11 Relationship Goals For A Healthy Relationship

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Relationship Goals

Relationship Goals For A Healthy Relationship

It's wonderful to be in a relationship when things are blissful and full of excitement. You are giggling and always thinking about each other. You even call to see if that special person in your life is having a great day and if there is anything you can do to make it even better.

What about as time passes by? 

Is the excitement still there or dwindling away?  

Is flirting with each other still a thing of the present? 

Do you still put as much effort into your relationship to keep your mate happy and satisfied as you did when you were pursuing them?

How your mate responds to you when you express vulnerability may be a sign of how he/she will support you in those situations. 

There are so many factors to consider when looking for a long-term relationship. 

We all have relationship goals we desire to accomplish. Some we are already acting on, and some we continue to work through. Here are some relationship goals to aim for in life.

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Enjoy the excitement of your Relationship

Relationship Goals:

1-To be there for your mate In Hard times.

Would you have the dedication to be there for your mate In sickness and in health?

Would you want a lover who would walk out of a relationship when things were perceived to be tough?  

You have to be able to take the good with the bad. It's sad, but there are many cases when a person can have a car accident, get sick, or get laid off from their job because the business closed. 

If a person loves someone, they should support them through their recovery. In the case of the job, Yes, they should be actively looking for a replacement job and not just hanging out. You need someone to be your support system when you have also been there to support them.

2-Continue to date each other after the vows.

Just because you signed the papers doesn't mean it's magically time to stop treating your spouse like the king/queen they are.

Establish your relationship as a priority in your life by showing your partner love and dedication to the relationship. Commit to having date nights and sticking to it. Get dressed up for date night together.

3-Keep The Romance alive by nurturing the relationship with love.

  • Take walks on the beach with the sand sprinkling through your toes and gazing at the moonlight together.
  • Hold each other hands in public.
  • Watch the sunrise together; meanwhile, enjoy each other's company.
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Couple walking together 

4-To be included in family gatherings.

Aim to get along with each other's family and inspire joy in the relationship. Try to have a good relationship with the family because after all, they are part of the reason why your spouse is the person he/she is today.

5-Create lasting memories together.

Have those Personal details that the two of you share together that will last a lifetime. Travel as much as you can building a relationship filled with adventurous trips. Go places you haven't been to yet, capturing the beauty of a new country or city together.

Create lasting memories together.

6- Surprise each other. Who doesn't love to be spoiled with extra attention?

7- Be on the same page about your finances.

  • Don't splurge on big-ticket items without discussing it with your mate. 
  • Talk about your plans to buy a house and the strategy for getting and staying financially stable. 
  • Work on having good credit. It will benefit you both in life, by being able to get lower interest rates on some things.

8-Learn how to handle conflict.

No two people are completely alike; therefore, you may have some conflicts. You must learn how to handle your conflicts by communicating; instead of, arguing. Don't put the whole world in your business, unless you are in danger.

9-Laugh together

You should be able to have fun and laugh with your mate. Tell silly jokes and be spontaneous with doing fun things together. Laughter is good for the soul and relationship.

relationship goals
Laugh together

10-Flirt with each other.

  • Keep the fire alive by telling your mate you love them. 
  • Have cute nicknames for each other. 
  • Blow kisses at them.
  • Make eye contact with them.
  • Tease them in flirtatious ways that will leave them thinking about you all day.

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Flirt with each other

11-Make your money, but don't neglect your mate trying to make it to the top.

I'm not saying you shouldn't be ambitious. I am saying on your way to the top, be sure to spend quality time nurturing your relationship. Set aside times to still date, eat, and laugh together.

Author: Arica  Green (Arica G) is the Founder and Editor of  Inveigle Magazine. She created a premiere Lifestyle, Fashion, and Beauty Magazine to entice you towards positive change and increase the quality of life. With Arica's love for writing and informing the Universe about a variety of topics, Inveigle Magazine was born. 

Arica G

Arica G. is the founder and Editor In Chief of Inveigle Magazine and Inveigle Magazine Podcast.

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