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Rossario George
RG Achileo Wrap Dress

Rock Your Fashion Style With Rossario George

Fashion comes in a variety of patterns and designs to satisfy each of our individual needs and desires. It's a sense of style in which we represent ourselves. Have you ever looked for that perfect outfit for those special occasions when you aspired to show the world what you are made of? You desired to leave them with lasting memories of your intelligence; as well as, your fashion style. Ladies, get ready to rock your style with the in-crowd. Take a look at some of these stunning "Rossario George" designs by  Tony Vincente. They are mesmerizing and captivating.

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Be stylish while having fun

Who says you have to be plain when you can take them by surprise with an RG dress and boots. Be stylish while having fun! Be the centerpiece with all eyes on you; meanwhile, staying classy with the right fashion style. 

"Rock With U" Leather Studded Stiletto Boots

When you find some beautiful boots that can be rocked with various pants or dresses, you have found a winner. Let them Rock with U all night long!!! Be confident, bold, and sophisticated; meanwhile, stunning the crowd with your grace and elegance!

RG Tiger Print Dress

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 Rossario George Tiger print dress

Why not step out in an Rg tiger print dress that will make them roar with exhilaration when they see you, but first apply a little True Beauty by  RG beauty  matte liquid lipsticks. It's available in 10 luxurious colors.

RG Perfect Pout - Hera's Kiss

True Beauty by RG Beauty

 Rossario George
True Beauty by RG Beauty

RG Beauty
Enjoy long-lasting and waterproof perfection.

What Shade Do You Want to Dazzle the crowd with?

Rock your lip stick with a variety of shades to dazzle the crowd

RG Purple Matte Lipsticks

Relax in style with Rossario George 

Rossario George
Get ready to rock your style ladies and gentlemen

Don't forget to rock your style to the best of your ability and have a wonderful day looking stunning from head to toe!  

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