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How Can Exquisite Sleep Products Equal A More Excellent Quality Of Life?

can affect you in many ways, such as your health and dating life. You should constantly strive to utilize the appropriate sleep accessories that will improve your quality of sleep throughout the evening. For instance, use sheets and pillowcases that help you avoid those undesired allergens and help you to diminish friction that can cause difficulties with a good night's rest. Therefore, it would be nice to put on an elegant Kimono robe and lay back on your silk pillowcase with all the right silk sleep accessories.

Silk pillowcase can help

  • your skin maintain its natural moisture,
  • great for anti-aging,
  • preventing sleep wrinkles,
  • dry skin,
  • frizzy hair,
  • and bed head.

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Silk Pillowcase


Let's have a talk with Angel T. - The owner of Winssy LLC.

Arica: Angel, could you tell us about what inspired you to create Winssy LLC?

Winssy: We want to let more people enjoy all real mulberry silk products at a reasonable price. Because there are many other varieties of silk products on the market, it’s so easy for customers to
get confused with lower prices, but most are not made from 100% mulberry silk. Actually, the 6A grade mulberry silk products are selling quite high before we joined the market.

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Premium silk eye mask

Arica: Winssy LLC is a premium silk sleep accessories company. It uses the finest mulberry silk to produce premium sleep accessories, eye masks, scrunchies, and silk pillowcases. Could you tell us a little more about the Mulberry silk you use?

Winssy: I will state below points about the Mulberry silk we used:

Excellent Silk Region: Mulberry silk is formed from the cocoons of the larvae of mulberry silkworms reared in captivity. The mulberry silkworms are demanding of the environment in which they live, and they only consume a rich diet of mulberry leaves. Winssy™silk is supplied from Sichuan, China, the current best district in Asia for original silkworm because there is a high-altitude area closest to the sun and
farthest from the city.

6A Greatest Silk: 100% raw silk. It’s the longest, smoothest, and clearest. No bleach, no dust, no stains. That’s why it's called 6A. Exclusive Formula for dyeing technology: we are not only known to choose the finest mulberry silk but also to produce via the latest tech. So the silk fabric will be softer and smoother than
Scrunchies for your hair

Arica: Are your silk pillowcases hypoallergenic (resistant to mold, dust mites, and fungus)? Can you tell us a little about that and any benefits of Winssy’s silk pillowcases and mask?

Winssy: The silk consists of Fibroin and Sericin. Silk sericin is composed of many polar amino acids such as serine, aspartic acid, and glutamic acid, The amino acid components of sericin induce a similar function to the natural moisturizing factor in the stratum corneum of the skin. Sericin can promote water retention, whitening, antioxidant, antibacterial properties of the skin.
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Relax and enjoy your peace

Arica: Is there anything else you would like to let our readers know?

Winssy: Winssy™ is not just merely an online store, but it is also a lifestyle educational resource that focuses on family safety and health.

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