How to Choose a Wedding Theme That Reflects Your Style

Wedding theme
Wedding days are special.

 From Rustic to Modern: How to Choose a Wedding Theme That Reflects Your Style

The day you say 'I do' should be one of the most memorable days of your life, and choosing the perfect wedding theme will make it even more special. But with so many options available, it can be tough to know where to start. Should you go for an elegant ballroom affair, a bohemian outdoor bash, or something entirely unique? Well, fret not because we'll share a few tips on choosing a wedding theme that reflects your style – from rustic to modern and everything in between.

Start by pondering over your personal taste.

Before you dive into browsing Pinterest boards for inspiration, take some time to think about your own personal style as a couple. Are you more drawn to classic, timeless designs, or are you all about the latest trends? 

Do you prefer a more laid-back, casual vibe? 

Or perhaps something more formal and elegant? 

Once you have a good sense of what you like, you'll have a better idea of what types of themes will perfectly suit your wedding celebration.

Get inspired by weddings you’ve attended.

Likely, you and your partner have already gone to a few weddings. As you remember the event, take note of elements of those celebrations that made an impression on you - from decorations and table settings to the music played or even the menu served. These details can help you decide which theme you may want to emulate or which ones to avoid.

Consider your wedding venue.

Your wedding venue can play a significant role in determining your theme. If you're getting married in a barn or an outdoor venue with a lot of greenery, a boho or rustic theme might be a natural fit. 

On the other hand, if you're saying your vows in a sleek, modern venue (like museums or galleries), a minimalist, contemporary theme might be more appropriate. Say, mid-century modern, vintage glamour, or industrial chic? 

If you're getting married in a hotel or restaurant, you could opt for something classic or romantic, like a black-tie ballroom setting.

By working with the existing style of your venue, you'll be able to create a cohesive look that feels seamless and polished.

Wedding theme
Incorporate the right color theme into your wedding decor

Think about the colors and décor.

The colors you choose for your wedding should be closely linked to your theme. Bright colors are great for a summery outdoor affair, while classic navy blue and white can make for a timeless look at an indoor venue. 

As for decorations, mix and match styles to create an eclectic look. 

If going for a rustic theme, consider incorporating natural elements like: 

  • wooden signs, 
  • wildflowers in jars, 
  • and macramé backdrops. 

If you're leaning towards something more modern, metallic colors, geometric shapes, and sleek furniture should be your go-to choices.

Keep the season in mind.

The season of your wedding can also have a lot to do with the overall vibe of your celebration. 

For example, if you’re getting married during the cooler months, then cozy winter themes like twinkle lights and fireside get-togethers may be perfect for you. 

An autumn wedding might be perfectly suited to a romantic rustic celebration with warm orange and red hues. 

Summer months may call for a bright and cheerful garden theme or something more laid back, like an outdoor barbecue. 

Considering the season can ensure that your wedding décor and atmosphere are in tune with the time of year.

Look for inspiration in your favorite things.

You can also get creative and draw inspiration from your favorite: 

  • movies, 
  • books, 
  • hobbies, 
  • or even foods.

Maybe you're both huge Star Wars fans and want to incorporate subtle nods to the franchise in your decor. 

Or perhaps you're obsessed with Harry Potter and want to create a Hogwarts-inspired ambiance. 

Maybe you both love the beach and want to give your guests a taste of that relaxed, coastal lifestyle. It's all about finding something unique as a couple and making it yours.

Imagine how you want your wedding photos to look.

Wedding photos are tangible memories that will remain long after the day is over. Naturally, you'll want to ensure they look as stunning and timeless as possible. As you're brainstorming wedding themes and décor, challenge yourself to imagine how the setting would translate to photographs. 

Would the backdrop be beautiful in photos? Will the flowers, linens, and furniture you’re considering be captured nicely? Taking all these factors into account will help you create a wedding that looks spectacular through the lens.

Give your wedding theme a trial run.

Before you commit to any big decisions, it may be wise to give your chosen theme a test run. Set up a mock-up of the reception area and make sure that all the elements (colors, decorations, etc.) look as good together in real life as they do in your head. If you're having a hard time picturing the final result, you can always hire an event planner or stylist who will help bring your dream wedding to life.

Have fun!

At the end of the day, deciding on your perfect wedding theme should be an enjoyable and stress-free experience. 

Yes, ensuring everything looks cohesive is essential, but don't forget to have fun along the way. Whether it’s rustic, modern, or something in between that you choose - your wedding should be a reflection of the two of you and the strong bond that holds you together.

Wrapping Up

The beauty of planning a wedding is that there really are no limits when it comes to creating a unique event. Whether you go for a traditional, classic theme or something more modern and edgy, the key is to make sure that it expresses who you are as a couple and what your special day is all about.

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