10 DIY Cheap Bedroom Makeover Ideas to Try

Bedroom Makeover
DIY Bedroom Makeover 

DIY Cheap Bedroom Makeover Ideas

Creating the most out of a space with a small budget can be tough. So many ideas and mixed thoughts about where to put what often make the results very disappointing. As for bedrooms, decorating one can be harder than any other room as you have to maintain comfort and beauty simultaneously. After all, a bedroom is the comfort zone of the house, isn't it? Here are a few things you might want to consider before getting into renovating an old boring bedroom space:

A Peak in Your Pocket!

Before starting a DIY project, you must make a budget. This will not only prevent overspending and buying unnecessarily but also make sure that your project goes smoothly. Getting midway through a DIY project and running out of money is not only frustrating, but it can bring your already done hard work to nothing, especially for paints, paper mâché, and time-sensitive ventures.

Is A Mind Map Enough?

Planning is the most significant part of anything; however, for DYIing requires a tangible layout. You do not have to go Kelly Wearstler on it. Make a rough sketch on a sheet of paper and mark spots for aligning furniture and decorative pieces, paintings, etc. using fabric or paints to choose the color of the walls. This also helps in limiting the preexisting elements like light switches, fireplaces, windows, etc.


Coordination is very important. If your space's color scheme and lightning do not go together, it will look like a big fail despite all the effort and time you invested in it.

Remember that the bedroom is just another room like the rest of the rooms in your house. There should be a connection in terms of aesthetics in all your space. Walls & doors are meant for separation, not discrimination.

Let’s Go Shopping!

Beginning a DIY décor project means shopping time. This always makes you buy extra stuff that you end up throwing in the attic or overcrowding the space, making it look shabby. Make sure to buy only what you need and make the most out of it. That’s the beauty of DIY; you can use your creativity and come up with great ideas.

Minimalism or Profligate

I know you have heard this a million times, go minimal, go classic. If you ask me, why let anyone else decide what you want to do with your space. If a simple and classic look works well for you, then go for it, but if you think you need to up the aesthetics of your bedroom a notch, play with colors and patterns.
Once you have set the goal and parameters for yourself, it's time to get to work. Use the following ideas for a unique makeover for your bedroom. These DIYs will make your work easy and more fun.

Tips for Giving Your Bedroom A Makeover

1. Geometry and Art

Geometric patterns incorporated with appropriate Color schemes and lighting can make a huge difference. If you are a minimalist, simple geometric patterns will suit you the most.

wall design for a bedroom

Tape wall Art is a unique trend that will help you transform your bedroom walls from $10-$15. All you need is some tape, your favorite pigment (you can go crazy with the colors or use monochrome paints), and a brush/roller.

Wallpaper can be expensive and hard to install, as well. To save money and effort, you can buy large-scale peel-and-stick murals. Not only are they far cheaper than wallpapers but also, they are easy to apply.
Wall Art

2. Bed in Bedroom

A bed is the most highlighted part of the bedroom; decorating it can make a big difference. Start with a padded headboard. DIY, a comfortable and expensive-looking headboard for your bed with a bed board, some nails, the fabric of your choice, and buttons. Thanks, me, later for the luxurious vibe in that little money.

Are you feeling extra crafty today? Maybe you can knit little dream catchers and hang them on your bed, so you have sweet dreams in your sleep. Even if you don’t know how to knit, you can simply buy some. They are quite inexpensive.

3. Trendy Sheets Rugs and Cushions

These elements of the bedroom are dual-purpose. Not only do they provide comfort, but they also contribute to the aesthetics of the space. Using vivid and unique textured rugs will make the bedroom more elegant. Solid colored cushions and sheets are evergreens. They complement the patterned thing in your space and create an illusion of more space. This way you can avoid the overcrowded look of your room.

If you are obsessed with fluffy quilts, loosely woven blankets and synthetic fur blankets are all for you. The softness would not only provide comfort but also look good in almost any space if you purchase one in a neutral color.

