4 ways to Use Cake Mix for Dessert Recipes

cake mix recipes
Cake mix recipes for tasty desserts

Desserts Made With Cake Mix 

Most of us love something sweet and tantalizing to our taste buds. We may have an urge for something creamy, rich, and delicious to our palate. At some point and time, we may look through the kitchen cabinets and find a box of cake mix. That sounds great, but what if we desire something a little different from that box recipe in which we always use. We may want to kick it up a notch! After all, you want to have a great dinner and dessert recipes for all occasions.

Well, look no further, because you can change your dessert selections into a variety of delicious desserts to tempt your taste buds after a long hard day. You may already have some of the ingredients in your cabinets waiting for you to turn them into an extraordinary dessert for you and your family.

4 Recipes To Use Cake Mix To Make Dessert

1. Chocolate chip cookies 

Chocolate chip cookies recipe
Chocolate chip cookies

Mix vanilla cake mix, oil, 2 eggs, and chocolate chips together. Scoop them onto a pan and bake in the oven at 350℉ for 12 minutes.

2. Chocolate Icecream 

Chocolate Icecream  recipe
Delicious Chocolate Icecream 

Bake 1 box of chocolate cake mix at 350℉ for 7 minutes. Mix together 600ml of double cream and 400g condensed milk. Add the cake mix to the mixture. Add 4 tbsp of chocolate spread and swirl it through like in the video.

3. Red Velvet Donuts

Red velvet donut recipe
Red velvet donut

Mix 1 box of red velvet cake mix, 2 eggs, 100 ml of melted butter, 200 ml of milk. Ball up the greaseproof paper and put it in the center of each cupcake pan. Pour the cake mix in each cake pan and bake them at 350℉ for 15 minutes. After they are done, remove the paper. mix 200g of cream cheese, 1 tbsp of vanilla extract, and 2 tbsp of milk together. Dip the top of the cake into the mixture, and sprinkle cake crumbs on the icing.

4. Cheesecake

Cheesecake recipe
Tasty Cheesecake 

Cheesecake recipe: Pour 1/4 box of lemon cake mix. Save the rest of the mix. mix 300 g of cream cheese, 100ml of double cream, 3 eggs, into the bowl with the cake mix. Bring out another bowl and pour the rest of the cake mix in with 2 tbsp of oil. Pour it into a pan and smooth it, followed by poring the first mixture on top of the second mixture. Bake it at 300℉ for 45-50 minutes.

After you check out this video of these simple ways to use the cake mix for desserts; also, take a look at a delicious dessert recipe for caramel apple crumb homemade cheesecake. They are all something you may want to try on your baking journey.

Have a great day baking and enjoying life!

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