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Fashion Illustrations By Shinn Wen

A great way to look at fashion is through the beautiful drawings of a talented illustrator captured on paper. Illustrators are a type of artist who expresses their artistic illustrations through their inspiration and the perceptions they see in their life experiences. Fashion is so important, and the way we present ourselves to the public can make a difference in a business opportunity, date night, or family gathering. We should remember that those designs we wear to those functions can begin with a talented illustrator.

Fashion Illustration
Fashion Illustration

For years, women have loved to look glamorous as they strut around in the latest trendy styles.  Fashion is a way of enhancing the natural beauty of a person. Illustrator, Shinn Wen brings so much creativity to the glamorous illustrations she has created. The images have the capacity to draw you into a trans that signifies the beauty of the stunning styles.
Formal dress
Formal dress

Fashion Illustrators

Fashion illustrators can create beautiful images of unique fashion designs; as well as, illustrations for books, magazines, and products. Fashion illustration can tell its own story of design through drawing. Shinn Wen creates some stunning illustrations ranging from vintage to formal dresses and more.

Interview With Shinn Wen

Fashion Illustration by Shinn Wen
Fashion Illustration by Shinn Wen

Let's have a talk with Fashion, Beauty, And Timeless Illustrator, Shinn Wen:

Shinn Wen
Shinn Wen

Arica: Hi Shinn, I love your astonishing illustrations. Did you grow up drawing, and how did it develop into you becoming an illustrator?

Shinn Wen: Hi Arica, thank you for being interested in my illustrations! Yes, I did. I was born into an artistic family. When I was a small kid, maybe 4-5 years, I paid a lot of time quietly drawing, I so enjoyed it. 

Most of my doodles were ladies wearing big dresses and jewelry,   the same thing that I am doing now. I also sketched some new clothes for myself when I was older, and my mother made clothes for me according to those sketches with our old sewing machine.
 ladies wearing big dresses

Being influenced by my family, I was a lucky kid to grow up with plenty of fashion magazines and art books. My parents encouraged me to be an artist, as I did. 

I was learning how to draw in both school and family. So naturally, I chose painting and fashion design as my major in the university. I have a master’s degree in one of the best universities in China, which is Tsinghua University.
Vintage style illustration
Vintage style
I did fashion design works for two years in Hong Kong after graduate schooling, and then went back to Wuhan working as a fashion design teacher in HIFA (Hubei Institute of Fine Arts) for almost ten years now.
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Fashion on the go

I have more time for doing drawing being a teacher. Instagram helps me a lot to be a fashion illustrator because it opens the window of the whole world, helps us to find so many people with something in common, brings me inspiration, encouragement, and also clients. 

I realize myself doing the same thing with my childhood, and I feel right when I am drawing.
Walk in style

Arica: You have created a variety of illustrations, ranging from, Fashion, Beauty, Wedding Illustrations, and more. What gives you inspiration for creating such artistic and stylish illustrations?

Shinn Wen: I think I am truly inspired by an elegant lifestyle. It may be fashion, beauty, or timeless illustrations, it may be not real, but really attractive both to artists and the audience. I try to record and keep them eternal in my artworks with my own understandings and wishes.
Fashion Illustration
Fashion Illustration for the stylish woman

Arica: Can you tell us a little about your first fashion illustration book?

Shinn Wen: Ok. My first book is named, Fashion painting techniques, and is published by China Textile & Apparel Press this March in Chinese. 

I hope to express not only my fashion drawing skills but also my passion for fashion illustration. I worked on this book for almost 3 years to keep the quality and choose every image carefully by myself. 

It includes hundreds of my fashion illustrations and their steps, and will be suitable for zero and professional readers,because it contains fashion figures, fabrics drawing and illustrations’ style. I wish someday it will be translated into other languages.
Fashion painting techniques

It has been a pleasure communicating with you Shinn. Is there anything else you would like our awesome readers to know about your illustrations?

Shinn Wen: I hope I am the kind of artist who has not only skills but more of a timeless and unique style. I feel so lucky to do the thing that I truly love, and I have a personal motto: “Although the encounter is short, the brush accompanies the whole life.”

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