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Running is a great exercise

Cardio Exercise Health Benefits 

It's time to get our body and appearance into the proper fitness to enhance our well-being. It is an opportunity to get our figures right, tight, and in excellent health. Therefore, let's strive to live the healthiest life we can, by eating right and working out as long as our doctor says it's appropriate. . Various types of exercises can be accomplished by men and women. Some like to lift weights, do yoga, or cardio exercises to help live a healthy lifestyle.

Riding a bike
 Riding a bike is a great exercise for cardio

Cardio is a great type of exercise for working out by yourself or with friends and family. 

Some types of cardiovascular exercises are:

  • running, 
  • walking, 
  • cycling
  • swimming, 
  • and jumping rope.
You can also use exercise equipment; such as a treadmill or an elliptical. 

Benefits of Running

According to Fitness,
"Running even five to 10 minutes a day, at slow speeds (how does a nice 12-minute mile sound to you?) is associated with a drastically reduced risk of dying from cardiovascular disease, according to a landmark study in the Journal of the American College of Cardiology. Compared with never-runners, regular runners have half the chance of dying from heart disease. Every time you run, you decrease your resting heart rate, so your heart doesn't need to work as hard, says exercise physiologist Greg Justice, founder of AYC Health & Fitness in Kansas City."

 Benefits of walking

  • Helps to maintain weight
  • Prevents and helps manage high blood pressure and diabetes
  • Helps your mood
Bicycling can help with stress

Benefits of bicycling

  • Decreases stress
  • Easy on the joints
 "When you sit on a bike, you put your weight on a pair of bones in the pelvis called the ischial tuberosities, unlike walking, when you put your weight on your legs. "That makes it good for anyone with joint pain or age-related stiffness," says Dr. Safran-Norton."
  • Lower body fat

Benefits of swimming

  • Makes you more flexible
  • Entire body workout, including your core
  • Can swim indoors or outside

Benefits of jump roping

  • Good for the heart
  • Burns calories
   According to Livestrong,
"The American Heart Association chart shows how intensity varies the number of calories burned. A 100-pound individual running at 5 mph burns 440 calories in an hour. "

There are some people who have knee injuries or back pain. In that situation, they should choose a low-impact exercise; such as swimming, walking, or bicycling.

 Are you ready to do cardio exercises? To be on the safe side, check with your doctor for your specific needs before starting your exercise routine. Everyone may have their own particular needs when getting into shape; meanwhile, protecting any special needs you may have. Have a safe and blessed day enjoying your cardio routine.

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