10 Proven Tips to Make Money Online Blogging with WordPress


Tips to Make Money Online Blogging with WordPress

Tips to Make Money Blogging

10 Tips to Make Money Online with WordPress

Making money online is the aim of several people; however, not everyone might be qualified to proceed with it without proper knowledge

People have developed several ways to generate income from various online sources, and WordPress, the popular open source Content Management System (CMS), is also being used to generate good revenue.

WordPress Blogging is the go-to of numerous bloggers, and while people often consider it more of a passion than a profession, there are ways to make money out of it, and let’s be honest, who wouldn’t like income from their passion?

WordPress mobile app
WordPress mobile website builder

Here are some common questions asked about blogging: 

  • Can I blog from my cell phone? The answer is yes.
  • Can I make money from blogging? Check out some ways to make money from blogging in the next section.

Make money from blogging
Make money from blogging.

So, here are the top 10 ways you can use to make money through your WordPress Blog.


Freelancing is an efficient way of making money. It only requires a device that you can type on and an internet connection. You might wonder how this relates to WordPress.  Well, content creation spreads to almost every niche.

Discover and visit your favorite blogs with a similar interest point as you. Many of them would have a contributor application page where it’s possible to submit your composed articles and make money.

If you would like to have a WordPress writing job, then you can scroll across websites, such as Pro Blogger Jobs to avail yourself of opportunities.

Quality Content Creation with Grammar checkers and Other Tools

Content creation requires quality, and if you aren’t providing quality work, there’s an increased chance of it getting rejected.

If you lack grammatical or punctuation knowledge or don’t have an overall good hold of the language, you can use the online writing tools offered without any cost. Many online websites like Grammarly and 

Prepostseo has several writing tools that you can use to improve content quality.

Improve the content quality
Improve the content quality

Creating And Monetizing A Blog

You can also launch your WordPress blog. Particularly if you have a business, a blog is a great way to reach more audiences and provide awareness to the audience.

Having your blog is an excellent way of generating passive income. 

There are various ways that you can use to make money through your blog; it includes 

  • Sponsored reviews,
  • Selling ads, 
  • Affiliate marketing.

The only effort it requires from your end is to set up a blog and reach its target audience. Once you are at the point where you attract many organic views, you can use the modes mentioned above to make a significant income.

Affiliate marketing is a technique of selling services and products that you don’t own over your blog. Affiliate marketers can make an affiliate commission with every sale through your platform. However, ensure that you have high-quality content and traffic. More organic traffic means an increased chance of making a good income.

Google AdSense Ads

Google AdSense is a famous cost-per-click (CPC) ad network. AdSense compensates its affiliates for every click gained on ads by regular visitors to your blog.

You need to have a permitted Google AdSense account to demonstrate Google Ads. 

Afterward, your WordPress blog can be monetized by inserting ad codes on the necessary free space of the website. Every click on the ad that comes through your website would make you money.

AdSense, however, has strict rules and regulations that are laid down, and failing to comply with them would result in a permanent ban on your account.

WordPress advertising plugins

AdSense is one of the best ways to make money by showing ads on your site. However, it’s also possible to offer direct ads on the site. A price can be negotiated, rendering on the banner size and its position on the site page. You can earn more money by using this method.

WordPress Plugins make the task convenient
WordPress Plugins make the task convenient

WordPress plugins make the task a lot more convenient for affiliates. The plugins offer easy ways to include ads with widgets and shortcodes. “BuySellAds” is the endorsed WordPress plugin for Webmasters or editors.

Sponsored blog posts

If you wouldn’t like to have ads on your websites, then AdSense might not be the perfect choice for you. Instead, you can opt for sponsorships. The sponsors pay the organizers the negotiated amount when they display their products or services on their platform.

Similarly, it’s possible to sell sponsored posts through your WordPress blog using the WP plugins.  

If your blog is popular with numerous visitors each day and traffic with high engagement, advertising companies can be approached and a sponsorship deal negotiated for the advertisement of products.

Writing Reviews

If your blog is attracting many audiences, a great way to make money is by writing paid reviews. You can view and provide feedback about a particular website or blog on yours after discussing a price for your work. It is a substitute way of monetizing your blog.

Always remember that out-of-context reviews would make it evident that you are doing it for the sake of remuneration; instead, always go for the products or services that match your niche. 

Once you start making an effort and writing genuine well-written reviews, business is more likely to approach you for assistance.

Selling Blogs

Instead of putting a lot of effort into building something from scrap that would likely take years, some people opt for buying a blog that has traffic. If you know how to make a website or a blog and generate organic traffic, you can use selling blogs.

It would, though, require a high level of expertise in the work. You would have to know precisely how to build a website in minimal time to make good money out of it.

Selling an EBook

EBooks are a spectacular selection to produce digital products. Through WordPress, you can install various supportive plugins like “WooCommerce” and “Easy Digital Downloads” a lot with many others to assist you in selling your eBooks on a WordPress website.

Each of these plugins is relatively practical for setting up your online store.

Paid business directory

The WordPress online blog can be used to set up a paid business directory. It provides several plugins like the ‘’connections plugin’’ and the ‘’Business Directory Plugin’’ which can help you create a paid business directory.

Directories are actually the platform that gathers 

  • business reviews, 
  • product listing, 
  • and podcasting of the particular niche.
Niche or local directories are beneficial
Niche or local directories are beneficial 

Niche or local directories have proved to be very beneficial for attaining traffic. 

It’s the reason why several digital marketers can contact you to compensate you for the compulsory subscription fee for the submission of the directory.

A Paid forum

It’s possible to create a paid private forum on your website through plugins like BuddyPress and CM answers.

If you are offering services or a product, creating a forum where you can provide solutions is an excellent way of encouraging the audience to go for it. If it’s a product, you can also create a customer service panel and place a certain fee on it that needs to be paid.

Another great tip is to use WordPress hosting when using WordPress.

Author: Ezza Dugan writes for business marketers and SEO tool users. She has written for calculators.tech, inside tech box, and the eLearning industry. She is a regular contributor to Prepostseo with digital marketing, SEO techniques, and tech-related articles.

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