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 Time With Family can be so rewarding

Spending Quality Time With Family

As families are getting together to spend moments talking and laughing together, we should remember to take the time to show love for each other all year round. Reach out to someone that doesn't have any family near. Be considerate of how others feel during special seasons in their life. There may be someone going through a circumstance in which you can motivate them to get through their difficult situation.

The family is very significant. So don't take it for granted.  To anyone who feels like their family doesn't care about them, remember you are always loved.

As you examine your life, develop various ways of communicating with family and friends - especially if the method you have been doing is not working. For example, try face-timing a family member you don't see that often. Connect with them on Facebook and even plan a vacation at a halfway mark to get together and enjoy life; meanwhile, make lasting memories.

Spending Time With Your Significant Other

Also, take time to reconnect with your significant other because with the business of work and taking care of the children, you may not get enough quality time to laugh and play together like when you first started dating or got married. Refreshing time and making lasting memories with each other can help increase the quality of the family's relationship with one another. Try taking a trip together somewhere that's relaxing for you both.

During a vacation, you can recapture some of the time lost from the busy work schedules, because when someone leaves this earth for good, you don't get the luxury of hearing their voice. Many people still wish they could have the luxury of such feedback from their loved ones. Unfortunately, at that point, you don't get another chance to explain yourself to your family and to spend quality time with them.
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Spending time with your children

Spending Time With Your Children

Spending time with your children can be a very fascinating and enjoyable time. Children can be so energetic and youthful with joy. Take the time to talk and play with them. Take a walk with them and have fun laughing and listening to what they have to say. Tell them stories about the old days. I loved it when my grandfather did that. It is still something I remember long after his death. It doesn't always have to cost a lot to have family time. Spending time with the children can help the children view you as a person who has a refreshing spirit and enjoys life. Not just a person who chastises them. You don't want to be remembered as a stubborn, mean, workaholic.
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Watch movies with your children

Ways to spend time with children

  • Cook together while laughing and enjoying the night. Make some great movie night snacks together.
  • Have a meal with your children each day or as often as possible. Sit down together and eat dinner.
  • Walk or ride your bicycle around town.
  • Do projects together. Try some projects off of YouTube like making slime together.
  • Play your child's favorite game
  • Have a movie night. Watch Netflix, Disney, or Hulu and eat popcorn.
  • Read a book with your child each day. This becomes something your child looks forward to.
  • Take them to Disney World.
  • Make ice cream Sunday together.
  • Make homemade ice cream together.
  • Do some more outdoor activities with your family; like fishing, camping, swimming, hiking, going to amusement parks, and more.

Homemade Ice Cream Recipes

Family And Love

Your willingness to read this article demonstrates that you deeply care for your family and loved ones - which sets you apart from the ones that will miss the chance to develop a loving relationship with their family.

"Family and love are the sweet toppings you layer on your cake to create a masterpiece of sweetness." - Arica Hart

You love them even when they are hot and messy. You love them even when things feel like they are falling apart. You love them even when they're bitter and there seems to be a lot of despair in your life. You don't walk away from family just because they don't do the things you desire for them. After you have layered your cake, it's time to build relationships that build your family into a stronger unit. You know the old saying, "Together we stand and divide we fall." That's those layers of unity. A relationship that supports your family and the continued success is a relationship worth nurturing.

Family and love are the toppings you layer on your cake to create a masterpiece of sweetness.- Arica Hart

Don't be the one at the intersection always criticizing the family. Do not judge others about obstacles in their life. Try to help them. Have an understanding disposition. In other words, move on from some things. Remember it's easy to recognize someone's faults, but you need to objectively observe and assess your own behavior as well. You may be the one causing the traffic jam. Reroute and start on the journey to successful family life. A family is made up of love, understanding, and forgiveness.

According to Huffingtonpost, " In Italy, 94 per cent of 15-year-old kids eat meals with their families regularly."

That's a good family habit to have and we need to get back to doing that all over again. It leaves lasting memories of time spent together with family eating and having a great conversation, without rushing to the nearest electronic device to check our social media status.


4 Reasons To Spend Time With Family

I know you have to work to support your family but make sure to put time on your schedule for your family. If a family member can't make it on the trip, don't judge a person's situation, find other things to do together that are less expensive.

Spend time with family to:
  • Create lasting memories - with family, that they will never forget. Children and adults remember those times when you traveled to the beach together, went to the movies or out to dinner. Have fun times with the family that will increase the quality of your relationship.
  • Creates a Bond - your child, spouse, and family will never forget. Let them be able to say, " I remember this" and it is a good memory that has created a bond. It helps them to feel valued. Spending time together can be as simple as taking a walk together.
  • Reinforces Positive Behavior - Spend time talking about family and the history of your family. Reinforce acting in a positive way by showcasing it in the way you act.
  • Relieves Stress -  

Best Family Quotes

"You don't choose your family. They are God's gift to you, as you are to them, - Desmond Tutu

" The family is one of nature's masterpieces." - George Santayana

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