Tips For Bathroom Makeovers

Bathroom Makeovers Ideas

How To Remodel A Bathroom

Have you ever wished that you could remodel your bathroom to look like one of the celebrities' restrooms on television?  Do you desire to know some great tips to makeover the room where you want to relax in the shower and forget about the rest of the day? Everyone wants to have a nice elegant bathroom that is easy to keep organized and clean.

Not everyone has the finances to have the type of bathroom where they can pamper themselves. Don't worry, there are some great ways you can update your bathroom to bring you comfort and joy as you began each morning clean with the right shower doors, bathroom faucet, showerheads, mirrors, and light fixtures.

Bathroom Shower Doors

When you are taking a shower, you must take preventive measures to keep the water from overflowing on the floor and ruing the tile. One of those preventive measures can be to install a bathroom shower door.

Shower screens are not only used as a precaution, but also as a decoration to your lavatory.

Framed Shower door

Framed shower doors have metal around the door.

Types Of Bathroom Shower Doors

  • Frameless Shower Doors: It can be customized. They usually require thicker glass, and sturdier hardware in order to stay in place.
  • Quadrant Doors: It is great for when you are limited on the amount of space in your bathroom.
  • Sliding Shower Doors: Saves a lot of space because the doors don't open inward or outward.
  • Bi-fold Shower Doors: The modern doors fold inwards or outwards, therefore saving space. Looks good in a contemporary bathroom.
  • Semi-frameless Doors: It has metal around the whole structure, but not around the entire door.
  • Pivot Doors: Sometimes referred to as a swinging shower door.
  • Framed Doors: It has metal around the whole structure and the door. They appear to look bulkier because the edges have rubber and metal.
Video of Shower door options and cost.

Bathroom Sink Faucets

Here are some great tips for decorating an Airbnb or your home bathroom with some essential things. The right sink faucet can set the tone for your bathroom to be a place of peace and beauty. A place where your guest compliments the look of your home and home interior decor. A place where you feel comfortable after a hard day at work. 

That's right! Sink Faucets come in a variety of styles for your individual taste to makeover the look of your bathroom in the way you desire. Having the right look in your restroom can make you feel like your in the spa, not just any old place. 
Bathroom sinks come in a variety of Finishes.

Bathroom sink faucets
Sink Faucets come in a variety of styles 

Bathroom sinks Finishes:

  • Chrome: It is a very popular and versatile finish. Easy to match with other accessories; as well as it is durable. It's usually not as expensive as other finishes. You have to be careful of fingerprints and water spots showing easily.
  • Polished Nickle: Darker than chrome. Easy to clean and has a long-lasting finish. Harder to find fixtures that coordinate with it.
  • Oil Rubbed Bronze: Easy to clean and match with other accessories. It is more expensive to purchase than other finishes.
  • Polished Brass: Looks great in traditional and modern settings. Also great for a vintage look. It is more expensive.
  • Copper: It's not as durable. It works well with a farmhouse or Tuscan style.
  • Satin Bronze: The finish is in between oil-rubbed bronze and copper. It is a smooth finish. Very easy to clean and withstand wear.

Shower Heads For Your Bathroom

    handheld showerhead
    The handheld showerhead can be held in your hand. 

Types of showerheads

  • Handheld Shower Head: The handheld showerhead has the flexibility to hold it in the hand and move to different angles. It can also hang in a fixed position for times you don't want to hold it.
  • Rain Shower Head: Another shower head is the luxurious Rain Showerhead. It sprinkles the water down like rain. There a variety of designs and sizes. The bigger ones give you more of a rain-like experience.
  • Dual Shower Head: If you are having a hard time choosing between the rain shower head and the handheld showerhead, the dual shower head is just what you are looking for. You can experience the features of both in one. The water pressure is good, and you can even help couples enjoy a little romance and shower together.
  • High-Pressure Shower Head: Gives an invigorating shower feeling.
  • Filtered Shower Head: 
"By using a filtered shower head, the filter will filter the unpleasant odors and also remove sulfurs from a water supply. If you have ever noticed the dirty smell coming along with your water during a shower, then you might consider buying this shower head."- Mr. Shower Head

Bathroom Light Fixture

Make sure that when you remodel the bathroom, you update the bathroom light fixtures to make the room sparkle. A hint of the right sparkling light reflection and style can highlight all of your new bathroom accessories.

After you have updated your bathroom with the right light fixtures, shower doors, and showerheads, you may just want to try some living room decor ideas for the rest of the house. Why not get the whole house ready? Have a blessed day, getting ready in your beautiful bathroom.

Check out this video of a beautiful bathroom makeover.
Have a blessed and wonderful day!

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