Tuesday, November 7, 2017

Pony Hawk For Adults And Bun-Hawk Tutorial For Kids Natural Hair


Pony And Textured Bun-Hawk

Ladies, we all love to keep our hair and our babies hair looking beautiful and healthy. There are many steps to healthy hair. One step is protecting the hair from heat damage, which can eventually cause the hair to break off. The blow dryer tends dry the hair out if it's over used; therefore, try to avoid it when ever possible.

Textured Bun-Hawk

 This beautiful hawk hairstyle was created in small twist for a defined look with the textured bun. It was air dried to help protect the hair from heat damage. This little beauty is ready to rock her hair style. She is adorable!


Check out this video of a cute bun hawk by iamawog.

Pony Hawk

Mothers you can wear a hawk with your baby girl. This is a fabulous pony hawk for any woman that wants to be trendy and beautiful. Get ready to step out in style. Step out with class. Ladies go on your journey with a pony hawk.

Check out this pony hawk tutorial by Thechicnatural

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