8 Ways to Get More Twitter Followers

Get More Twitter Followers

Ways to Get More Twitter Followers

In today’s digital world, everything has transformed a lot and has become a better version. Whether we talk about the core industries of the global market or the customer needs, things have changed and evolved to a more profound version. Social media marketing is also one of the vital aspects that have changed over time. Today, social media has become a crucial platform for enterprises to market their products and services through brand awareness.

As per a trusted source, almost 59% of marketers agree that social media marketing is a sure-shot way of generating more leads. That’s huge! 

Now, having talked about social media marketing, one social media channel that has been gaining immense popularity for the past few years is Twitter. Twitter came into the market 14 years back, and since its inception, it has been catering to every need of the user.
Twitter is a robust platform where you can effectively market your product and services by using some visuals or efficient words and hashtags. 

At least that’s how many enterprises have profited from this incredible social media platform. At present, Twitter has almost 330 million active users, and that’s huge.
However, despite the effectiveness of this robust platform, many businesses fail drastically in leveraging Twitter to market their products and services. The reasons for that can be many, including lack of proper strategy, poor content, improper visuals, and so on.

But, whatever the reason may be, we have solutions to all your problems. That’s why today, in this article, we have listed the eight sure-shot ways to get more Twitter followers in 2020. Read on to know more!

How is Twitter Useful?

Before digging deep, it is crucial to know why having more followers on Twitter is essential for your business? Here’s the answer to your question.
Twitter today has become a prominent social media channel in the global market. 

People from all over the world are leveraging Twitter to connect with

  • other influencers
  • brands, 
  • organizations, 
  • or even celebrities, 
  • and friends.

Furthermore, people from all age groups and professions, like entrepreneurs, tutors, students, and even people sitting at home, leverages Twitter t a great extent.
In such a scenario, it becomes easy to market your products in front of millions while sitting remotely. 

Twitter not only helps you reach the people sitting miles away but also increases the chances of more lead generation. 

It is because of that particular reason that today, as many as 67% of the B2B companies are l, leveraging Twitter for their social media marketing. 

Want to become a part of that community? 

Want to get more leads and valuable customers? Don’t worry; we have got you covered!

How to Increase Twitter Followers in 2020?

If you are looking for more leads and revenues, here are the eight best ways to get more followers on Twitter and generate more leads.  

#1. Follow a Proper Tweeting Schedule

Buffer Social media management platform for scheduling 

So, the first and foremost rule of getting more followers on Twitter is to follow a proper tweeting routine. 

As compared to Facebook and Instagram, Twitter requires a constant and perfect social marketing strategy. 

You have to be more cautious while tweeting on Twitter, as it is commonly seen that tweeting more frequently makes your account more engaging for your followers.
Furthermore, you don’t have to post original content five times every day. 

Meaning your Twitter marketing strategy can include 

All in all, you have to fill your Twitter wall with fresh content every day to attract more users. For that, you can even use social scheduling tools that can help you to automate your postings on social media, including Twitter.    

#2. Post Relatable Content

The next big thing to address is the type of content you share once you have defined a perfect posting strategy for your Twitter account. 

For instance, if you are a software development firm, you should post content relatable to your niche. 

The latest trends in software development, new emerging technology, and amazing tools and solutions are some of the aspects that you can share on your Twitter account.
In contrast to that, if you share any news about a particular celebrity, then that will undoubtedly annoy your followers and potential clients. In short, you need to properly strategize the kind of material you are planning to share on your Twitter handle. That’s because it can impact your value and followers on your social channel.  

#3. Tweet at the Perfect time

Tweeting at the perfect time is also among the big things that should be kept in mind while targeting more followers. You need to know the ideal time for every social media platform when users are highly active. 

In simpler words, during the day, there’s a specific time when most of the users are active on the platform. You need to take advantage of that situation.
Meaning, if you look closely, you will notice that it’s a massive opportunity for you to get more engagements on your posts. If you post during that optimal time, then the chances are high that you may get more than expected likes on your post.

However, the optimal posting time is different for different locations. And you need not sit the whole day, waiting to update your post at that perfect time. 

Instead, you can leverage the automated posting tools to post your content automatically so that it could reach more users.

