Monday, September 10, 2018

Clothing Hacks That will Make your Life Easier | Inveigle Magazine


Clothing Hacks That will Make your Life Easier

We all want to keep little embarrassing things from occurring while we are out in our stylish outfit. Have you ever wanted some ways to make your life easier while making a fashion statement? We need to continue Dress And Think Like A Boss; meanwhile, protecting ourselves from embarrassing fashion disasters.

Some Types of Clothing Hacks 

  • Thigh High Boots Hack-Some of us may not have enough thigh to hold those thigh high boots up, but they are old so cute making us desire to wear them. 
  • Fly away skirt Hack-We don't want our skirt to fly up showing everything. Tape quarters in the bottom inside of the skirt.
  • Hat Hack- When our ponytail want fit under our hat.
  • Slippery Shoe Hack- We don't want to fall and embarrass ourselves while looking cute.
  • Stinky Armpit Hack-
  • Homemade bun Hack-

Check out these clothing hacks and Emergency clothes fixes on this video below.


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