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Nutrition is vital to fitness.

Nutrition Is Important To Fitness

Having proper nutrition can have many benefits; therefore, we should consume a well-balanced meal each day. Obtaining the correct nutrients and a great fitness routine works together in providing the type of healthy lifestyle that can benefit us in the future. We need to comprehend the right foods to eat and preparations to keep our bodies functioning. During your visits to the physician, make sure to inquire if you are getting an adequate amount of iron, Vitamin A, Vitamin C, and other vitamins to sustain a healthy body.

Vitamins Benefits For The Body:

Having the right vitamins can help heal wounds and help the immune system fight off unwanted diseases among other things.

What are the benefits of Iron?

  • Improves brain functions.
  • Increases energy.
  • It helps women to have healthy pregnancies.
  • Treats anemia and more.

What are the benefits of Vitamin A?

  •  Supports cell growth
  • Supports bone health and reduces fractures.
  •  Support the immune functions and more.

What are the benefits of Vitamin C?

  • Helps with stress.
  • Helps prevent iron deficiency. Iron helps make red blood cells and transports the oxygen that our body needs.
  • Boost immunity. Vitamin C helps boost lymphocytes and phagocytes, which help protect against infection in the body.
  • Some studies say it helps prevent strokes and more
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Eat healthily and stay fit

There are so many vitamins and benefits that we can't name them all here, but our bodies need the proper nutrition and fitness to go hand and hand in having a healthy life. We need the correct vitamins for our hair, nails, body, and overall health.

Our bodies need food from a variety of food sources; so that, we may maintain a well-balanced diet as we carry on through life.
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Maintain a balanced diet

Sometimes we are in such a hurry to get to work, a meeting, or somewhere important; therefore, leaving us so hungry that we have to use the alternative of eating at a fast-food restaurant. That unhealthy fast food tastes good and is quick to purchase. Unfortunately, it leaves us with a lack of vegetables and nutrients. This can leave our bodies vulnerable to not receiving the right nutrients to sustain a nutritious and fit lifestyle.

Don't diminish your workout efforts for good health with bad eating habits.


 According to Muscle & Fitnesswe should,
"Stick with lean meats like chicken or turkey, pork tenderloin, or fatty cold-water fish like salmon and mackerel. Consume unprocessed carbohydrates from potatoes, sweet potatoes, rice, fruits, and vegetables. Get your fats from fish, olive oil, avocados, nuts, and seeds—avoid reduced-fat products because when companies take out fat, they add more sugar to maintain the flavor."


We don't want to diminish all the work that we accomplish in our workout routine by not getting the proper nutrition regimen. As you may know, we employ a variety of muscles when engaging in a great workout to get the physique that we desire so much. 

Workout with the right nutrition

The muscles that are stimulated during our fitness routines are actively using the nutrients we have obtained from previous meals we have eaten. If all we eat is junk, then it will show in our skin, health, and fitness. No matter how much we work out, we need the correct nutrition to feed our body's muscles. 

According to BodyBuilding,

"Without a proper nutrition regimen to complement your active lifestyle, you could be wasting your efforts, seeing the slowest—or non-existent—progress, or worse, putting your entire body at risk for a bevy of dysfunction, including injuries, hormonal imbalances, and adrenal fatigue.

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Check out this video below: 

A guide to Fitness Nutrition 101 From Ryan Engel Fitness

  • Proteins are your building blocks for Muscle.
  • Carbs are part of your body's energy sources. Plan carbs smart.
  • Good Carb Sources - Whole grains, oats, sweet potatoes

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