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Who doesn't enjoy a beautiful handbag to match their stunning outfit as they step out into the world looking stylish and appealing to the crowd? We desire to look good from head to toe; meanwhile, feeling confident in our appearance and our ability to achieve our goals. There is nothing wrong with looking great and being a great mom, friend, and businesswoman at the same time, so make sure you step out in style my friends, and let the world know you have arrived.
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Rock your Bella Handbag with class 

Have you ever admired a fabulous handbag, but desired to add your own personal touch to it. Yes, you wanted the crowd asking where in the world did you purchase that beautiful customized handbag. Well, no two people are exactly alike. We all have our different desires in many different things. Let's Take a look at Bella Modi and the ways you can customize your handbag for your lifestyle.


Bella Modi

Let them watch you rock your Bella Modi handbag

Interview With Kimberly Mitchell-Catlett

Let's have a talk with Kimberly Mitchell-Catlett, Founder of Bella Modi Handbags.
Kimberly Mitchell-Catlett
Kimberly Mitchell-Catlett

Hi Kimberly! You design a variety of beautiful handbags. What gave you the desire to design Handbags and open Bella Modi?

I’ve always loved fashion and design. But more than that, I’ve always felt like we should have more options when it comes to fashion - especially in handbags. There are a million handbags out there, but it seems like no matter how long you search, you always have to comprise.

Bella Modi was built under the premise that we should be able to have the perfect blend of fashion and function that expresses your personal style and functions exactly the way you need.
Bella Modi Handbags
Bella Modi Handbags help express your personal style

I see you take your business to the next level by having a way for your customers to customize a handbag to fit their look and lifestyle. I think that is so wonderful because people have such diverse tastes in handbags and fashion. Can you tell us a little about the customization process?

We have two options for customization of Handbags. 
  • First, there is a very simple online design tool that allows you to select the outside pockets, closure, inside options, and colors of your bag.  You can see your bag build as you make your selections so you know that it is exactly what you want!  
  • The second option is a design session.  This can be in-studio or on the phone but it allows our customers to further personalize their design with everything from custom handle lengths to contrasting thread selections.
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Customize your handbag with Bella Modi

You not only design handbags, but shoes as well. Can you tell us a little about your shoe collection?

We have a patent-pending interchangeable shoe collection that is still in development. This shoe system allows you to mix and match components to design and redesign your shoes every day.  We are hoping to release this line in early 2021 so stay tuned for more details!

Get ready for Bella Modi Handbags and shoes

Thank you Kimberly for taking the time to chat with us. We definitely will stay tuned for more details about your shoe collection. Is there anything that you wish for our fabulous readers to know about your company, Bella Modi?

We love helping our customers bring their perfect bags to life!  All of our products come with a 1-year warranty.  They are made to order, by hand, in our manufacturing facility in Boise, ID, and delivered within just a few weeks.

Bella Modi

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