Styling tips and tricks: How to style your hair extensions or wigs.

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Style your hair with these tips

A Guide on How to Style Hair Extensions or Wigs

In the modern world, changing your hairstyle is as simple as changing your clothes. Hair extensions and wigs are the modern-day magic wands for those who crave a fresh and fabulous look without the long-term commitment in minutes.

Let’s venture into the world of extensions and wigs and discover how to style and care for them to ensure they remain as beautiful as the day you first wore them.

1. Understanding what you would like for your hair:

Before diving into styling, it’s crucial to understand the type of hair extensions or wigs you have. Are they synthetic or natural? The styling approach and products you use will largely depend on this.

It's essential to select extensions or wigs that complement your lifestyle. Synthetic wigs might be more budget-friendly and low-maintenance, while natural hair extensions offer more styling versatility and a realistic look. Determine what your daily routine looks like and choose a type that aligns with your needs.

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Stylish hairstyles for a classy woman

A well-informed owner is a happy owner. Learn about different styles you can achieve, experiment, check the cost of hair extensions, and find what suits you best. 

2. Basic preparation:



Like your natural hair, extensions and wigs need to be washed, but not as frequently. Use sulfate-free shampoos and conditioners to keep them in good condition.


Air drying is the most gentle method. However, if you're in a hurry, use a heat protectant spray before blow-drying on a low heat setting.

Air drying your extensions or wigs is the safest way to avoid heat damage. If using a blow dryer, use the coolest setting and keep the dryer moving to avoid concentrating heat in one area. This helps to prevent altering the hair's texture or, in the case of synthetics, melting the fibers.

3. Styling tools and heat:

When it comes to styling, using the right tools can make a world of difference. Opt for wide-tooth combs and soft bristle brushes to detangle your extensions or your wig.

Heat styling

While natural extensions and wigs can withstand heat, synthetic ones usually cannot. If you must use heat, ensure it’s on a low setting, and always use a heat protector. But luckily, synthetic wigs come already pre-styled.

No-Heat Styling:

Embrace no-heat methods to keep your wigs and extensions looking fresh. Rollers, braiding for waves, or wraps can impart a beautiful curl or wave pattern without risking damage from heat.

Night Care:

If you're wearing clip-in extensions, remove them before sleeping to avoid tangles and potential damage. For wigs, a silk cap or pillowcase can minimize friction and prevent breakage.

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Style your wig with the right haircare tips.

4. Creative styling:

Remember, the beauty of wigs and hair extensions lies in their versatility. Don't be afraid to experiment with different styles, but always respect the care instructions for the specific hairpiece you own.


Create beautiful curls using curling irons, or get heat-free curls by using flexi rods or curlformers overnight.


Achieve a sleek look with a flat iron. Ensure your extensions or wigs are completely dry before you start to prevent damage.

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Make sure to color your hair to a color that brings out the best in you.

5. Coloring Your Extensions or Wigs:

If you fancy a color change, it’s advisable to consult with a professional stylist. However, if you’re feeling courageous, you can also try to dye the hair extensions/wigs at home with a few precautions. Make sure to wash and dry the hair first and test a strand before dyeing it.

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Clip in hair extensions

6. Maintenance is Key:

Regular maintenance will prolong the life of your extensions or wig. Besides washing, consider deep conditioning, and if possible, take your wig or extensions to a professional stylist for a revamp.

7. Storage:

Proper storage is essential to maintaining its shape and quality. Store the hair in a cool, dry place away from direct sunlight. You can also use the package box of your wig for storage or a wig stand.

Hair extensions

Bring the joy of transformation to your fingertips. Explore and find the perfect match for your hair aspirations.

By incorporating these tips and tricks, anyone can master the art of styling their hair extensions or wigs, ensuring they look their best at all times. The world of hair extensions and wigs is filled with endless possibilities – from simple, everyday looks to extravagant styles for special occasions. With proper care, styling techniques, and a touch of creativity, your hair pieces can become an integral part of your personal style expression.

Remember, the key to keeping your hair extensions and wigs looking fabulous is maintenance and proper care. Embrace the versatility they offer, and don't be afraid to try out new looks.

Author: Daria Luca, a beauty tiktoker and writer, hair specialist @ Irresistible Me Hair Extensions, NYC.

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