Best Pressure Washing Tips for Easy Cleaning

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Pressure Washing Tips

10 Pressure Washing Tips And Tricks For Easy Cleaning

With the help of pressure washing, you can easily get rid of dirt, grime, mud, and stains from your driveway, truck tires, siding, and more. Pressure cleaning services make use of pressurized water that is sprayed at the spot that needs cleaning. The water in the pressure washer is usually combined with a quality cleaning solution. With the help of a professional power washing company, you can easily make your home look as clean as if it were brand new.

You might be wondering what pressure washing is, as well as why you should hire a professional pressure washing company. For professional power washing, specialized equipment known as a pressure washer is used. To work the pressure washer safely, you should know how to properly operate it. Professional pressure cleaning services hire people who are trained in using pressure washers. 

What are some tips that can help pressure washers perform even better at their job? Read on to find out.

1. Selecting The Right Equipment

You can either use a gas or an electric pressure washer

If you choose a gas-powered model, then this will usually release water at 2000 to around 2800 pounds per square inch, or PSI. Electric pressure washers, on the other hand, release 1300 to around 1700 PSI. 

This means that gas-powered pressure washers tend to be more powerful. They are also more effective at cleaning stubborn stains away than electric models. 

However, you should also note that gas-powered pressure washers tend to be noisier. Should you be using this pressure washer to clean surfaces like wood, then you'll need to be extra careful to not damage the surface.

Pay attention to the water flow of the pressure washer as well when choosing the right model for yourself. This is because pressure washers with higher gallons per minute of water flow perform better than washers with a lower GPM. Your pressure washer should also be capable of dispensing cleaning solutions, in addition to water, to help you clean various surfaces better.

Pressure Washing the car
Be safe when Pressure Washing

2. Taking Safety Precautions

Your pressure washer is a powerful machine that needs to be handled properly. A professional pressure washing company knows exactly how to use a pressure washer in a safe manner.

 They ensure their employees wear: 

  • goggles, 
  • boots, 
  • ear protection, 
  • gloves, 
  • as well as long sleeves when using a pressure washer.

It's also important to ensure that the pressure washer doesn't spray a person by accident. 

Pressure washers can also damage: 

In case the day is windy, wait until the weather becomes calmer. This is because it's possible for the wind to direct the pressure washer's spray back in your direction.

Pressure wash siding of a house
Pressure wash a building

3. Taking Preparatory Steps

You should also ensure that you have a proper water supply. There are steps you can take to find out if the water supply of a residential building is adequate or not. Fill up a bucket of five gallons with water, and note how long it takes for the bucket to be filled. Should it take longer than two minutes, then the water supply isn't strong enough to support your pressure washer.

Also, ensure that the inlet feature of the pressure washer has been cleaned. If you want to connect accessories, like a hose, then this should be properly connected before you turn the water on.

4. Ensuring Plants Are Protected

If there's a garden on the property or plants nearby, you need to take care while pressure washing. If the garden is hit with water from the pressure washer, it could leave the garden looking worse. The pressurized water released by a pressure washer also has chlorine in it. This chlorine can damage your plants.

You should also water the plants before pressure washing them near your garden. Then, after the pressure washing is over, water the plants in the garden again. This helps ensure that any cleaning agents that might have settled on the plants are removed. Note that dry leaves, in particular, are known for absorbing cleaning solutions more easily than wet leaves.

Pressure washing bricks
Patch up cracked bricks before pressure washing

5. Broken Bricks Should Be Patched

Pressure cleaning services can also be used in washing bricks. Before bricks are washed, you should look for any holes or cracks that might have developed in the area. These spots will need to be repaired before you can pressure wash the area. After repair, the mortar will need to be left alone to cure for a week at least.

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6. Keep Your Distance

Avoid spraying surfaces with water that's highly pressurized. Begin the pressure washing process from at least ten feet away. Slowly, move closer to the surface that you intend to clean. Monitor the pressure to ensure that it's capable of loosening as well as getting rid of the grime.

7. Understanding Nozzles

Pressure washers also come with different kinds of nozzle tips. These are meant for different kinds of jobs. For general pressure washing purposes, you can use wide nozzles. These tend to be 40 degrees and can even be used on wooden decks or the siding of a home. To clean grime off of concrete or brick, you can opt for a nozzle of 25 degrees.

A nozzle of 15 degrees releases water that's extremely pressurized. This is suitable for getting rid of stains that are on metal. You'll find that nozzle tips tend to be color-coded in order to help people select the right kind for their purpose.

8. Adjusting Spray Angles

A professional pressure washing company will train their professionals to keep the pressure washer's nozzle perpendicular and steady to the surface that's being cleaned. Should the spot that needs to be cleaned be difficult to access, such as a siding that is high up, then a specialized nozzle might be necessary. For such situations, nozzles that can pivot can help in getting the job done.

9. Understand What Can Be Cleaned

Pressure cleaning services won't be able to help you get rid of all stains. There are some kinds of stains, such as those caused by rust, fertilizers, and oil, that tend to stay forever. Pressure washing won't help you get rid of these stains. For more specialized jobs, you'll need the equipment that a professional pressure washing company has. Don't try to pressure wash your property by yourself, but instead choose to hire trained professionals.

10. Maintaining The Machine

The pressure washer will need to be properly stored when it's not in use. It should be kept indoors during off-seasons to prevent it from being damaged by the elements. Pressure washers can also be winterized. To do this, you'll need to fill the pump with antifreeze that's undiluted and of RV-grade.


Pressure washing helps you get rid of hard-to-remove stains, grime, and dirt, leaving you with clean surfaces on your property. Ideally, pressure washing should be handled by a professional pressure washing company. They have the equipment and know-how to help you clean your property. This guide details ten ways you can improve your pressure-washing game and why hiring pressure-washing services is a good idea.

Author: Gary has been working as a pressure washer for over a decade and has written various articles on the topic over the years as well. He understands what goes into pressure washing, the intricacies of the equipment involved, as well as how to ensure each pressure washing job is handled with care. Gary writes articles, as well as how-to's, on pressure washing.

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