How Important Is Maintaining A Good Level Of Testosterone?

 Maintaining A Good Level Of Testosterone?

Maintaining A Good Level Of Testosterone?

Testosterone is a steroid hormone produced by the testes in men and by the ovaries in women. It is the main sexual hormone of man and is basic to ensure good health in men.

How does testosterone work?

Testosterone acts at different levels in the body of a man. Fundamentally, it helps maintain muscle mass and strength, prevents the appearance of osteoporosis, is responsible for distributing fat in the body, and stimulates the production of sperm, red blood cells, sperm, and increases sexual desire

What can cause a decrease in the level of testosterone?

The age is one of the factors that affect the level of testosterone. NCBI states,
Twenty percent of men aged over 60 have total testosterone levels below the normal range and the figure rises to 50% in those aged over 80.

The lifestyle can also affect the optimal maintenance of testosterone levels. Stress, lack of rest and sleep, an inadequate diet, being overweight, alterations in blood sugar levels, and excessive exercise can all cause a drop in testosterone.
There are also some medications that can affect the level of testosterone such as: antidepressants, drugs for baldness, anxiety, and insomnia or antihistamines.

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What are the symptoms of a low testosterone level?

The main symptoms of a low testosterone level are fatigue, insomnia, irritability, mood swings, reduction of sexual desire, infertility, decrease in the size of the testicles, reduction of muscle mass, difficulty in concentration, erectile dysfunction and infertility and excessive sweating.

How can I know if my testosterone level is correct?

Knowing the level of testosterone is very simple. With blood tests, you can evaluate the levels and determine if they are within normal parameters.

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How is the treatment?

Depending on each patient, the specialist doctor will prescribe the hormone supplementation through different routes: injections, gels, patches or oral tablets.

How can I maintain good testosterone levels?

A healthy lifestyle will favor the maintenance of a good level of testosterone. Start by resting well, take a balanced diet that includes: fruits, vegetables, nuts, foods rich in zinc and protein, reduces the intake of alcohol and caffeine, performs regularly and seeks to control stress.

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Benefits of testosterone for health

The testosterone has functions in the body that go far beyond the sexual sphere, resulting in basic sporting aspects. Therefore, it is especially important that athletes pay attention to their levels of this hormone. These are the main benefits of testosterone for male health :
On energy and fatigue: the relationship between testosterone and the feeling of fatigue is demonstrated. At lower levels of this hormone, more fatigue, and less activity.
On sexual quality: testosterone, being the sex hormone, regulates all sexual processes. Therefore, it is essential to have adequate levels to maintain libido, the formation of sperm in sufficient quantity and quality to preserve fertility and to prevent erectile dysfunction.

About the distribution of fat: It has been shown that at lower testosterone levels, more fat mass, especially in the abdomen area. In this way, an excessive body mass index (BMI) and abdominal circumference may be another symptom of deficiencies in testosterone production.

About muscle mass: testosterone is the Anabolic hormones par excellence. With the use of free testosterone triggers the creation of muscle proteins that get the muscle reaches limits that would not reach without supplementation.
On the cardiovascular system: maintaining adequate levels of testosterone helps to keep triglycerides at bay and, therefore, help to stop hypercholesterolemia. It is known that a low level of this hormone usually means suffering from hypertension.
About the bone system: testosterone produces an improvement in both density and bone strength.
On male well-being: the many advantages that testosterone produces (especially the visible ones: less obesity, more muscle, and better sexual life) favor that men have better self-esteem and a higher quality of life, in addition to being healthier physically and mentally.

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