How Waist Trainers Can Reshape your body?

Waist trainer
How Waist Trainers Can Reshape your body?

How Waist Trainers Can Reshape your body?

A waist trainer can give you the perfect drool-worthy hourglass shape, but does it do more than that? Does it help shape the body? If yes, then how?
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Corsets have been around the block for many many decades. From being a society-imposed necessity to a choice, this piece of tight clothing has survived many controversies. And why not? They look fabulous under ( or over ) any dress. 

Corsets are truly versatile, from early Victorian ladies wearing them under their gowns to Gigi Hadid strutting across New York's streets wearing them over her white shirt dress,. And now, as the world is moving towards a newer and better definition of beauty, they have earned themselves a new name and better use - Waist Trainers.

What are waist trainers? How are they different from corsets?

People often interchangeably use the word corset and waist trainer. Anything that cinches the waist is a corset. That is both wrong and right. Confused yet? Grab a gym tee and get ready for some serious waist training.

Well, it is not rocket science. Waist trainers are corsets that simply mean business. Corsets became popular in the early 1500s among the European aristocracy as an accessory of beauty. It gradually found its way into people's imagination and dark fantasies, of course. 

Waist trainers are modern-day corsets that have evolved so much that, they are easily distinguishable. A redux, you can say. They help you slim down your waistline, gradually and give you an hourglass shape. When we say waist trainers, we usually mean latex or rubber trainers.  

Why you should opt for waist training? (at all! ?)

You are working out, doing all the crunches, and not cheating on your sit-ups, but you still aren't getting the feminine hourglass shape you so badly want. Here is where waist training comes into the picture. A modern-day woman is all about accepting and rocking her curves. 

Look at all these celebrities - Beyonce, Kim Kardashian West, Nicki Minaj, Christina Hendricks - all well known for carrying their assets with pride and flair. If a small waist and a voluptuous figure are what you want, yes you might want to bite the bullet and invest your money in a waist trainer.
So now the big question is -

Do waist trainers work? How do they reshape your body?

waist trainers
Waist trainers do work
Yes, waist trainers do work. Some might call it marketing gimmicks, but real-life transformation stories and testimonials say otherwise. However, it would be unfair to simply put on a waist trainer and expect a miracle. It works, yes, if you are ready to work and sweat for it. It won't replace your fitness program. Think of it more as a supplement.

Here is how waist trainers work on your body

Waist trainers are usually made of a material such as rubber or natural latex. When you put on a waist trainer, it makes you sweat and mobilizes the fat around the waist area. The compression suppresses your appetite, and you start eating smaller portions of food. Coupled together with a good nutritious diet and regular exercise, your metabolism goes insanely high, making you lose weight the right way, at the right places. Not only that, but waist trainers also help improve your posture and strengthen your core.

By this time you might want to know the correct way to start waist training.

1. First things first. Find a waist trainer that fits you best. Waist trainers can often cost a bit, and there are many fake copies available in the market. Don't hold back from spending a penny more when it comes to waist trainers. Simply go for the best.
2. The next step is a no-brainer. Start by wearing it for 30 to 40 minutes a day and gradually increase the duration. Always remember to lace it up to a comfortable level. Cinching it too tight or wearing it for long durations all of a sudden can do more harm than good. Allow your body to get used to waist training.
3. Chart out the right mixture of cardio, waist training, and diet for the best results. Many waist trainers are of the opinion that you need to wear it for at least 8 hours a day to see visible results. But again, not all of a sudden, patience and consistency is the key to great results.
It is always wiser to visit a professional and get advice on the subject if you want the results to last. Speaking of which,

Do the results last? Or is there any maintenance regime you have to follow?

Like any other fitness regime, maintenance is a must with waist training. Once you get the desired result, do not stop there. Continue with your waist training regime and taper down the duration, if needed. Many people complain of putting on weight around the waist area after they have quit waist training. This ideally should not be the case if you have followed the instructions carefully. Waist training is definitely not a shortcut or an alternative for people wanting to get back in shape, fast. It requires dedication, hard work, and resilience.

Are there any dangers associated with waist training?

If you know the difference between a corset and a waist trainer, NO. If not, definitely YES. Corsets, when laced too tight hurt your rib cage and seemingly affect your organs. A waist trainer, however, doesn't have the capacity to move your organs and bones. Unlike a corset, it is neither that strong nor rigid, to cause actual harm to your body. Waist trainers are more flexible. 

Before-after pictures on the internet sadly focus on women who want to look like a living doll, cinching their waists to almost 15 to 16 inches. This can look scary. However, the majority of customers do not fall for this body image. Unlike extreme corset training, waist training does not make you look like a Bratz Doll.
Realistic achievable and even healthy results are what we are talking about. It is in no way, encouraging a particular body image. Everybody is beautiful in its raw organic form. However, there is no harm in looking a little bit extra sexy (wink!).

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