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Heat Damage Can Affect Your Hair Health

Heat Damage Can Affect Your Hair Health

Do you have bad hair days frequently? Do you wonder how to maintain healthy tresses, and are desperately looking for answers to your hair care problem? If your bad hair days are a result of your tresses looking damaged, you may want to make sure you protect your hair while sleeping and observe the way in which you prepare your hair for styling. Your hairstyling routine may be accelerating the problem. Let's take a look at how heat can be your hair's opposition when it comes to achieving healthy and alluring hair.

We all want a head full of healthy hair, or even short healthy hair that stands out from the rest of the crowd. Healthy hair appears to look stunning; meanwhile, it can help any outfit flourish with style. 

There are so many factors to Growing Long And Healthy Hair.  A lady doesn't just wake up with healthy, glowing hair flowing down her shoulders. It comes from months of eating healthy and a proper hair care routine. 
Eat right and take the proper care of your hair

Here are some ways to avoid heat damage.

Ways to avoid heat damage:

  • Air-dry the hair whenever possible. Don't kill your hair with excessive use of the blow dryer.
  • If you use heat, prep the hair by applying a protector which acts as a barrier against heat damage. There are some leave-in conditioners that can be used as a protector from heat damage.
  • Know your hair type and adjust the heat on your hair appliances accordingly. If some areas are thinner or more susceptible to burning, turn the heat down in those areas.
  • According to Healthline
"Blow dryers are notorious for causing damage. The good news is that you may not have to give it up entirely. One study found that holding the blow dryer 15 centimeters (about six inches) away from your hair and moving the blow dryer continuously can help reduce damage."

Make sure to reduce the heat setting on your styling tools to help keep your hair flowing and beautiful. You should try setting the blow dryer to a moderate degree, because as the hair becomes fragile from excessive heat, it may begin to break. Remember, there are products that can coat the hair while nourishing the hair from heat damage.

According to Livestrong.com,
"Heat damages the hair by removing water and moisture from the hair shaft. Especially destructive, says a study published in the "Journal of Cosmetic Science," is applying extreme heat, like a curling or flat iron, to damp, wet hair. The iron literally boils the moisture in the hair, causing the cuticle to bubble and buckle."
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Help keep blood circulating to your hair by exercising and nutrition.

Make sure to maintain the health of your hair by eating nutritious, exercising, and avoiding excessive heat on your hair. Be ready to achieve hair that is not dry and brittle from you burning it out while trying to achieve a certain unique style. Make sure you know some Ways to facilitate healthy hair growth; instead of causing heat damage to your beautiful tresses.

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