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Tips For Shopping On A Budget

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We all get tired of wearing the same old thing day after day. We see our friends and family decked out to the nines, looking like they just stepped out of a magazine. We get anxious, and want to keep up with the Jones; even though, we are on a Good Times budget.

Slow down! You may be moving on up in status, but remember to make that move wisely. Don't spend all your ducks on fashion without saving an Emergency Fund. Yes, we want a new look, but our finances may not fit the budget for a new wardrobe at the time. When having financial difficulties, a person can get sad and mope around feeling depressed and lonely leading to a desire to shop more. According to CNBC,
"Findings from a new study show when we're feeling blue and socially isolated, we shop. Shopping, meanwhile, makes us even more depressed and alone. To fix it, we shop-and the vicious cycle continues."
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Some People Shop When Lonely

There are ways to shop and save money by diversifying your attire and avoiding those impulse buys when you're lonely and sad.

Diversify Your Fashion Attire

When shopping for clothes, make an inventory of the colors and types of clothing you already have. Some things can be worn with a new shirt or even a different belt to diversify the look. You can use clip-on earrings to decorate certain types of heels by clipping them on the front of the shoe.


Try buying some scarves to wear around your waist with one side dangling. You can even tie the scarf around your neck or across your shoulders. Buying simple small items like this can change an outfit up without making a big purchase.

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Save Money and Change an Outfit Up  

Save money and change an outfit up with:       

Take a look at some great styles our editor has rounded up of their favorite fashion trends of the moment. 

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Avoid Impulse buying

  • Cash - Carry cash instead of credit cards to avoid impulse purchases. When you go to a teller, ask for larger bills. This helps eliminate some of the desire to buy every little thing you see because you'll have to break larger bills.
  • Wait - Play the waiting game. Before you make a huge purchase, wait for about 20 minutes.  Then, ask yourself, do you really need this or do you just want it. Ask yourself, do the benefit of having this item outway the advantages of saving the money. Will it cause hardship or be a blessing in a month or so. Look at the effects the purchase has on your future also.
Now that you know some ways to diversify your clothing and avoid impulse buying, began your journey to looking fantastic on a financial plan without looking like you are on a budget. Allocate your money to the right places. Have a blessed day shopping and allocating your money in the right places.

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