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Hair Growth
Proper Nutrition for Healthy Hair Growth 

Healthy Nutrition And Hair Growth 

When you wander into a room and observe a person with beautiful hair, it generally originates from being healthy and acquiring the proper nutrition. Many people suffer from hair loss which is caused by various reasons; such as, health, heredity, stress, medication, or nutrition.  Having a healthy diet can benefit you in many ways. Getting the correct amount of vitamins in your body helps keep your hair healthy and growing. According to The Tricholofical Society, "Malnutrition, congenital heart disease, neuromuscular disease, chronic illnesses, malignancy, alcoholism, and advanced age can cause hair to change color, be weakened, or lost." Therefore, try to eat healthily and maintain a well-balanced diet for  Growing Long And Healthy Hair. No matter what the reason is you want to grow your hair, you must realize that it demands time and developing a healthy hair care routine which includes your nutrition. Here are some foods to help promote healthy hair growth.

Foods for healthy Hair

  • Salmon - It has omega 3 fatty acids that promote hair growth and help with the shine of hair. Omega 3 fatty acids are essential nutrients for healthy hair and skin.
Salmon has omega 3 fatty acids
  • Greek Yogurt - According to  Webmd, "Greek yogurt also has an ingredient that helps with blood flow to your scalp and hair growth. It’s called vitamin B5 (known as pantothenic acid) and may even help against hair thinning and loss."
  • Nuts - Have an exceptional source of biotin which promotes healthy hair growth. As you know, some people buy biotin supplements, but you can receive a natural source by eating nuts; such as pecans, almonds, and walnuts. Hair growth is affected by the proper intake of Protein, Biotin, And Vitamin A.
Have some pecans in your cereal.
  • Sweet Potatoes - Those yummy sweet potatoes have a high amount of beta-carotene, a precursor of vitamin A, which promotes healthy hair, nails, and skin.
  • Eggs - They are an excellent source of protein which is an essential element to a part of our hair's structure. Sometimes when the hair is damaged, you may need to visit a professional hairstylist and get a protein treatment. Better yet, keeping protein in your hair by eating eggs before your hair is damaged can help promote hair growth because eggs are also a good source of biotin and other b vitamins.
Eggs are an excellent source of protein

There is a lot more to achieving healthy hair in which you can swing back and forth with that shiny bounce. One of those other things is to make sure you don't have an iron deficiency. You want your hair follicles to receive nourishing oxygen from iron in your red blood cells; meanwhile, promoting healthy hair growth.  Eat iron-rich foods; such as clams, eggs, oysters, tuna, and lean beef. Also, ask your doctor to check your ferritin levels before taking a supplement


Always remember that nourishment is not the only factor in Steps To Maintaining Beautiful Healthy Hair, even though it is a significant factor. You must also know that Your hair reaps the benefits of exercising, by helping your body have the proper blood circulation. This improves the flow of nutrients through the blood vessels to the hair follicles and promotes the hair growing process. I wish you a blessed and happy day growing healthy hair.

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