What is real Love

 Love is beautiful.

What is real Love And True Love?

Love is a blessing and something we all look forward to experiencing throughout life with family, friends, and our significant other. It is not always peaches and cream, but it is worth the effort to achieve a healthy and successful relationship with someone special. Even though we may encounter some type of heartbreak at some point and time in our life, love can still be a motivator to accomplish our goals and strive to be the best person we can be. We can love our spouse, children, family, and friends without even thinking about it. We are not immune to feeling compassion for someone we care about. We can even have a sort of love for people we don't know by having empathy for the things they are going through in life. We will be talking about the joys of different types of love and unfortunately some of the disappointments that can come with the wrong type of love. 

Disappointment In Love 

Have you ever wished you didn't fall in love with someone because of the heartbreak and pain they caused? 

Have you ever just not wanted to get out of bed because you were slipping into depression because of relationship problems

We all have been through some things, but the worst thing to do is give up. After all, how can you find the love of your life if you never leave the house? 

Just remember disappointment is a stage in any relationship because no two people think exactly alike. Only you can decide what is best for you. 

The disappointment may build up slowly or strike suddenly out of nowhere and can be capable of bringing devastating effects to a couple's life. All, I can say is stay prayed up for the strength and guidance to get through any obstacles that can be worked out.

Make sure you no the difference between disappointment and abuse.


Be Careful | Abuse Is Not Love

Well, I know we have technology with these latest social media and dating sites. All I can say is proceed with caution. Be careful! Check them out before you just jump into that relationship, because there can be some dangerous people out there. 

I surely don't want anything bad to happen to you because I care for your safety. Yes, I care because that is what compassion is all about. 

You don't deserve to be abused or taken advantage of by domestic violence or anything that hurts you. Surviving domestic abuse can be hard, but if you ever find yourself in this unfortunate situation reach out for the necessary help to keep your life safe.

Domestic Abuse can come in various forms; such as,

  • Sexual abuse
  • Physical abuse
  • And Psychological abuse

When you get a chance, take a look at this article on Surviving Domestic Violence for more information on abuse.

Now, let's take a look at some various forms of love to see the appropriate types of love; instead of hurt.  

Different forms of Love

Loving someone can come in many shapes and forms.

  • Love is when you care for someone other than yourself.
  • Love is holding a person in positive unconditional regard in spite of their mistakes or faults.
  • Love is putting another person's needs before your wants.
  • Love is altruism - selfless concerns for someone else well-being.

So when you decide to say you love someone, ask yourself, "Do you have their best interest at heart or do you just like what it will accomplish in your life?" 

The problem with today's society is we can be a bit selfish at times. We want what we want right then and there no matter what. We should aim to think about how our decision affects not only ourselves but affect others as well.

Types of Love

What are some types of love?

  • Eros - passionate or sexual love.
  • Philia - Affectionate regards, close friendship, or brotherly love.
  • Storge - Love between parents and their children . It is familial love.
  • Agape - Is the love for strangers, God, and nature. It is universal love. It is also thought of as charity by Christians. It has unselfish concerns for others which is altruism.
  • Ludus - They are more focused on the short term. It can be uncommitted love focused on having fun. They are usually casual relationships.
  • Pragma -  This love is founded on logic. It focuses on whether a mate will share their goals, and meet their financial or social needs.
  • Philautia - Self-love

Love in a Relationship

We all love to be in a relationship that is continually evolving into mutual kindness and love. A bond where we have compassion for each other. 

We desire the type of love where one does not use the other solely for their own benefit without giving anything back. I mean that the relationship should be built on a mutual understanding of what the two individuals desire out of their relationship.

A relationship should be built on love and kindness. Who wants to be with someone who doesn't have the other one's best interest at heart?

4 Stages of love

  • Sexual Attraction Love - Your body is excited by certain touches.
  • Romantic Love - We feel good with the candlelight dinners, flowers, etc.
  • Intellectual Decision Love - The sex may not be as great, but you use your brain to decide whether you stay together.
  • Mature companion love - More security, more comfort.

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