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Step Out In Style With Your Shoes

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Did you know some parents don't have the proper finances to purchase their children's new shoes? Some luxuries that we often take for granted are not so easily obtained for some people; such as clothes and shoes. If you are blessed to be able to afford things, start being appreciative of those blessings. Try donating footwear and clothes to someone less fortunate than you.

If you don't have the money to purchase the latest style, you can still look fabulous.


Shoes are not just a way of making a fashion statement, but they are needed for protecting your feet from infection and injury.

According to Soul 4 Souls, "1.4 Billion people are susceptible to diseases that could easily be prevented by a decent pair of shoes300 Million kids worldwide are without shoes."

You need shoes for various facets of life; whether it be for sporting events, executive jobs, outdoor events, or ballet shoes for gently gliding across the floor into the arms of your dance partner. Whatever shoe you choose, make sure it suits the need you are trying to fulfill.

Shoes For Sporting Activities

School time is an exciting time for children. They come in contact with a variety of old friends that they haven't seen all summer. 

Oh, yes, those famous sports games are starting up again, igniting excitement and happiness in their hearts. They anticipate running touchdowns, kicking soccer goals, and making three-pointers. 

What can be better than that? 

Tennis Shoes For Kids
Tennis shoes

Well, I'll tell you. Have a safe and trendy pair of shoes that protects their feet and look stylish at the same time. 

When it's time for those basketball, soccer, football, tennis, and other sporting games, you want to have the proper shoes to help your child feel comfortable and maintain a safe secure hold on the floor or ground.

Women Shoes

There are a variety of women's shoes to choose from each and every day. Footwear styles are unique and have different benefits for each person that purchases them. 

Women's shoes are for a variety of people; such as teenagers and women with their own unique style. The latest trendy shoes to go with those jeans just may be the one you desire, but make sure it's comfortable and fits correctly. You don't want to start having calluses from trying to squeeze into shoes that don't fit appropriately.

There are some ways to stretch shoes if you already have them. Of course, you want to buy the right size, but if for some reason you already have some and can't exchange them, try some of these techniques.

Ways to stretch shoes,
  • Sock stretching
  • Freezer stretching
  • Newspaper stretching
  • Using Oats to stretch shoes
  • Rubbing alcohol for stretching
  • Potato stretching
  • Shoe stretcher
  • Professional stretching

If possible try to purchase the correct fit by checking the sizing standards. 

Are they European, US, or the UK because size may vary depending on that. 

Can a woman wear men's shoes?

Make sure to find out if the shoe is a man's or a woman's shoes? I know some women that wear men's tennis that look like they were made for women, but they wear a different size in men's shoes than they do in women's shoes.

Full Scope sports states, In general
The basic conversion from womens to mens shoe size or vice verse is 1.5 sizes. Some people who sell formal shoes will tell you that you should use two full sizes to ensure the proper fit because shoe sizing is wildly different from one manufacturer to another. If you use the “1.5 rule”, a man who wears a size 7 shoe will wear a women’s 8.5. Women who wear a size 8 will wear a men’s size 6.5.
Another reason they wear men's shoes is to match their significant other. You know how some couples like to dress alike for certain occasions.

High Heel Shoes For Women

But, who doesn't love a great pair of strappy heels and some designer high heel sandals to magnify the elegance and style in their outfit. 

Rock some strappy heels

The price range can vary from a low price point to a high price point for some high heels for women, but you purchase what fits in your budget for buying a new pair of shoes that's 
comfortable, cute, and well-made so that they don't fall apart.

Average Price Range High Heels
high heels sandals

Dress to impress with some high heel ankle dress sandals. A stunning stiletto heel is a perfect way to attend your favorite formal event.

Higher Price High Heel Shoes
designer high heels shoes

Walk out the door in style with a stiletto high heel that brings out the beauty in your fashion statement.

There are a variety of beautiful high heels for women with sophisticated taste in shoes. Be classy and tasteful.

Make sure your shoes are in good condition.

It's always a good idea to check the heel of your older heels to make sure they are still sturdy. You wouldn't want to be out in public and think you are looking stunning; meanwhile, having your heel break and you tumble onto the floor like a bag of potatoes. 

That's not a good sight or feeling. Nobody wants to be embarrassed like that. 

Well, if you keep your closet stocked with some trusted old shoes and some very trusted new shoes, everything will be just great.

Walking or Running Shoes

Don't forget to have some tennis shoes for relaxing days, vacations, and playing sports. Sometimes you need some great walking shoes on trips like Disney World where you are constantly walking while having fun. 

Believe me, I wore some sandals and was limping the next day, so go prepared with the right type of shoes.

Take a walk in comfortable shoes.

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Men Shoes

Men's shoes iconare a staple in their fashion attire. You can tell a gentleman by his shoes. Well, you can tell a man who likes to look nice and cares about his appearance. 

Stylish Men Dress Shoes

men dress shoes


The style of the shoe a man wears can tell a lot about him. For instance, if he is an active man, a casual man, or a man who loves to dress up. Don't get me wrong, men can easily fit in all of the categories, but what he wears the most says the most about him.

 If he is wearing statement sneakers, -  "Chances are, if he’s wearing shoes like this, the rest of him is equally stylish. This guy is always invited to at least three notably cool things a night."

Did you know that there is a great chance of men's Shoe sales in the US surpassing Women's shoe sales if the current trend continues?

Men desire to look fashionable while protecting their feet from the elements. They have a lot more choices of shoe types than they had in the previous years. 

According to executive style,
At $35.1 billion in 2016 versus $40.1 billion for women's footwear, "men's is closer in size to women's than it's ever been," says Beth Goldstein, fashion footwear and accessories analyst at the NPD Group. Women's sales are shrinking as men's continue to rise, in both revenue and number of pairs sold."

Tennis shoes
Why not, Style and profile in your new tennis?

So don't forget to keep your shoe in style and good condition, no matter if you are a woman or man. Step out in style. Show the world your shoe glam and make your mark on the world.

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