Quick Guide to Lip Makeup: Types, Application, and Tips

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Lip Makeup Ideas

 Tips For Lip Makeup Application

Lip makeup is one of the 'easiest' makeup one can do to look fresh and vibrant. Application is also generally simple, and you can choose from myriad types of lippies. You can go from looking all-natural with a lip stain or all fierce with matte lipstick. However, what completes your look is not just the shade and type of lip makeup you choose—it is how you apply them that locks your look.

There are plenty of types and application variations you can experiment with for lip makeup to see which would fit your taste and style of makeup. But that won't be enough given that its application is one of the most vital matters. 

Tips For Lip Makeup Looks

Don't fret, as this guide will also discuss the essential application tips for each to achieve that flawless lip makeup.


  • Lip gloss

If you want to flaunt a stylish throwback trend, the eye-catching high-shine gloss of the lips, this lip makeup will make a good statement. Lip gloss gives a fresh and natural look that adds a youthful glow, making it ideal to use during the warm season as it is not heavily pigmented.

Application: You can apply lip gloss alone to add shine to your natural lip color or on top of a lip shade. If pairing it with lipstick, it comes at the end of the lip routine after applying lipstick, as it will prevent the color from bleeding. It's also best to start layering lip gloss from the center of the lips towards its length.

  • Matte or Creamy Lipstick

Unlike lip gloss, matte lipstick is on the opposite side of the spectrum as it lacks shine. It gives a smooth matte finish and is heavily pigmented; hence, it is suitable for long-lasting use. However, it tends to dry the lips due to its small amount of oil, so you should prep your lips properly.

On the other hand, if you don't want a glossy or matte lip, you can always opt for the usual creamy lipstick. This type of product easily glides along the surface of the lips because of its wax and oil content. Additionally, it has enough hydrating ingredients while giving sufficient coverage that lasts long.

Application: The first step is to add a light layer of foundation to make the color of the lips appear neutral so that you can apply any lipstick shade. Use a lip liner for a long-lasting touch and enhance your lips' shape.

If you have thin lips, overdraw the line with a lip liner that matches your lip color to make it look fuller. 

If you have fuller lips, trace your lips with a lip liner that matches your lips, then use a darker lipstick to make your lips appear smaller. 

When applying lipstick, the motion you have to follow is from the center, then work outward to control it better and reduce any mess-ups.

  • Liquid lipstick

Liquid lipsticks can come in matte, creamy, and glossy types. Some don't provide the shine of a gloss but give a good amount of pigment. This product is often formulated to stay for hours, which can eventually dry the lips.

Application: Liquid lipstick is harder to control due to its consistency. If you’re wondering how to apply liquid lipstick, the secret is exfoliation.

Before application, exfoliate the dead skin and moisturize the lips to avoid chapping and dryness. Make sure to keep a steady hand when applying. You can use your pinky to clean up the edges.

  • Lip Stain or Tint

As lipstick can be a bit heavy, some choose to wear lip stain or tint, giving color to the lips without the actual feeling of wearing lipstick. It also comes in varieties, ranging from natural-looking to vivid or bold. Plus, you don't need to worry about touching up several times daily as lip tint provides a lasting finish.

Application: There are several ways to apply lip tint, and it mainly involves using the applicator of the stain itself. The first way is to concentrate the product at the center of the lips, then

For a slightly softer look, you can remove excess product on the brush, apply it to the lips and lightly smudge it using your finger by tapping.

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Tips for an Eye-Catching Lip Makeup

exfoliate your lips
Keep your lips hydrated

Now that you know the various types of lip products and how to apply them properly, take a look at some tips to ensure your lip makeup stays on and captures attention.

  • Avoid dry-looking lip makeup

You need to regularly exfoliate your lips to maintain a smooth surface, reducing the chances of cracks and bumps if you put on lip makeup. 

Hydration is also essential, and you can achieve it by using a lip balm as much as necessary. Additionally, you must use lip products with SF as sun exposure can cause the lips to burn dry and be chapped easily.

  • Less is more

Avoid putting too many layers of lip makeup as it can lead to smearing and dry lips. While some looks may require multiple combinations of lip products, it's still best to use as few items as possible.

That way, you don't have to bring multiple lipsticks when out and about, and it's easier to start over or to do quick touch-ups. Settle on picking the shade of your lippy that matches your entire look.

  • Exfoliate your lips

The key to captivating lips—no matter the shade or the lipstick type—is having a smooth base. 

Before applying a lip product, exfoliate using a lip scrub to get rid of dead skin. 

After exfoliation, use a lip balm to moisturize the lips. 

Doing this will help lip application a lot easier and more seamless. In addition, this step will help the lip makeup stay on longer,

Paint Your Lips

Lip makeup glams up your overall look. And despite having slightly different ways of putting them on, these two things remain a must: hydration and exfoliation. Taking care of your lips is still the top priority. Your lip makeup doesn't have to conceal what's not good to see. Instead, it should enhance what is already pleasing to the eyes.

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