Do You Make These 8 Common Sports Bra Mistakes?

sports bra exercise
Have the correct Sports bra for exercise

   Common Sports Bra Mistakes  

In ancient times when there were no vehicles, people used to walk a lot which used to keep them fit. On the contrary, in today's world fortunately or unfortunately, there are a lot of vehicles, gadgets, and technology that have made life easy. But at the same time, it has reduced physical activity which is very important to be healthy.

So today sports become very crucial to give us good health and as we all know health is wealth.

Now when it comes to sports and physical fitness we need to have the appropriate attire which can give us the proper support, flexibility, breathability, and comfort in doing any kind of movement. A fitness Sports bra is the most important piece of clothing to support all the girls in any kind of sports or workout. Many girls wear sports bras on a day-to-day basis just because it is very comfortable for daily use.

Here Are 8 Sports Bra Mistakes:

1. Purchasing Non-Cotton And Non-Organic Sports Bra

cotton sports bra
Use a cotton sports bra

As we all know cotton is a soft & fluffy fiber that is grown on a plant. So it's 100% natural & organic. Typically, the fiber is spun into yarn or thread and utilized to create a soft, breathable, and long-lasting textile. Cotton is an environmentally friendly fabric that is best for the skin. 

It is hypoallergenic, breathable, and absorbent. And once alight will not melt and stick to the skin unlike synthetic fibers like nylon.

Many diseases are a gift from non-organic clothing. Using materials like polyester, nylon and all sorts of polyfibre is like cutting off the branch on which you are sitting. We need to think about what I am purchasing and what are its harmful effects on the body.

One of the most dangerous forms of pollution is polyfibre floating everywhere; it's in the air, water & soil. Some researchers have found polyfibre in the placenta. That means in your mother's womb you catch it. Almost every human being has enough plastic in them to manufacture a credit card. 

The polyfibre, the amount of damage it is causing and the & way it is entering our body is very dangerous. Polyfibre is very flammable & because of that, it is being coated with fire-resistant chemicals. These chemicals are carcinogenic.

There have been various researches, especially on children. The many problems that children are facing today, young children having thyroid problems are largely connected with these non-flammable chemicals that they are using on their clothes. 

Autism & various things are associated with this. So broadly how many problems you are getting out of this you do not know but for sure many problems are coming your way.

So it becomes really crucial for all of us to use organic clothing like cotton, linen, and silk. Market (means we the people) should be sensitive to aesthetics & sustainability & should avoid nylon clothing.

2. Not Having The Proper Fit

You won't be comfortable if you are not going for the proper fitting in the sports bra.

When you're evaluating the fit, lean forward and scoop your breasts into the cup to make sure they're sitting properly. Make sure your breasts are properly covered and the cups aren't too tight and dig in at the front to avoid the dreaded double boob (or four boobs) impression. 

Is there any extra fabric underneath the cup? 

This indicates that the cup is overly large.

3. Not Choosing The Appropriate Bra

If you are not going for a suitable bra you won't get the proper support. Try on different sports bras in the fitting room to avoid any future troubles. 

Run in place, hop up and down, and if there's enough room, perform a burpee or two. 

If you're buying clothes to live in, make sure they move with you in the way you desire them to. 

If you're ever undecided, aim for more support rather than less, especially if you have a larger cup size.

4. Having Only A Single Sports Bra Despite Working Out Often 

If you exercise frequently, you should have two to three sports bras on hand to avoid sports bra concerns like 

  • keeping it clean between wash days, 

The care of a fitness sports bra is just as vital for the bra's durability. Depending on the extensivity of the usage & the way your body produces sweat you can wash it. 

It's preferable to wash by hand or in a mesh bag in the machine. And rather than putting it in the dryer the best way to safeguard your investment is to hang it to dry.

5. Going For The Same Pattern For Each Workout

Wearing one sort of sports bra to all types of workouts is just not a smart idea. During exercises, they must support and reduce breast movement while allowing for comfortable breathing. 

However, because not all workouts are the same strength, different sports bras are built to manage varying levels of intensity.

6. Excessive Shopping & Thus Spoiling Environment & Health

Whenever you feel like shopping you need to think about what is actually required? And how many resources were required to make that product and how it will affect the environment?

We need to think about what I am using today; where will this go tomorrow? 100 billion pieces of clothing are sold on the planet every year & 85 billion pieces of clothing go into the landfills every year & most of it is polyester.  

Less than 1% of the polyester is being recycled because nobody uses this polyfibre in its pure form; it's always blended with other materials to create a variety of textures. As a result, you'll never be able to recycle that complicated material. So just 1% of the polyfibre that you use in your garments is recycled. The rest of it just goes into nature and comes back to us in a variety of ways.

To start, whether recycled or not, polyester generates plastic microparticles during each wash, microparticles which are released in the wastewater and then into the oceans. Secondly, polyester can’t be infinitely recycled because recycling causes it to lose strength and quality. As of now, it is still quite complex to design a recycled polyester product without the addition of virgin material.

7. Going With The Flow Because It's Popular

You go out and buy the trending brand or style that a lot of people or your favorite celebrity is wearing. You must realize that what is excellent for many others may not be good or comfortable for you. Choose a bra that fits your body type and the amount of intensity of your workout.

We can try new and smaller brands as well to let the small businesses grow and flourish.

8. Going For Too Thin Or Short Straps

sports bra with thin straps
Wear a sports bra with appropriate straps

Straps that fit properly relieve pressure on the neck and shoulders and avoid chafing. 

Make sure they're broad enough; the larger the straps are, the bigger your chest should be. 

Larger breasts are supported by thicker straps, which equally distribute the weight over the female's shoulders.

So whenever you go shopping keeping these things in mind you will be able to make the appropriate choice. At the same time, you will have the satisfaction that you are taking care of the health of all living beings and future generations. And that you are making a conscious effort to take care of the environment & our planet.

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Author: Alaleh Namjoukhales is the owner and visionary of SCHAAD. Ally is fiercely independent, believes in giving back to the community, and is driven to make sure that she fulfills her personal mission, which is to make everyone feel good about their body and themselves. Ally loves fitness, nature, and seeing the beauty in all things. Join her and help her bring the love of Persian culture and high-end activewear into your life as well.

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