Natural Methods for Raising Testosterone Levels

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Natural Methods for Raising Testosterone Levels 

Natural Methods for Raising Testosterone Levels

Testosterone is a compound that arouses interest in every man. It is naturally produced not only by the male organs, but also by the female organs, but in much smaller quantities. Testosterone belongs to androgenic hormones and is produced by the testicles, adrenal glands, and ovaries in women, which means that women also need it to function properly, and nowadays there are several ways to increase the testosterone booster

Let's look at what functions and why testosterone is important.

Mental state

Testosterone plays an important role in a person's well-being and mood. It protects against depression and provides a feeling of contentment and light euphoria. Low testosterone levels are often seen in patients with depression, and implemented hormone therapy with the use of the compound improves the mood and mental state.

Humor, mood, libido, fertility.

Testosterone affects our mood, perception of the world, sexuality, and desire of the opposite sex. Especially in men, testosterone deficiency along with inappropriate levels of other hormones are a common cause of low libido and infertility.

Energy, willingness to act, ambition

Hormones govern our motivation to act, hence the wrong testosterone level can affect our ambitions, willingness to work, and taking up responsibilities.
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Testosterone  is involved in building muscle mass

Strength, muscle mass

Every athlete knows that testosterone is involved in building muscle mass. Testosterone is necessary for the synthesis of proteins, and therefore for the development of muscularity, as well as an increase in endurance and strength.

Fat loss, basal metabolic rate (PPM)

The optimal boosting testosterone levels guarantee an effective reduction of body fat, as well as maintaining a basic metabolism at a good level, i.e., energy metabolism guaranteeing our life and survival. Thoughtful and too fast weight loss will lower the level of PPM, and at the same time, low testosterone will contribute to the cascade of problems in the entire endocrine system.

What are the symptoms of low testosterone?

  • low libido
  • depressed mood
  • depressive states
  • impaired concentration and inability to focus,
  • no interest in the opposite sex,
  • lack of motivation
  • loss of strength
  • inability to build muscle tissue,
  • difficulties in losing unnecessary kilograms and reducing circuits (weight loss),
  • this may be a sign that the hormone level is abnormal.

To this end, it is worth testing the level of testosterone, especially free testosterone, in other words, the total testosterone fraction is not bound to any protein. Only the level of free testosterone will give us the real result and its amount in the body. To find out why testosterone is low, it is also worth examining other parameters related to the endocrine system, because only a holistic view gives a chance for a proper diagnosis and some intakes naturally work as a male testosterone booster.

Finish the reduction and start eating more

This is probably one of the most important tips in my opinion. It is not uncommon for men to notice a significant decrease in libido during reduction. After the cessation of the reduction period and the introduction of a slight surplus, or even after a few days return to food at least covering the total demand, the desire for sex increases significantly. Long-term caloric reduction leads to a decrease in testosterone in the body.

Ways to Boost Testosterone

Reduce body fat

On the other hand, it is worth ensuring a rational level of body fat. Many studies suggest that obese people often experience low testosterone levels. After using testosterone hormone, in turn, obese people noticed an increase in libido as well as a decrease in body fat. The conclusion is, therefore, irrefutable - overweight, and obesity are not conducive to good testosterone levels!

Supplement vitamin D and consume foods rich in vitamin D

It is said that vitamin D is mainly responsible for immunity. However, it has tremendous significance and impact on many life functions, including testosterone production. Just look at the experiment. Increased testosterone levels have been noticed in men after using vitamin D supplementation. In addition to a good supplement, it is worth eating products such as fatty sea fish, eggs, and liver.

Do not forget about magnesium and zinc

No significant details? Not true! Details are of great importance in the context of the endocrine system! It has been noticed that avoiding foods rich in these minerals correlates with low testosterone levels. Consume nuts, seeds, cereals, and green vegetables. You can also support yourself with good preparations containing well-absorbed magnesium, e.g. magnesium in the form of citrate and zinc.

Good quality sleep

Numerous studies confirm that if you neglect regeneration and sleep, your testosterone level drops. As evidence, we have one experiment in which for a week young men slept only 5 hours a day. Each testosterone level dropped by as much as 10-15 %. You can take care of the aspects discussed above, but if sleep is neglected, do not think that testosterone will rise to an optimal level. Proposal? Sleep every day a min. 6-7h.

Eat that damn fat!
Avoiding saturated fat in the diet of eggs, fatty meats (especially red meat), and butter may be the reason why testosterone is low. If in your daily diet you rely only on linseed oil or olive oil, you eat a tablespoon of peanut butter a day, but this is not enough. For the production of hormones, we need saturated fats. Therefore, eat not only lean chicken breast but sometimes eat liver, beef roast or pork ham.
Vegetables and fruits are for the weak? You'll be weak without these products!

Vegetables are important for testosterone production.

Vitamins and minerals contained in vegetables and fruits are extremely important for testosterone production. For example, beets contain betaine and boron, which affect testosterone production. Broccoli, Brussels sprouts, cauliflower, kale are rich in phytochemicals that regulate estrogen levels, which in excess may condition low testosterone, celery is rich in vitamin K necessary for absorption of vitamin D, which is discussed above is necessary for the production of testosterone, banana and pineapple contains bromelain, which may be involved in the production of testosterone, blueberries contain calcium glucarate, which helps regulate the entire hormonal balance.

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