a creative design of stunning nail art that captures the attention of many and adds to the sparkling ring on your fingers.
 nail art
Creative design of stunning nail art

If you are not into nail arts, you may want to get some classy colors and metallic shades that enhance your hand's appearance. When you take suitable care of your nails, your engagement ring is going to stand out. 

What is some Engagement Ring Style?

There are a variety of unique engagement ring settings to choose from. 
engagement ring settings
Engagement ring settings
Here are a few of those settings.

Prong setting -

  • The most common ring setting. 
  • It elevates the diamond.
  • It has a classic appearance.
  • Can snag on clothes.


  • The halo style ring has a center gemstone encircled by a halo of more petite diamonds to accentuate its shimmer.
  • It makes it appear larger. 
  • It is a great design for a fashionable woman.


  • Vintage engagement rings are a timeless beauty.
  • According to Taylor & Hart,
"Crafting your own vintage engagement ring is the only way to ensure you get all the design elements from the most influential eras of jewelry design—Georgian, Victorian, Art Nouveau, Edwardian, Art Deco, Retro Hollywood… and more!"


  • A cathedral engagement ring has a traditional look. It's Classic and elegant. 
  • The setting adds height to the ring and makes the middle stone appear bigger. 


Channel engagement rings
Channel engagement rings
  • A channel engagement rings highlight small diamonds or other gemstones included in a ring to add some beauty and charm. 
  • The diamonds are located in a channel formed by two bands of valuable metal.


  • A Cluster engagement setting is a cluster of more petite diamonds creating the appearance of a larger stone.
  • The diamonds in a cluster ring frequently appear in shapes such as a square, flower, or other unique designs.  
Engagement Rings
Accessorize them with some bracelets

There are a variety of more settings to choose from; as well as ring materials also. You can accessorize them with some bracelets that can complement the already gorgeous diamond ring. Make sure to wear some beautiful outfits and carry some gorgeous handbags as you show the town your stylish engagement ring. 

Always remember, the most important thing is your commitment to each other. Have a blessed day in Love and happiness!

Check out this video on some more tips for choosing a ring design.

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