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Magic Kingdom | Tips To Save Money At Disney World


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Disney World
Disney World

Magic Kingdom Tips To Save Money | Disney World

Ticket Purchase

Family and friends are anticipating a trip to Disney World located in Orlando Florida where the weather is mostly warm and the tourists flock to see Mickey Mouse and the rest of the crew. The first thing to do is to find out how much your tickets are going to be and where you'll be staying on your fantastic trip. Well, you also have to decide which theme park of Disney World you'll go to experience some fun in the sun

Before you go to Disney World make sure to download the Disney app by searching in the app store for My Disney Experience. This app will come in real handy for seeing the wait time on certain rides, picking your fast pass times, and planning to ride the same ride together without a wait in line.
My Disney Experience app
My Disney Experience App

Fast Pass

The fast pass comes free when you purchase your ticket. The fast pass helps you to skip the standby line for certain attractions. It gives you three passes to secure at a time for each ticket holder. After you have used those 3, you can get 3 more passes if they are available. Keep repeating the cycle. The key is to get your first three fast passes for as early in the morning as possible; therefore, it gives you a chance to get more before the day is over.

Look at your app to see which rides have a longer wait time, and select the available time for those rides. Make sure to arrive at the attraction on time to cut the line legally and go on the ride without waiting. Yes, we didn't do this at first and ended up waiting in line for 2 hours to ride Space Mountain; meanwhile, watching people happily pass us in line. 

Hmm, that can't happen again. After all, who wants to spend their whole day at Disney World in line. Not me! After that ride, I pull my app out and started reserving rides. It was such a breeze getting on rides from then on. Everything was Magical at Magic Kingdom getting in the Fast Pass line. My regret is " I wish I would have booked the fast pass earlier."

According to  Walt Disney World,
"You can begin making your FastPass+ selections at 7:00 AM Eastern Time up to 30 days in advance of your visit. If you are staying at a Disney Resort hotel, you can make your FastPass+ selections up to 60 days prior to check-in for the entire length of your stay."
Disney world fireworks
Enjoy Disney World fireworks


Make sure to watch the fireworks before you leave Disney World. They are eye-catching and breath-taking. The crowd can gather fast, so find out when the show begins.

Portable Battery

Also make sure to take a portable battery charger for your phone, because it is very costly to purchase something in Disney world to charge your phone. You know how we love our electronic devices. If your phone happens to die, there are Kiosks available in the park to make your fast pass selections, but there is nothing like having your phone to quickly make your next three choices from where you are at the moment.

Disney World can tend to be very crowded. The good thing is everybody is having so much fun. There are rides, food, family, and friends to share the experience with on your vacation. Who wouldn't love that? If you want it to be a little less crowded, try buying your ticket for the slower times of the year.

Book vacation for Slower times of the year

  • January
  • Early February
  • September
  • October
  • November
  • Early December

Parking at Magic Kingdom

Magic Kingdom
Parking at Magic Kingdom

Parking was approximately $22.00 when we went to Magic Kingdom, one of Disney World's theme parks. We were told our parking tickets were valid for all the Disney World theme park parking lots for that day.

Magic Kingdom Parade

Magic Kingdom Parade

An excellent spot to spend quality time with your family observing the parade is in front of the castle. All the characters dancing around with people feeling delightful and full of excitement. The children love to see the characters. We even watched the parade as it passed by the restaurant still full of joy and excitement.
Disney World Castle
Parade In Front Of The Castle

Saving On Food At Magic Kingdom

We purchased a foot-long hot dog with fries for about $11-$12. That was a better value than the regular size hot dog for approximately $8 at the first restaurant we stopped in.  Especially if you're not that hungry at the time.  The foot-long was able to be split between 2 people which average about $6 a person. That's saving $4 for 2 people together. I'll take those savings with a smile on my face. Every penny counts because you know at Disney you are going to see many great items, foods, and drinks you may want to purchase later. Oh, the drink didn't come with that, so you could put those $4 savings on your drink.

Save Money By Packing A Bookbag

OMG. Don't forget to bring an umbrella and a poncho with you. In all the excitement, you still may have to shield yourself and your family from the rain with your trustworthy umbrella. We had an umbrella, poncho, and some snacks in our book bag. The snacks must be something that doesn't have to be warmed up. It will save you from having to buy high priced snacks between meals. Children are always wanting to snack. It sometimes rains at Disney World, so don't get caught in the element unprepared.

Things to do at Magic Kingdom if it rains:

  • Put on your ponchos - Bring your own poncho so you won't have to purchase one at Disney World for an expensive price. They have some for $1 at General Dollar. Of course, they are really thin, but they kept us dry.
  • Pop-out the umbrella 
  • Ride the train and other rides that are located inside.

Saving on Travel Plans

Don't forget to check on hotel locationsso you can enjoy your stay. You usually save money when you plan early. Most hotels have discounts when you book early. I have booked a hotel room through them before. I always read the review for the one I book. I haven't had a problem. Look for the style and type of hotel or resort you like to stay in while on vacation. If you are planning an airplane flight, be sure to pack light for traveling to save on luggage fees. I hope you have an awesome time on your trip!

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