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A Stunning RG Showstopper floor length sequined gown | Rossario George


Formal Gown

RG Showstopper floor-length sequined gown

RG Showstopper sequined gown

Have you ever had that special event that you needed the perfect gown to prance around in with a great fashion style? You desired it to be sophisticated, classy, and stunning. Something that will make heads turn as you gracefully enter the room. You're not asking for too much. This stunning sequined gown caught my attention, just as I believe it will grab yours also.

This RG Showstopper sequined gown accentuates the body; meanwhile, keeping it classy and sassy. I love the way it flows and tapers to the body. You can wear this out to special business parties, date nights, charity events, cruises, proms, and photoshoots.

Rossario George
The RG Showstopper floor-length sequined gown

Fashion Attire

Date night can be many things. Not just going out to dinner, but also going on a cruise, the theater, or maybe even a ballet. Whatever you and your date prefer. You can fascinate your date with an off the shoulder floor-length gown. Showing just the right amount of shoulder to be sexy but classy. Before you step out on the town in this fabulous gown, apply a little RG Beauty lipstick to take your look to another level. Your date will love to see you coming and hate to see you go. Float on the clouds with the stars and be the sparkle in his eyes in this RG Showstopper floor-length sequined gown.

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Your date will love to see you coming and hate to see you go.

sequined gown
The RG sequined gown

Get more details about some amazing fashion styles by designer, Tony Vincente. Have an awesome day, looking awesome my friends!

RG Beauty lipstick 
Apply a little RG Beauty lipstick to take your look to another level.

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