10 Tips To Make Your House Pop By Giving The Front Door A Coat Of Fresh Paint

Make Your House Pop

Tips To Make Your Home Pop by 
Painting the Door 

The front door of a house is the entryway to the interior and other areas of the home. Every person notices the windows and front door while entering any house. Therefore, the color and aesthetics of the front door play an important role in maintaining the visual appeal of your entrance.
There are multiple techniques to enhance the curb appeal of a home, such as installing a gate and painting the front door. You can paint the front door and make your entrance pop up to attract the attention of guests and visitors. Let us check out some tips to make your house pop by painting the front door.

1. Clean the door

The first step in painting a door is to clean the door of dust and debris. You can do it using a brush or a damp cloth. It is best to use a cleaning solution and a soft cloth to remove the dust or debris from the door. 
However, the cleaning solutions are different for wood and metal surfaces. Use the right cleaning solution depending on the material of your front door.

2. Sanding

There might be imperfections and bumps on the surface of your door. Sanding removes all such bumps and offers you a smooth surface to paint. Therefore, it is essential to sand the surface using fine-grade sandpaper of the sanding machine before painting.

3. Choose the right color

house door
Choose the right color to makeover your front door. 
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Choosing the right color is crucial to offering a makeover to your front door. How your door will look after painting depends on the color you choose for it. You need to check how the color of your door will look with the front porch and its surroundings.
For example, if you want to paint your door a yellow color, you can check on a computer or phone, how a yellow door will look with the surrounding green plants or the color of your front wall. 
It is best to use a painting app on your phone or computer to check the final look of your door. Using an app helps you to check as many colors as you want to get the ultimate result and choose the best color for your door.

4. Choose the right finish

Most of the paints come in four types of finishes 
  • Matte
  • Satin
  • High gloss 
  • And semi-gloss. 

Matte finish is good for other doors in any house, but semi-gloss is the most suitable for the entry door. The semi-gloss and high gloss finishes are easy to clean, and as the entry door faces dust and dirt, semi-gloss is the best option. A high gloss finish can make it reflect more light that can dazzle the eyes of homeowners and guests.


5. Don’t forget to Prime

Priming the surface of your door is essential to protect it from pests and corrosion. If you choose a dark color of paint for your door, you may need a tinted primer. 
Choosing a tinted primer saves you from offering multiple coats of paint.

6. Create a contrast

Creating contrast with the surroundings can make your door pop.
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Creating contrast with the surroundings is the key to make your entry door pop with a fresh coat of paint. Choosing a color that makes high contrast with the surroundings can make your door attract the attention of guests and visitors. 
So, it is essential to consider the contrast it can create while choosing your shade of paint. You can paint the front door wall with another paint that creates a sharp contrast with the color you choose for your door.

7. Tips for creating a good contrast

The key to creating a good contrast for your front door is to paint it with an opposite shade from that of the surroundings. 
🗹 For example, if you have a light color of paint on your front wall, it is best to choose a dark shade for your door. 
🗹 On the other hand, if your front wall is painted in a dark shade, you should paint your door a light color.

8. Remove the door to paint it

To make the new paint look professional on your door, it is best to remove it from the entrance and then paint it using proper steps. Laying the door on a flat surface or table makes it easy to paint. 
However, some people are comfortable painting the door without removing it from the trim. If you are using a spray gun, there is no harm in painting it without removing it. However, you should cover the surrounding surfaces with tape to avoid paint spills.

9. Install a light on your door

Although the daylight will reflect on the paint, if you choose a semi-gloss or high gloss finish, installing a light will make it pop in the dark as well.
Install a bright LED light above your entry door that makes it bright and visible in the dark. Your door will pop up not only in the daytime but at night as well due to the reflection of light.

10. Work on the surroundings

Front house door
A front door looks attractive when the surroundings are beautiful.
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A front door looks more attractive when the surroundings are beautiful and attractive as well. Therefore, it is best to work on the surroundings after painting the door.
You can paint the front wall with a new color, trim the plants or place the planters with flowering plants along the door. Evergreen shrubs also work well if they make a good contrast with the paint of your door.

Final Words
These are some tips to make your front door pop by painting it like a pro. As you know the secrets to painting your front door, you can share the knowledge with your friends. 

However, all homeowners are not confident to paint their doors in the right way. They can hire a professional service to get the job done in the right manner. Hiring a professional painter helps to get high quality and make the paint last longer than painting yourself. Therefore, the money you spend on hiring a professional painting service is worth the quality and admiration you receive from guests and visitors.

Author: Emily Bartels is a content writer at Aqua Painting Sydney. She enjoys writing on various topics mainly associated with Home Improvement, Gardening, Technology, and Gadgets. Her famous articles are on the topic of Home Improvement, Technology, and many more.

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