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Granite worktops for the kitchen


Resistant to heat and scratches, granite offers unique colors and is suitable for various types of finishes. A granite worktop is therefore as functional as it is aesthetic.

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1. Wooden kitchen

Subtly associated with wooden kitchen furniture and light colors, the granite worktop is the key to a country-inspired decor where, through the choice of materials and colors, nature will reign supreme.

2. In a modern spirit

In marbled white, the granite worktop price is in harmony with the contemporary spirit of the interior decor. Its lacquered finish reflects daylight and gives the island a smooth and clean appearance. 

Grey marbling goes perfectly with a chrome kitchen faucet.

Granite worktops

3. Zen atmosphere

To bring an impression of Zen (peace) in your kitchen, bet on white furniture that you will associate with a black granite worktop. It will be the design touch giving an extra soul to the whole. As you wish, layout vintage-inspired black and white checks.

4. Chic and functional

Do you want your kitchen to not only look good but also be functional? 

Cover your splashback with a granite laminate worktop. This foolproof material is available in many finishes and does not fear scratches or shocks.

5. A touch of sweetness

It does not take more than a pink-grey granite worktop London to adorn your central island with a veil of softness ... Combined with the light sea green of the cupboards, this color creates a soothing atmosphere and a touch of bohemianism, in a room where life is good to cook and entertain.

6. Chocolate color

Add a touch of indulgence to your kitchen by decorating it with a chocolate granite worktop color, which seduces as much by its unusual color as by its geometric design. 

Not only will your kitchen be unlike any other, but it will still be an unmistakable manifestation of good taste!

7. Contemporary rustic

Placed on wooden splashbacks, a granite worktop associated with the grey and dark color of the furniture gives a contemporary look to the decor without sacrificing its rustic side. Painted wood and polished rock like a mirror or: how elegance comes to nature.

8. The contrast of black and wood

The good idea when we have opted for light wood kitchen furniture is to emphasize them with a black granite worktop. It will give the decor an effect of perfectly defined lines, as in a cubist painting. This dark coating will also bring out the brightness of the cupboards.

9. Tricolor atmosphere

Personalize the dressing of your kitchen by opting for a tricolor bias! 

You can try a brown granite worktop with a transition between the white of the base units and the rust of the suspended splashbacks. The result is a warm atmosphere, not without a touch of fantasy.

10. Delicately marbled

In white and adorned with light marbling, a  granite worktop contrasts with the rest of the furnishings, where wood and grey color dominate. The interior thus gains in sophistication, while the kitchen island is transformed into a vast warm space, ready to welcome many guests.

Here are the latest kitchen trends for fall and winter 2021

The arrival of colder and rainier periods brings with them the change of wardrobe with our winter clothes and, why not, it is also a good time to renew the kitchen in Malaga. 

Each season of the year is accompanied by specific nuances, both in materials and in colors and shapes. Autumn and winter were not going to be less and, one more year, they bring the latest kitchen trends to end this 2021.

Below we show you a list of the latest developments in custom kitchen design.

Trends 2021: Kitchens that conquer homes

The latest kitchen trend in this fall and winter of 2021 is to opt for kitchen designs that are open to the living room so that both spaces are integrated and become the center of the home. 

For this, warm colors such as wood imitation are being applied, although the combination of white and black is also widely used.

Granite countertops & laminated floors

On the other hand, with respect to the floor, the current trend is the use of laminate flooring, specifically wood-colored laminate, which is an element that imitates this natural material but has greater resistance to water and shocks, it is easier to clean and has greater longevity among another series of main characteristics.

Let's see one by one the main kitchen novelties for the autumn and winter months of 2021:

1. Kitchens open to the living room

The creation of kitchens open to the living room is a statement of intent. This new trend is committed to the development of these areas to make them the center of the entire home.

For this, multifunctional spaces are created, such as the creation of a large island between both spaces or an American-style bar is used. Both elements serve as a link between the two, allowing to be in both at the same time.

Although it sounds like a current trend, the reality, especially in Mediterranean culture, is that the kitchen has always been the axis where family and friends live and enjoy, either preparing food or enjoying it.

Suppliers have all kinds of options to help create your kitchen open to the living room so that both rooms are coherent and harmonious.

2. Kitchens with island

Kitchen with island ideas
kitchen with Island

Island kitchens are a trend in the kitchen sector. We have noticed it in the last few months. 

People have been able to capture the advantages and possibilities offered by a kitchen with an island, such as:

  • Space gain
  • Custom design
  • Multifunctional space
  • Increases the feeling of spaciousness
  • Endless customization possibilities
  • Appliances on the island itself

This type of kitchen is based on the creation, or adaptation, of a centralized island, which usually has the equipment of the hob, either glass-ceramic or induction, as well as the oven and numerous low cabinets to store utensils, spices, and all kinds of containers.

3. Kitchens with natural or imitation wood

The use of wood in the kitchen has gone through different parts throughout history. For several decades of the 20th century, it was the main material in kitchens around the world, although later it fell into disuse due to new trends and new materials that emerged.

Currently, the use of wood in the kitchen is increasing and once again becoming a trend for all kinds of elements, from countertops to doors or appliance finishes. With the emergence of materials that mimic wood, this trend has emerged with great force.

Author:  Alicia Carter is a content writer and SEO Analyst at Work-tops – a Stone supplier company in the UK. She is an Instagram Geek and a travel lover. 

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