How To Choose the Right Bridal Look for You


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Wedding gowns can be simple or fancy, and still, look gorgeous.

How To Choose the Perfect Wedding Look?

Deciding on the right bridal look for you can be overwhelming, especially when so many options are available. The best way to decide on your wedding look is by beginning your search by understanding your body, skin, style preferences, and comfort.

Salons, booklets, magazines, and the internet are filled with ideas, options, and expert commentaries on how to choose the right bridal look, wedding dress, and wedding makeup look. Research well, and you will see.

There are various styles to select from, including natural, vintage, bold, classic, boho, glamorous, and edgy. 

So the question is, How do I pick the Right Bridal Look?

For brides who know exactly what they want or those who are unsure about their wedding day look, there are several things to consider before making a final decision.

Here are some pointers on how to select your bridal makeup look, as well as what to look for when selecting a look for other occasions.

wedding hairstyles for long hair
Choose the bridal hairstyles that fit your face and theme

  • The Type of Hair And Skin You Have

It's important to remember what you are working with when picking a wedding hairstyle and makeup look. Your hair's length and texture may make certain styles easier to achieve than others. For instance, hair extensions will come in handy if you are looking for a hairstyle with volume.  

Your skin type may also influence your makeup selections. Consult an expert to determine what they believe will work best for you. Knowing if your skin is dry, oily, normal, or allergic to any makeup product will help your wedding day artist know which products to use.

This will help you select the best wedding day look.

themed wedding reception
Wedding reception theme and bridal ideas

  • Keep Your Wedding Theme in Mind

The general theme of your wedding is one of the most significant considerations to make. You want the bridal look to be in sync with the theme of your wedding day and not something totally uncoordinated.  

Is your big day a day beach-themed wedding? If that's the case, consider that you will have to face heat, heavy winds, and sand. Hence it is best that you wear your hair up, perhaps in a simplistic bun. For makeup, a dewy highlighter, bronzer, and soft, light lip shades will do well.

For a vintage-styled wedding, 'bold look' is the word. A cat-eye and vibrant red lipstick will make you picture-ready. Likewise, if your wedding is a boho-inspired affair or a tiny country affair, going too dramatic with eye makeup and hairstyle will spoil the look and can look a little out of place with the overall concept of the day.

The goal is to be the reflection of your theme and venue. Search for inspiration according to it.

  • Get To Know Your Artist

Getting to know your artist is a must for every to-be bride. Get comfortable and honest with your preferences; also, share some examples of the bridal makeup and inspirational looks you want. This will give them a better idea of what are your expectations.

Most experts are willing to provide wedding look consultation and trial sessions, so do not shy away from asking for some advice. Let the professional know your goals for the big day, and don't forget to schedule a trial.

  • Your Attire Is A Guide

If you're stumped on how to choose a wedding hairdo and makeup look, think about your wedding gown.

Focus on the neckline, size, fabric, flow color, and formality of your outfit to help you decide on the hair and makeup style that will make you look (and feel) your finest. For example, if your wedding dress has flowing fabric, you will like to go with a soft, romantic, and elegant look. On the other hand, a bolder choice of dress must be paired with a matching makeup look. Here consider bold eye shadows.

  • Don't Wander Too Far From Your Signature Style

While we urge you to have fun with makeup and try new things, it's also crucial not to stray too far from your typical appearance. After all, you want to make sure that on your wedding day, your future spouse recognizes you.

Keep your makeup fresh for nights out, as your wedding is a once-in-a-lifetime event! You want to present yourself in the best light possible.

Bridal makeup is typically fresh, natural, and glowing. However, if you prefer a bold lip, go for it; just keep your eyes down. A professional makeup artist can assist you in ensuring that everything looks great on the big day.

  • Never Skip A Trial

A practice run before the wedding is unavoidable. First, you must be aware of how makeup artist works and whether they are capable of enhancing your vision.

With a pre-wedding makeup trial, your makeup artist may also assist you with your skincare regimen in the run-up to the wedding. Glowing skin will help your makeup last feel and look better. Make sure you pay attention to the details during the trial. Consider the following finer points,

  • Explore various shades of your lipstick before you get that final one
  • Get a foundation that matches your undertones
  • What features to enhance/ hide via countering
  • How bold/casual do you want to look

Do reveal your wedding dress and accessories to your artist; this will give them a better idea about your final bridal look.

  • Make A List of Your Priorities

Remember not to feel under pressure with all these suggestions. Fashion trends, inspirations, and wedding looks keep on evolving, nothing is a fixed rule. If you have something in mind, go ahead and discuss it with your artist.

You can make a bridal mood board, if you do not like to wear makeup, go for a light casual style or the other way round. It is your day, so remember to stick with your style.

Final Words

Look for ideas that fit your wedding theme and are comparable to your individual style– but with a little more glitz!

Consider your facial structure and skin tone, and look for hairstyles that are similar in length and texture to your own.

Even with all of this in mind, choosing the correct appearance can feel nearly impossible at times. This is where your designer and beautician come in handy!

Author: Alexey Kats is the owner of “Architeqt Salon and Gallery”, the best bridal salons in Philadelphia. Generally, Alexey has worked as a platform educator for so many companies like Sahag, Goldwell as well as his own venture which is known as Fountainhead Beauty. He has worked on many feature films while working on many of the fashion shows of the city.

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