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Dating Tips

Dating Tips For New Relationships

Getting a man is easy to do, but getting the right man can be a little more complicated. Of course, you don't want just any man. You want a man that's kind, loving, considerate, and with great qualities. You desire to be in a healthy relationship that's rewarding and satisfying.  Ladies, let's face it, we need to be the same to them also.

Couple holding hands on a date
Showing affection on a date

Don't be so quick to be angry because of how your ex treated you. I'm not saying let a man run over you but show some kindness. Stop taking the madness out on them for what your ex did to you!

In the video below Matthew Hussey talks about "Dating Tips To Bag Your Mr. Right."

First of all let me point out something, Mr. right, can not be another woman's husband or boyfriend. 

Believe me, If he cheats with you, most likely he'll cheat on you! 

You deserve better than that because you are a special and wonderful woman! 

Always remember your day will come when you least expect it. God has just the right king for you because you are a beautiful queen. 

Here are a few ways how to meet someone and make a move without being too forward. 

After all, we shouldn't chase a man. Let him come after you, but I don't see a reason why you can't start up a conversation.

Well, here are a few Dating tips from Matthew Hussey!

How do you meet someone?

  • Location - Put yourself in a busy location. Examples: Shop in the stores; instead of online. Go out to restaurants; instead of, eating lunch in the office.

How to make a move

  • Tell the gentleman you can really use his help. Something like will he hold your jacket for a few minutes while you run out and give these drinks to a friend. Compliment him for being a gentleman.
"Don't invest in a guy based on how much you like him, Invest in him based on how much he invests in you!" - Matthew Hussey

I love what Matthew Hussey says about the guy that disappears and doesn't call. 
He says, 
" Someone disappearing  saves you a lot of time." 

The guy you need to worry about is the back-and-forth guy. The guy that keeps disappearing and sending texts weeks later that he misses you.

Yes, Ladies, put a beware sign up for those types of gentlemen. Take a look at this video on dating tips!

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