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Tips For Planning A Wedding


Tips For Planning a wedding

 Wedding Planning

Planning a wedding can be similar to preparing a business project. A person should be organized and stay on task to make sure things are scheduled appropriately.  There are many situations you will have to deal with so that you can capture awesome moments that will last forever; meanwhile, help the couple and the guest to have a memorable experience. Here are some tips on choosing the right place, photographer, cake, music, bouquet, dress, and tuxedo. 

The planner is responsible for ensuring the details of the event go off perfect for the bride and groom. Wedding planners can offer a variety of packages. 

Some planners; such as, Day of coordinators may only manage details on the actual wedding day. 

Others may do complete wedding service planning; such as, coordinating details that may take months to plan.

Tasks For Planning A Wedding

The planning can be done by the bride or a wedding planner to help eliminate some of the stress.

Wedding Place

beach wedding
Enjoy the breeze and cool water after a beautiful wedding.

There are a variety of places the wedding can take place. 
Will it be a church, chapel, garden, or yard wedding? Would the couple like a simple or elegant Beach Wedding with family and a few friends? 

Will it be a destination wedding with you and some close family in Jamaica, Hawaii, or somewhere? 

What is the cost of having a wedding at that location? The place must be appropriate to the season. Of course, you wouldn't have a beach wedding in the winter?


Wedding Photographer
Grab a picture of the couple leaving the wedding.

Look around at photographer's images and reviews on social media to find a photographer that fits your style. There are even some photographers that can take awesome photos and videos with drones to capture the wonderful life-changing moments from a different angle.

You can get some gorgeous shots at the wedding or while you are driving away for your honeymoon or reception.

Make sure to let the photographer know if you want most of your special and loving moments captured in lasting memories. 

Captured lasting memories together


Make sure the music is appropriate for the occasion; as well as to the bride and groom's taste.
Enjoy the music at your wedding

WeddingWire states,

"Decide on a DJ or Band
One of the first details to sort out is who will be controlling the playlist on your big day. This may be a DJ, band or combination of both. Some people choose to use live musicians for their ceremony but opt for a DJ at their reception. Others choose to have a DJ all the way through. It’s up to you, but whatever you choose will affect your bottom line and song choices. Keep in mind that some bands will only play in their own genre while DJs are more open to variety."


Wedding bouquets
Wedding bouquets can come in various styles

There is a range of unique ways to make various types of elegant Wedding Bouquets for the event.

Here are a few types of wedding bouquets.

  • Brooch Bouquets
  • Seashells Wedding Bouquets - For a beach wedding.
  • Olive Branches & Green Wedding Bouquets 
  • Fabric Wedding Bouquets


Visualize your dream wedding reception

A planner depending on their level of planning may have to help find a place for the reception and a 
wedding Cater to serve the food.

Some tips when searching for a venue for the wedding reception.

🗹 Visit the venue to thoroughly visualize if your dream reception could take place there.
🗹 Check to see if your color scheme would work well at that venue.
🗹 Check out the lighting because you want to create a space with the right ambiance.
🗹 Thoroughly think out if there is enough space for a comfortable seating arrangement. You don't want the tables to close together where people will be bumping into each other.
🗹 Imagine how your centerpieces would look in the place.
🗹 Make sure there is enough room for the DJ and his equipment when planning.
🗹 Make sure there is room for the cake table.

Wedding Cake 

wedding cake
An elegant cake for the theme of the wedding

Multi-flavored wedding cake: You may not like the same flavor as your man, but you can have your favorite cake flavors unite together by having a multi-flavored cake for the special occasion. According to Brides
"Bakers today are frequently crafting tiers that feature different cake and filling combinations to satisfy both halves of the couple, as well as their guests. So if you’d rather have a dark chocolate cake with peanut butter filling, while your partner is all about that salted caramel or seasonal peach preserves, have both. Talk to your baker about strategizing which tiers feature each flavor to get a more even divide, and consider a slightly larger cake—your guests will want to try both offerings."

Cake Topper: Have your cake topper coordinate with the theme of your wedding. 

Some types of cake toppers are 

  • bride and groom figurines, 
  • laser-cut,
  • 3D toppers, 
  • and antique jewelry wedding cake topper for a sophisticated appearance.
Groom's cake: You can have more than one cake. For a second cake, Try ordering a groom's cake shaped or themed like something the groom likes.

Bridal Dresses

bridal gown
Wedding Dress
If the planner is the bride, she still has to 
find her bridal gown for her special day!

The bride can:

🗹 Research online the look of the style of wedding gown you think you may like.
🗹 Go into the store and try some on.
🗹 Say yes to the dress you like. It may take time, but be patient.


Step-in style with the Tuxedo of your choice

Help with advising of a place to rent or buy tuxedos for the grooms and groomsmen.

  • Find the Tuxedo style you like.
  • Get the groom and groomsmen fitted.
  • Then Buy or rent the Tuxedo in the color the bride has chosen for the wedding party.

white tuxedo
Cuff links are great with a tuxedo

Now that you know some tips on planning a wedding, start to strategize your next move in planning it or getting someone to plan the big day. Have a wonderful and blessed day!


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