Effective Ways to Lower Your Electricity Bills in Winters

Ways to Lower Your Electricity Bills in Winters

Ways to Lower Your Electricity Bill

With the onset of winters comes high electricity bills, which are never a piece of good news. Our water geysers, room heaters, and appliances of all kinds that we use in this season add to the electricity load. The increased power usage often reflects in the consumption column of our electricity bills. We see the same story every year in winters where energy usage sees a sharp rise compared to the summers.

So, does it mean that you are bound to lose money if you want to keep yourself warm in winters? No way! If you were to take some helpful steps, you could significantly lower your power consumption and the money you lose because of it.
Want to know what you can do to keep your electricity bills from affecting your wallets? Below you’ll read some of the most effective ways in which you can lower your electricity consumption very quickly.

Try LED for Holiday Decorations

 Led lights
Try Led lights

The end of the year is not only about the winters but also the festive season that accompanies it. People make the mistake of decorating their homes with inefficient lighting systems like the fluorescents that are neither attractive nor are friendly to your pocket.
Using LED decoration is one way to avoid wasting electricity and yet make your home look beautiful. There are several LED products that you can opt for to give your house the appearance it deserves. These lights are durable, beautiful to look at, and consume very little power. Fluorescent devices are less efficient when it comes down to its comparison with LED, which is a significant reason why people using them have a higher electricity bill.

Ditch Your Old Thermostats

If you are still running those old-technology thermostats that are not so efficient, then it might be a good time to get rid of them. Thermostats have the design to last for years but if your device is very old, then it may not be warming your rooms efficiently.
The new-age thermostats are clever in regards to saving energy. They are designed to be controlled from remote distances with the help of IoT devices. So, while you are not present at home, you can set the temperature to a minimum or base level. You can get your home warmer when you are about to reach there by remotely controlling the device. In this way, you can save on the energy that your device may be wasting by providing the heat for home when you are not there.      

Use Some Nature

Let some sunlight in the house

Don’t let the cold season be the reason why you cut your ties from nature. Nothing can be better than the days when the warm sun decides to show up in winters and bring in its warmth. Such days are perfect for giving your heating appliances a break and soaking in the sun. You can also let the curtains open during the day time and use the natural light instead of keeping your bulbs on. Spending weekends outdoors on a suitably sunny day is something that you must not miss out on, which in turn will also lower your electricity consumption.  

Switch Off > Standby

Here’s a tip that will work not only for winters but for all seasons. You may not notice it right away, but there are several devices and appliances at your home that may be consuming power without you knowing about it. Generally, these are the electronics that you put on standby instead of switching off. Keeping them shut down instead of running on low power can help you save heaps of energy.
Most of us have this poor habit of leaving our laptops, televisions, set-top-boxes, and various other electronic items on standby. It may not seem to be much of a problem at one or two instances, but collectively at the end of the month or year, they do turn out to be costly. Leaving your phone or laptops charging overnight is never going to help your cause of lowering down power consumption.
There are some devices like the bathroom appliances, TV set-top boxes, and others that can be switched off while you are out. Having most of the devices plugged in power strips can help you switch them off all at once instead of doing it individually for each one. Another thing that you must not forget is to turn off your water heaters while you are not at home. These devices use a lot of electric power and should certainly not be left on when not in use.

Go for Prepaid Electricity Plans

Prepaid electricity plans
Prepaid electricity plans 

Prepaid electricity plans make perfect sense for the homes that do not have many members and preferably have no children. If your home only has you and your partner living together, then more often than not, you two are likely to spend your day away at your workplace. Such homes have limited energy consumption, and with a prepaid plan, the members can make conscious changes to not go overboard with power consumption. Studies reveal that people using prepaid power meters reduce 12% of their electricity usage upon switching to it.
Cutting down your electricity usage isn’t so difficult after all. Following the suggestions that we mention in this post, you will neither have to make any major compromises in your daily electricity needs, nor will it take any efforts. We suggest you use these easy-to-follow tips and see the amazing results in your electricity bills for yourself.    

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