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Rossario George, Fashion
Rossario George

Rossario George: Fashion Styles 

As we all know fashion can be intriguing, creative, and astonishing. It's our signature to the world. We love to put on something distinguished with a touch of class. We love to walk into events, churches, weddings, and family functions, dazzling the crowd. Admit it, we love Style. Well, Tony Vincente is bringing style to us through an array of unique designs.

Tony Vincente Is Founder of Rossario George, a luxury Fashion brand, where he designs an astonishing collection of clothing, shoes, and purses. His Unique designs have captured the attention of many.

Make your fashion statement with style

Interview with Tony Vincente

Tony Vincente
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Let's get to know Tony Vincente, the designer behind Rossario George.

Branding and the creation of Rossario George.

Tony Vincente, What Inspired you to become a fashion designer? 

The universe made this possible. Since 2009, I’ve been a business owner specializing in home d├ęcor. In July of 2017, Vida reached out to me and asked if I would like to work with them. I jumped at the chance!

I have always been a fan of fashion and in the back of my mind, I had dreams of creating items ready for the runways. I had no formal training and didn’t have the slightest idea on how to even start, but as I said earlier, the universe makes things happen as they are meant too.

With Vida, I finally had my avenue to making my dream a reality. Funny thing, shortly after, Shoes of Prey reached out as well and asked if I would like to design shoes with them. It was then I knew it was time to brand and begin the processes that gave birth to Rossario George.

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Fashion Style

You are a talented designer and are in partnership with Vida, a company that has collaborated with icon Cher, designer Todd Anthony Tyler, and many others. Tell me about how you began a partnership with Vida? 

First, thank you so much for the compliment. All my designs come from my love of beauty, and it makes my heart sing when people respond so positively to them. I was on cloud 9 when Vida reached out to me and asked if I would be a designer for them. 

I saw who the other designers were and I thought to myself, "Will I be good enough?" To be honest, I hated the first items I created, but I learned quickly what I wanted to create.  As we are enjoying amazing sales with our spring/summer collection, I feel I found my stride and look forward to unveiling what’s next!

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Rossario George

What inspired you to start your own Design Company, Rossario George? What inspired the name of your company?

The stars were aligned.  I had a company producing my clothing and accessories and another for my shoes. I am a Marketing guy (outside of Rossario George), so everything that occurs in my life is an opportunity.  Regarding the name, it is an homage to my partner's late father, Rossario George Scumaci.  This guy was the epitome of style in his day, and he left a lasting impact on everyone he touched. That impact continues even today with his memory. This was the same feeling I wanted for my brand.  I wanted my brand to be something that defines trends not follows them, has a heart, and finally who’s fashions are and always will be timeless.

RG Majestic, Inveigle Magazine
RG Majestic

I'm intrigued by the beauty of this leather statement clutch and matching sleeveless top. Is there anything you would like to tell us about these designs?

No…HAHAHA so kidding! RG Majestic is our newest “signature” collection.  (we actually have 4: Rossario George Signature, Casa Scumaci, Water Maiden and now the RG Majestic)  Every season these collections provide a template for evolution. They all have unique patterns which I can mutate and shape color and even other patterns around yet keep the familiar touch that defines the collection. RG Majestic is one of my favorites as it's simply based on our logo which in itself is a work of art.

Ready to walk the runway in style

It has been a pleasure to interview you. Is there anything, in specific, you would like to let our fabulous readers know about Rossario George?

The pleasure and honor are all mines and yes I have some really cool information to share! Be on the lookout for us at this year's Fashion Film Festival in La Jolla, CA where I will be representing RG on the red carpet and the event. Then in September, you can find us in NYC as we show our collection during the Runways on Fire event in the middle of TIMES SQUARE! Visit our News/Press section on our website for dates and more announcements as they come.  

Oh and one last thing…Readers of this article can use discount code: INVEIGLE ROCKS for 25% off all purchases on Rossario George. Please note, that this code is not eligible for purchases made on Shopvida.

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