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Clothing Hacks That Can Make Life Easier

We all want to keep little embarrassing things from occurring while we are out in our stylish outfits. Have you ever wanted some ways to make your life easier while making a fashion statement? We need to continue Dress And Think Like A Boss; meanwhile, protecting ourselves from embarrassing fashion disasters.

Fashion Hacks

Thigh High Boots Hack-

Some of us may not have enough thighs to hold those thigh-high boots up, but they are so cute, making us desire to wear them. 

Fly away skirt Hack-

We do not want our skirt to fly up showing everything. Tape quarters in the bottom inside of the skirt to give it some weight and help prevent it from flying up exposing things you don't want to share with the world.
Keep your skirt from flying up 

Hat Hack

When our ponytail won't fit under our Stylish Hat. Turn the hat inside out.
  • Turn a cloth hat inside out.
  • Cut the top top of the hat. ( enough for the ponytail to hang out of it.)
  • Put an elastic band around the top and fold the rugged edge down over the band.
  • Sew the edge over the band
  • Turn hat back to the right side.
Hack for a winter hat

  • Put the hat on and pull your ponytail through the top of the hat.

Slippery Shoe Hack- 

High heels
Safeguard your shoes and walk with style

We don't want to fall and embarrass ourselves while looking cute. Shoes can help you make a true statement of whether you are coming or going with your style. No matter what, no one wants to slip and fall; therefore, s
afeguard your shoes and walk with style.

Stinky Armpit Hack-

Homemade bun Hack- 

Roll a clean sock up and use it as a cushion under the bun.

Pants want button Hack

Use a strong rubber band or elastic band.
  • Pull it through the button hold where one side of the band is on each side of the hole.
  • Pull both looped ends of the band together.
  • Loop them around the button on the other side of the pants.
  • Pull shirt down.

Check out these clothing hacks and Emergency clothes fix on this video below.

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