Amazing Acrylic wall decor ideas

Acrylic wall decor ideas
Decoration your living room with Acrylic wall art.


20 Ideas For Acrylic Photo Wall Decor

Acrylic blocks can help you make your walls look more lively. If you want your wall decor to help you make your space look more refreshed, then acrylic wall art could be perfect for you. You can create acrylic photo magnets, custom magnets photo pieces, acrylic versions of birthday gifts with photos, and more.

If you've got bare walls in your home, then there are several things that you can do to make the space look more lively. Bring out not just your personal taste but your personality as well with the help of the right acrylic wall art. You could be an art collector, a lover of books, or even a nature enthusiast. 

Here are twenty acrylic wall decor ideas to help you turn your home into a work of art.

1. Get Large Prints

An acrylic painting that's oversized, or a large photograph in an acrylic frame, can help you make a statement on your walls. If you enjoy minimalist designs, then use a black-and-white acrylic photo. You can also get an abstract art piece hung up on your wall to add a contemporary vibe to the property.

2. Create A Gallery

Instead of one large picture that you hang on your wall, you can create a gallery for yourself instead. Create a collection of acrylic block photos that you can arrange on the wall. You can even add wall hangings next to it, to make the wall look even more memorable. Using simpler frames can help you highlight the images when creating your gallery.

3. Accent Wall

You can also use acrylic decor items to decorate your wall instead of just displaying items on the wall. Get elements in bright pops of color and add them to one of the walls in the room. Make this wall the focus of your design to create an accent wall.

Acrylic photo magnets
Acrylic photo magnets can help add some style to your decor

4. Photo Magnets

You can add acrylic photo magnets to the wall as well. But you'll need to ensure you can attach magnets to the wall. Get a specialized surface for attaching your magnets. Get it in a colorful shade to add a pop of color to your walls. These are easier to remove than paintings that are framed, should you want to change your design later.

5. Mirrors With Acrylic Paintings

Next to your acrylic paintings, why not hang a mirror? With the help of a mirror, you can make the space appear larger, as well as brighter. Consider displaying smaller mirrors next to your acrylic photos. Place your acrylic photos at an angle from the mirrors, so they can be seen displayed on the mirrors as well.

6. Acrylic Mural

You can create your very own acrylic mural as well. You can design your mural by hand or have a professional create it for you. This is a great way to add a unique touch to your walls.

7. Acrylic Hanging Shelves

Take your wall shelves up a notch by designing them with your acrylic designs. You can add your acrylic photo magnets, birthday blocks photo or other acrylic designs to the wall shelves after hanging them. Acrylic wall shelves are also unique and will help your walls stand out.

8. Acrylic Plate Designs

You can also design using acrylic on plates. Don't hide away your fine china. Instead, take them out and create unique acrylic designs on them. When they're ready, prepare to hang them on your walls.

acrylic photo
Acrylic photo

9. Acrylic Photo Display

One of the simplest ways to spruce up your walls is with the help of an acrylic photo display. Choose your best photos, or select from your acrylic photo gifts, to hang on the wall. You can create unique designs that change with the seasons. Acrylic photo displays are both easy to create as well as update.

10. Go Green With Your Designs

Are you thinking about adding a few plants to your walls? Take a planter that you can hang on the walls, and use acrylic to give it a unique design. Wall-mounted planters are easy to buy, especially in mute colors. If you don't want to add a real plant to your walls, opt for faux plants instead. The acrylic design you make on the planter will help you add a unique design element to your home.

11. Combine With Macramé Wall Art

Aside from acrylic photo blocks, you can decorate your walls with macrame wall art. Why not consider combining both to create something really unique for your walls? Get macrame wall art items from places like Etsy, or you can even make your own. Then, add acrylic design elements to create a unique wall design.

12. Beaded Acrylic Wall Art

Aside from macramé wall art, you can also try wall art that's beaded. For this option, purchase beaded wall decor items first. Then, use acrylic paint to turn your beaded wall decor item into something colorful and special.

13. Acrylic Wall Calendar

Instead of acrylic photos, create an acrylic wall calendar instead. You can create twelve separate pieces, one for each month. Then, change the acrylic wall calendar each month to reflect the current month. You can use acrylic photo magnets together with your wall calendar as well.

14. Whiteboard For Acrylic Magnets

Need a special space for your acrylic photo magnets? How about the perfect place to hoist your acrylic blocks photo? For both of these, you can add a whiteboard to the walls of your home. Then, cover the whiteboard with acrylic designs of your choice. The designs will stand out even more against the whiteboard, and you won't have to worry about the acrylic wall decor items affecting your wall.

15. Basket Acrylic Wall

You can also add baskets to your walls. Choose colorful or neutral baskets, and use them to brighten up negative spaces in your home. On these baskets, you can add your acrylic decor items. This makes your acrylic wall decor stand out even more.

16. Acrylic Wall Map

A more ambitious way to add acrylic designs to your walls is by creating a large world map made of acrylic and wood blocks. If you know how to make acrylic photo blocks, then you'll be able to pull off this DIY project. For a unique way to add acrylic art to your walls, consider an acrylic wall map.

17. Removable Wall Art

Are you someone who likes changing the art on the walls from time to time? If that's the case, then opt for removable wall art. Make acrylic murals that can be attached to your walls using adhesives. This is perfect for rented homes or should you want to prevent the walls from getting damaged.

18. Acrylic Hanging Lights

You can create paper lights, which go up like sconces do. Then, add acrylic designs or photo magnets to the hanging lights to make them look more unique.

19. Acrylic Constellations

Creating a constellation using acrylic wall blocks is one way to add a unique design element to your walls. First, you'll need to make your template. Then, you'll need to hang it on the wall. Add roofing nails and string yarn between the nails. Finally, add your acrylic photo magnets, representing the different stars in the constellations.

20. Acrylic Photo Gift Wall

If you've received various acrylic photo gifts, dedicate a wall specifically to display them. Create acrylic photo blocks for yourself, and gift them to your friends. When they see your acrylic photo gift wall, they might also want to add acrylic decor items to their walls.


Acrylic wall decor can help you turn your walls into pieces of art. From hanging up acrylic wall decor items by themselves to combining them with other wall decor items, there are several things that you can do. This guide provides twenty ways to use acrylic wall decor in your wall design.

Author: Jessica Brown is an artist who enjoys working with acrylics, clay, as well as paint. She has worked in interior design, helping people to design their homes. She writes articles on doing DIY acrylic projects, as well as on using acrylic decor items to spruce up different homes.

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