Buffer Content Marketing Tools Features and Benefits

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Features of Buffer Marketing tool

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Buffer Content Marketing Tools 

There are many content marketing tools to help with a variety of marketing strategies. Using the right tools to save time and get content out keeps your brand in front of potential customers giving it a better chance of having successful business growth. Today, we will discuss ways Buffer may help businesses accomplish their daily goals. 

Buffer Helps Businesses

Buffer is an online social media scheduling and management tool that allows users to manage their brand's social media presence across multiple platforms. 

Buffer to schedule post
Schedule content ahead of time

Buffer features include:

  • Post scheduling:  Schedule and pre-schedule posts across multiple social media channels like Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, Linkedin, Instagram, Tiktok, Shopify, and more. They have a free Plan with a limit of 3 social media accounts, but the paid plan has unlimited social media channels. The price varies with the number of channels.
  • Automation: Create and schedule automated posts for specific times and events. If you want your business's posts to keep going all weekend to reach more people while you are off, schedule them beforehand. You can even make drafts to prepare your work.
Buffer Analytics
Use buffer analytics to track your post performance.

  • Analytics: Track and analyze your posts' performance across all social media channels. You can measure your social media performance and create customized reports to share with the company's marketing manager, team, and stakeholders. Keep an eye on the audience you are reaching to see if you are staying in line with keeping your target audience engaged.
  • Team collaboration: Invite team members to collaborate on social media campaigns. Buffer team offers unlimited users. You can set up permissions for each user. You can even assign them different roles and permissions.
  • Social media monitoring: Monitor conversations across social media platforms.
  • Branding and customization: Customize your posts with the brand's logos, colors, and fonts to increase brand awareness.
  • Multiple accounts: Engage with followers and manage multiple social media accounts from one dashboard. 
  • Reports: You can add your logo, title, and description to your company's report and download it as PDF.

Benefits of using Buffer for your marketing content

The benefits of using a buffer for your marketing content are numerous. Buffer can help you optimize the timing and frequency of your posts, measure engagement metrics, and curate content from other sources. It can also help you track the performance of your campaigns, schedule content in advance, and collaborate with other team members. Additionally, Buffer provides detailed analytics that helps you identify trends and analyze the effectiveness of your content. Finally, Buffer’s social media calendar can help you develop a cohesive content strategy and reach new audiences.

Buffer AI Assistant

Are you dreaming about having an assistant? Just about everyone has been talking about AI technology like Chat-GPT, Google's Bard, and others lately. It is really taking the world by storm with these new tech innovations. Well, now Buffer has the AI Assistant. It is an assistant, not a creator. It is not used as an aid.

Buffer AI Assitant can:

  • Generate new posts for you to schedule.
  • Repurpose existing or viral posts for other social media channels. For example, rewrite your LinkedIn post into a Twitter post.
  • Rephrase your post.
  • Write a post for your latest blog.
  • Help you come up with a variety of ideas to help increase engagement and grow your followers.
 What are your thoughts on Buffer AI Assistant?

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