9 Chic Interior Designs For Your Home

Chic Home Decorations
Chic Home Decor for this Year

Chic Interior Design Ideas

Some home decor ideas change during the various decades; meanwhile, other home Interior designs have been around for years,  giving a unique and stylish look for homes all over the world.  Gradually, we began moving towards exquisite ceiling designs, creative wall hangings, a stunning dining room interior, paint colors, and baskets for decorating, to name a few.

What are some beautiful home decor trends? 

The white kitchen palette
The white kitchen palette 

Here are 9 Chic Home Decorations that will give your home a stunning and distinguished look.

1. Add Color To White Kitchen:

    A white kitchen palette is classic, timeless, and clean, and works perfectly with almost any style. But this year, homeowners might desire a change. 

    Try using a pop of color in the kitchen to add some spice to your food and interior decoration ideas.

    Here are a few ideas to add color to your kitchen.

    🗹 Darker floors: If you choose a white color for your walls or cabinetry, select a dark floor stain.
    🗹 Wood: Introduce a pop of timber by adding it to the countertops, pull-outs, or shelves.
    🗹 Different textures and tones: Add marble countertops or some brass fixtures to suit your liking.
    Kitchen  marble counter
    Make your kitchen sizzle with a marble counter 

    2. Velvet Upholstery:

      Velvet may not be for everybody, however, it's going to be trendy in room decor for a few reasons. Let's name a few below.

      Velvet sofa and chairs
      The velvet sofa and chairs look expensive

      Velvet sofa and chairs:

      🗹 Look luxurious - It looks expensive; therefore, it gives you the appearance as if you spent a lot on your interior design.
      🗹 Feels soft- Who doesn't love the soft touch as you sit on a beautiful velvet seat to watch TV or talk with family and friends. You can entertain company in comfort.
      🗹 Durable- We all want to keep our furniture looking great for a long time. After all, it is costly to keep replacing furniture all the time. According to decorated life, here is how you can help keep velvet pristine?

      "Brush it gently at least once a week. You can also vacuum it with a special upholstery attachment or place a pair of stockings around the vacuum nozzle to avoid crushing the nap of the fiber. This helps to maintain its distinctive textured pile. Putting the vacuum directly on the fabric could make the fabric dull."

      You can even have that elegant look without a velvet sofa by adding velvet throw pillows, chairs, or ottomans in your home. It'll give you the appropriate mix of relaxation and extravagance, all wrapped in one package.

      This year colors of taupe, vibrant blues, pinks, and burnt orange are being used as options for velvet interior design. The possibilities are unlimited. So, don't be afraid to try something new.

      3. Ceiling Design Ideas:

         Architects and Interior Designers are focusing on stylish and unique ceiling designs. 

        There are a variety of types of ceiling designs; such as

        🗹Tray ceiling: Another name for it is an inverted or recessed ceiling. It looks like a huge upside-down tray set into a ceiling. 

        Tray Ceiling
        Double Tray Ceiling

        🗹 Vaulted ceiling: Make the space look and feel bigger. According to homedit.
        "When designed strategically, vaulted ceilings can provide a much-needed venting area for unwanted hot air. This is particularly beneficial in a bathroom, where drying out as quickly as possible to prevent mold growth is a must. As a bonus to this feature, extra natural light is always in season!"
        Vaulted ceiling in the living room

        🗹 Exposed wood beams ceiling: Look better in rooms with high ceilings. 
        🗹 More: And a variety of other ceiling designs.

        4. Formal Dining Room:

          Most people share dinner in the kitchen or family room in this day and time, but don't forget your dining room can be a place to entertain your friends and family with style and elegance. It's not just a place to store fine china, but to use that china as well.

          Use some stunning dining room ideas to update your space with just the right decor that will leave your family and friends impressed.
          Dinning room home decor
          Update your Dining Room with just the right Home decor

          Some ways to update your dining room
          • Make small spaces appear larger.
          • Choose some elegant light fixtures or Glass lanterns.
          • Upholster or buy new Furniture.
          • Update the Floor.
          Now it's time to get busy planning a dinner night you and your friends will never forget. Make sweet memories at your dinner party that you can capture on camera. That's right! Even your elegant dining room will be photogenic.

          5. Woven Wall Hangings:

            Woven wall hangings are an interior decor hit. Using a woven wall hanging can be a simple approach to add some detail and character to a wall. 

            Wall hangings are available in a variety of sizes, colors, shapes, and patterns. Be creative with where you hang your wall hanging. Make sure it coordinates well with your design style and house decor. Plus, they are super affordable.

            6. Canopy Bed Decor Ideas:

              Beds with a Canopy are a great interior decoration idea for elegant bedroom decors. 

              elegant bedroom decor ideas
              Elegant bedroom decor ideas

              The beautiful, breathable material, hanging around the bed can help the room to feel like a sanctuary furnished with extravagance and comfort all at the same time. There are a variety of luxurious Canopy beds to choose from. 

              If you have the right canopy bed and decor, it can give you a relaxing feeling that can prove to be very valuable for a romantic night with your love. 

              7. Basket Decoration Ideas:

              Baskets are inexpensive and look magnificent when incorporated into most room designs. They have multi-purposes. Not only are they beautiful, but nothing beats an exquisite basket regarding storage.

              room decor
              Use a cute wicker basket in your home decor. 

              Use a basket:
              • To store wood- use a cute wicker basket matching your room decor. Sit the basket by the fireplace.
              • As a trash can
              • To store Magazines.
              • To organize stuff and keep your counter clean.
              • To hang as artwork
              • To just be decorative.
              Interior decorations
              Decorate them with your own unique touch.

              You can find cute baskets with vibrant patterns at flea markets, vintage shops, and your regular stores. You can even decorate them with your own unique touch. You can use them when remodeling the bathroom and a variety of other rooms.

              8. Wallpaper:

              The contemporary wallpaper trend is still influential today. You can update your home inexpensively with decorative wallpaper. The patterns today are not like your great-grandma's wallpaper. No offense, but times have changed. 

              Background trends now incorporate elaborate designs of a variety of color patterns and diverse sizes. 

              Wallpaper, Home decor
              A bold wallpaper design emphasizes one particular area of a room. Image 

              Here are some tips for using wallpaper.

                • Cover all walls: You can cover all four walls.
                • Feature one wall: Be sure to use a bold design to highlight that particular area of the room. An example is like emphasizing a sofa or bed with a dramatic pattern behind it. 
                • Small Room: Use smaller patterns in small rooms. 
                • Large Room: Use larger patterns in large rooms. 
                Vogue states
                " when choosing a wallpaper, the biggest factor is the size of your room. “That to me determines the scale of the paper—smaller rooms, smaller prints,” says Kathryn M. Ireland. Marissa Zajack, graphic designer for The Politician turned interior designer, adds that “for large spaces, wallpaper will make a bold statement with large patterns.”

                 9. Interior Paint Colors:

                An inexpensive and easy way to modernize your home is by changing the paint color inside your residence. The great thing is you can modify the appearance of your walls more frequently than changing your furniture, providing you a chance to save funds for some quality furnishings. 

                In 2020 you'll see fabulous colors such as classic blue, burnt orange, peacock, and blush. Dusty teal is an astonishing neutral color that you can partner with camel, navy, rust, or peach. 

                Now that you see some objectives that may benefit your home and lifestyle, gather your ideas and decipher which ones are most suitable for the amount of space in your residence. While you're at it, check out some benefits of glass railings and ideas to style your front porch. Get a great home decor design for inside and outside the house. Have a wonderful day building a life filled with beauty and security.

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