Delicious Kiwi Dessert Shooters with Vanilla Cream. A must Try!

Delicious kiwi dessert shooters topped with vanilla cream.
Satisfy your sweet tooth with Kiwi dessert shooters. 

Impress Your Guests with These Must-Try Kiwi Dessert Shooters

Let‘s try these super easy and simple Kiwi dessert shooters - the ultimate delight for your taste buds! Crunchy shortbread crumbs mingle with vanilla cream's smoothness and a refreshing kick of a kiwi fruit mousse and are beautifully decorated. It's a perfect flavor mix! You get 6 dessert cups out of this recipe.

A Dessert for All Occasions: 

These shooters are eye-catcher and great for any occasion. It‘s a delightful addition to any gathering or celebration or just a fabulous dessert treat to enjoy at home to close your meal with.

So go ahead and prepare these kiwi cups for a light and refreshing dessert

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A Refreshing Twist on Dessert: Kiwi Shooters with Vanilla Cream

Ingredients for 6 Dessert Cups:

1. layer (shortbread crumbles):

50 grams shortbread
20 milliliters of butter (melted)

2. Layer (cream layer & kiwi slices):

3 kiwis (sliced)
some hot water
50 grams quark
50 grams yogurt
1 sachet vanilla sugar
100 grams of whipped cream
20 grams of chocolate sprinkles

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Indulge in These Delectable Kiwi Dessert Shooters with Smooth Vanilla Cream - Perfect for Any Occasion!

3. layer (kiwi mousse):

200 grams Kiwis (cut in cubes)
4 grams of agar powder
40 milliliters water

4. layer (decoration):

100 grams of whipped cream
10 grams of chocolate sprinkles
some kiwi slices

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