#4. Pay Heed to Visual Content

I guess everybody has heard the saying that a picture speaks thousands of words more than a text. That saying holds explicitly even in this era. When we talk about social media marketing, an aspect that you need to pay heed to is the form of content you are sharing.
Meaning it is not always necessary to share written content or post original written content. You can even opt for a video or an image that can describe the main aim of your post. Hence, always experiment with different types of content and decide which one is most beneficial in engaging your users and attracting new ones. That way, you will not only increase your followers but will also stand out from your competitors. That will eventually help you to generate more leads from social media.    

#5. Don’t Forget the Hashtags.

Hashtags are a crucial aspect of social media marketing, whether it be Twitter, Instagram, LinkedInFacebook, or any other channel. Imagine this situation, where you posted an update about a mobile app that your company has recently launched. It’s a food-delivery app.

Social Media
Hashtags are a crucial aspect of social media marketing.

Now your followers may find that post in their feed, but what about the other users of Twitter. How can they find the fantastic post that would compel them to follow you? That’s where the hashtags come into play!
When you put relevant hashtags in your posts, then it automatically displays your post in the results when a user searches for that particular hashtag. 

For instance, if you post about a food-delivery app and a user searches for the same on Twitter, then the search results automatically display all those posts that have food delivery hashtags in their posts. 

In short, try to add relevant and trending hashtags in your post to make it more accessible for the users.

#6. Add the Twitter Link to Your Website

Adding a relevant link to your website is also a crucial aspect that you need to address while framing your social media marketing strategy. 

Linking your Twitter account within your website is an excellent approach for getting more engagement and followers on your account. 

That’s the main reason that many of the retailers and eCommerce businesses have adopted that strategy.

Many of the leading brands have worked on this concept, and the results were super amazing. 

Now, the logic behind this is pretty simple. Imagine you are an e-commerce business that deals with all sorts of clothes, footwear, accessories, and much more. You have created a well-designed website, and have also got many visitors on it. 

However, in these competitive times, people tend to buy what they see the most. Meaning, if you want to increase the sales and customer list, then you have to showcase your products on your social media channel. 

And the best way to do that is by linking your Twitter handle to your website so that people visiting your site can also link to your Twitter account.  
Website Links
Link your Twitter handle to your website

#7. Engage with Replies, Retweets, and Tags

Surely getting more followers on Twitter is not a tedious thing to achieve. You need to post relevant content and that too, at the perfect time when most of the users are active on Twitter. However, there’s something more about it.
For generating more quality leads through social media, you have to be more than posting good content. 

You need to ensure that your Twitter handle does not look like a wholly automated account owned by robots. There is no doubt that you can utilize posting tools to automate your posts but also make sure that you engage your users in the most human way.
For that, you need to connect with your followers frequently, and also need to share other posts relevant to your niche. You can even retweet some posts of your followers or another personality that is trending on the platform. Eventually, all that will give a human touch to your account, and users will trust you more effectively.  

#8. Be Creative

Last but not least, be creative. Now that’s the most common point you all might have heard many times, but it is also the most crucial aspect of an increase in followers. You need to be creative on your social channel if you want to lure more users to your account.
People nowadays look for something unique and useful both at the same time. In such a scenario, you need to stand out from the other competitors. 

For that, try to include relevant keywords in your Twitter bio, get your hands on some amazing video creation, and leverage some exceptionally crafted content for your Twitter handle.
You can even run contests and can ask specific questions from your users to keep them engaged. Not to mention, discounts and incentives can also help you to survive in the long run by getting more followers and generating quality leads.

What’s your plan to increase your Twitter followers?

We live in a digital age, and things here change rapidly. The trend of social media marketing is evolving a lot with time and is predicted to transform more to become a better version of it today. 

In such a scenario, it becomes of utmost importance for you to improve your social image in front of the global audience, and the best way to do that is to engage with your users through social media. 

Leverage our expert tips to enhance your social media marketing efforts, and do tell us what your favorite tip amongst all was. Till then, keep tweeting!  

Author:  Apoorv Gehlot takes a keen interest in exploring various aspects of the digital realm, and ideate solutions with his team of innovators. He believes in sharing his experience and knowledge with readers across the world to enlighten the audience through concise and meaningful write-ups.

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