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Hats For Your Fashion Style 

Hats For Your Fashion Style 

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Hats are a great fashion accessory to the everyday wardrobe. Hats are valuable in that they help protect us from the sun and elements, meanwhile giving us a stylish appearance. Everyone needs to know some tips on how to wear hats, what kind of hat accessories to use, and the correct hat type for their face shape.

When you wander into a department store, you want to have an idea of what kind of hat you desire to purchase. For instance, to name a few, you may aspire to have a wide brim, beret, fedora, or a variety of other styles. 

It may be casual or even something a little more elaborate for special occasions. 

One thing to keep in mind before you purchase a hat is that you want it to coordinate with the outfits that you will be wearing it with.

Fashion styles
Relax in style with beautiful hats for women

There are various ways to wear your hat. Only you know what you like and if it is comfortable for you. Let's discuss a few tips on how to wear a hat.

Tips on how to wear hats

  • Hair- If you have long hair, let it dangle down from under the hat, hanging to the side of your shoulder and your back.
  • Earrings- If one side of your hair is pulled back, be sure to wear some cute earrings that help the hat to stand out in style.
  • Glasses - Turn the brim of your hat up a little to accentuate your glasses, giving you an appealing look.
  • Be Creative - Change your hat style by adding a little ribbon, flower, or beads.  Take the time to personalize the hat in anyway you desire.
  • Hair Pieces- If you don't have much hair, you can have some weave sewn onto the inside edges of your hat for an incredible look. Make sure to secure the hat on your head sufficiently; therefore, no one would even know you have it sewn on the hat. That's our little secret and nobody's business but yours.
Long gloves
Accessorize with some long gloves and classy hats for ladies

Who doesn't love accessories? You can accessorize with some long fashionable gloves and a hat to set off your stunning outfit. Hats don't have to always be for a casual look. They can help you turn up the heat on your fashion wardrobe. That's right, make it sizzle when you walk into the room.

women's hat styles
Accessorize your hat with a chain link.

You can buy a hat accessorized with a chain link, flower, or other accessories. If you can't find one you like, then add some hat accessories yourself.

Pink beret hat women
Rock your french beret hat with style

Hat accessories can change the whole appearance of your hat. The good thing about that is you can wear it with several different outfits because of those simple and cute variations in the accessories.

Hat accessories

  • Broach- Clip on a broach or pendant to help give the hat some glam. (Hint- You can even clip a broach on certain types of shoes to change up the look.) 
  • Headband- Are you wearing a brimmed hat? Try putting an elastic headband around the brim of your hat. To change a simple hat into a chic hat, you can use an elegant beaded headband.
  • Scarf-  You can tie a cute scarf onto your hat to add a little more style to your unique look. To make the style even more glamorous, try purchasing 2-3 scarves and braiding or twisting them together to put on your hat.
  • Flower- Choose a flower that you like.
These various ways to change a hat up can help you when you're traveling on a plane because you can pack one hat with a variety of smaller accessories to change the look of the hat for your trip.

The Cost to Accessorize your Hat

The great thing about it is it may not cost you anything, because you may already have some of these accessories at home to make your hair fashionable for various types of outfits. If you do decide to purchase some of these items, they are usually inexpensive.
casual hats for ladies
Casual Hat styles

fashion hats for women
There are a variety of fashion hats for women

Man wearing a hat
What are your favorite hats for men?

Optimal Hat Type By Face shape

According to Hats.com, While every face is different, most can be separated into five general shapes.

Long- Optimal hat types: Wide Brim, Beret
Celebrities with this Face Shape: Sarah Jessica Parker, Kate Hudson, Liv Tyler, Teri Hatcher, Ryan Gosling
Round- Optimal hat types: Fedora, Ivy/Flat Cap
Celebrities with this Face Shape: Adele, Kelly Clarkson, Kirsten Dunst, Kate Winslet, Kate Upton, Kanye West
Square- Optimal hat types: Bowler, center-dent Fedora, Fashion Beanie
Celebrities with this Face Shape: Jessica Simpson, Fergie, Penelope Crus, Nicole Ritchie, Eliza Dushku, Demi Moore, Kieth Urban, Brad Pitt
Heart- Optimal hat types: Medium Brim Fedora, Cloche, Pillbox
Celebrities with this Face Shape: Resse Witherspood, Scarlett Johanssen, Jennifer Love-Hewitt, Rihanna
Oval- Optimal hat types: Almost any style
Celebrities with this Face Shape: Eva Mendes, Sofia Vergara, Angelina Jolie, David Beckham

Man holding a hat
Men can be distinguished with a variety of hats for men's fashion.

Even the adorable little children can style and profile a hat. Why not make it a family thing and step out in style dressed to impress.

A child wearing a hat and carrying a gift
Children can style and profile hats for children.

It's been a pleasure, my friends. Make sure you rock your hat and step out in style.

Lady wearing a big brim hat
Wear your big brim hat for women with style

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