What Will The Future Of Luxury Fashion Look Like? Meet Audrey Martinez, A Luxury Lifestyle Influencer

Audrey Martinez, A Luxury Lifestyle Influencer
Audrey Martinez, A Luxury Lifestyle Influencer

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Fashion and beauty can have an intriguing effect on a person's life and lifestyle. Did you know that the right outfit can be a magnificent conversation starter while on that extraordinary vacation? Knowing the correct type of glamorous fashion style to dash out the door into the sunset or sunrise can lead you into a life of meeting the appropriate people at the proper time because you caught their attention. Well, if you want some style inspiration that will help you with your wardrobe, be sure to check out Influencer Audrey Martinez. 
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Audrey Martinez looking stunning

Audrey is a gorgeous and impressive fashion model with impeccable style and creativity that can influence people worldwide to become a trendsetter with stylish clothing. Audrey has been named one of the best beauty looks from the 2020 amfAR york gala on Essence Magazine.

Audrey Martinez
 A Luxury Lifestyle Influencer

Exclusive Interview with Audrey Martinez

Let's have a talk with Lifestyle Influencer, Audrey Martinez About Luxury Fashion.

Fashion Influencer
Audrey Martinez, A Lifestyle and Fashion Influencer

Inveigle Magazine:  Audrey, you are a luxury influencer and Fashion model with over 250K Instagram followers watching you travel the world as you capture their attention with your stunning fashion style, humor, and motivation! Can you tell us a little about Audy Choo and what inspired you to create it? 

Audrey Martinez: I started my Instagram page to share my Starbucks coffee pictures like everyone else (laughs) back in 2014. My goal was never to be an influencer. It wasn’t even a thing. Part of the success I have achieved online is due to the confidence I receive from my alter ego, Audy Choo. Usually, when I put on my makeup and glamorous clothes, wear my influencer or model hat… Audy Choo appears and everything changes from my posture to the way I speak.

She's a trendsetter

Inveigle Magazine: Style trendsetters have influenced what outfits may be the go-to style in the business world, casual, travel, and other attire. Over the years, high-end fashion has moved to include items that years ago would not have been called luxurious. Some examples are sneakers and hoodies. What do you think the future of luxury fashion will look like?

Audrey Martinez: Resale is the future of luxury fashion I believe. I see a significant shift with my audience, they are more focused on the sustainability aspect of the way they consume as they realized that the luxury fashion industry is a major contributor to many environmental issues the planet is facing right now. People are keener to buy preowned designer goods, that’s why a platform like Vestiaire Collective is doing so well. In the next years, fashion resale will become bigger than fashion retail, I believe. 

Audrey Martinez
Audrey Martinez
Everything you see, feel and do, is a reflection of how you are. You create what you believe, see what you want and you'll have what you give. - Audrey Martinez

You create what you believe

While being stylish she gives you some laughs as well in some of her captions.

Audy Choo
Audy Choo - Humor & Beauty


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