4. Work Up the Greens

Plants are a great way of decorating your bedroom. They provide better air to breathe in and enhance the aesthetics of your room. There are many ways in which you can incorporate this element of nature into your space.
plant decoration ideas at home
Decorate the house with plants

Plant shelves can be placed above the headboard or on any wall of the bedroom for that matter. Spider plants, lavender, and Jasmin work perfectly for bedrooms.
Potted plants can be placed in the corners to fill up any boring space but never overcrowd the room. English Ivy is a good choice for these potted plants. You can also use hooks and hinges for miniature ones to add succulent garden wall art to the wall.

5. Don’t Forget the Ceiling

The word ceiling décor often gives people an idea about painting it or using stencils to create patterns on it. Guess what? This isn't the limit. You can use accessories like chandeliers, and lights (even fairy lights work great). Chandeliers can be expensive, but you can always DIY one.
ceiling decorating ideas for bedroom

Christmas ornaments, lace, ropes, fairy light, monochrome fabric, etc. There are multiple tutorials where you can learn to make your very own chandeliers and give our ceiling a makeover.

Beautiful chandelier

6. Curtains Aren’t Only for Windows

Drapes and curtains are often used for windows but they can be used to give the bedroom an elegant luxury oomph. Using light chiffon curtains on the side of the bed in neutral tones or adding an intricately patterned drape for the closet would transform the look of your room.
bedroom decorating ideas
Beautiful Bedroom Decor 

7. Build an 'F&F' Spread

Using one frame on the wall is too old school. A more creative way to put your memories on the wall is to create a spread. Use various picture frames and stick them n the wall in cohesion. 
You can use the 
  • Panoramic, 
  • Black and white photos, 
  • Polaroids, 
  • etc.
Placing various sizes of frames in incoherence will give an artistic look to a wall.
framed pictures for bedroom walls
Have an artistic look on a wall.

8. Mirror and Lightening

Forget about dark corners and dull rooms. Using mirrors of unique styles and sizes not only adds more to the wall décor but also bounces light to create a brighter and more vibrant setting. Just make sure that you purchase your mirror from a reliable manufacturer. As bad packaging can damage it, and you don’t want any extra strain on the mirror.
Full-sized mirrors, closets, dressers, decorative mirrors, leaning mirrors, and much more. It’s time to explore and experiment.

9. Did Some Say Two in One?

Merging is a great way of utilizing space creatively. If you have a large space that is too big to be a single bedroom but too small to be a two-room, make it a two-in-one. 

If you are an artist, bringing your studio into your bedroom can be a real deal changer for you.

You can even merge dining with your bedroom by inducing a small dining table and chairs. To create separation, just work with rugs and color coordination. This will give off a more elegant vibe than actually placing a room separator.
Bedroom makeover ideas
Try a bookshelf in the bedroom

Include a gorgeous, versatile shelf that can work wonders too as it can serve as a library shelf at times, or it can be used to display ornaments and various collections if you are a collector like me. The shelf would not only provide an opportunity to display books, collections, and whatnots but also act as a separator itself.  

Bonus tip: You can paint and decorate the shelf using various DIY ideas like painting, stencils, lights, etc. 

10. Furnish well

When furnishing, avoid crowding the space with oversized or too much furniture. 

Bedroom Furniture

Remember, 'less is more.' To make a picture-perfect bedroom setting, go for unique furniture like floating tables, dressers, and nightstands. Not only do they look great, but they also save space.

A bedroom must have a bed, nightstand, and dresser; you can add  DIY Cheap Bedroom Makeover Ideas to Try, etc. Dark and light hardwood is the preferable furniture material. The furniture must color coordinate and be minimalistic.

Also, you can create Amazing Acrylic wall decor for your home.

Author: Julie Thomas is a full-time Writer and Traveler. Julie's writing relates to a range of subjects such as DIY, Tutorials, and Crafts. Besides writing, she enjoys traveling, Cooking, and Riding.

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